How Marlboro Changed Advertising Forever

there is no place where advertising is more relevant than in the cigarette industry brand loyalty is extremely high so it's important to a cigarette company that they're the first one is biggie smoke it's also important to distract the customer from the obvious value bargain that their product will eventually kill you necessity has made these companies masters at advertising and until 1970 when cigarette advertisements were banned nobody was better at this advertising than Marlboro no cigarette or packaging is more recognizable more American more smoke than this one but Marlboro did more than just Windy advertising more with arrival they changed advertising forever and how did they do it well when Philip Morris started the company in 1847 it was aimed at women it didn't work very well at first however in the 1950s when new studies came out that smoking caused cancer many tobacco companies started to panic and change tactics it was at this point that Marlboro made a key move they switched their advertising tactics and Men and became the first-ever lifestyle advertisers okay pop before we go further it's very important that you know exactly what lifestyle advertising looks like the good news is you're already super familiar with lifestyle advertising even if you don't know it it is when a commercial tries to tie its product to something else in your life a feeling and attribute satisfaction the list is endless like when an energy drink ties itself to extreme athleticism or a camera to adventure a soda to happiness a car to love or a phone to more than just a phone once you're familiar with term you'll notice it's the most popular and effective form of advertising that we know of but it wasn't always this way roll the clock back 60 years and people had a much different idea of how to advertise this product take a look at this camel add from the our mild can a cigarette be well I'm a smoking camels for 20 years I know they're milder they really taste great yes camels are so mild that in a test of hundreds of people who smoked only camels for 30 days throat specialists making weekly examinations reported not one single case the throat irritation due to smoking camels why is this ad so unconvincing while everything is fact and product-oriented by my thing over their thing because all our researchers say so but the truth is most of us don't care about that research I'm buying a pack of cigarettes to be cool not because doctors say it's more smooth than a competitor's so in the 50s when Marlboro changed sexes they also changed their advertising strategy by selling their product as a symbol rather than just on the merits of its design they did this by creating a smoking cowboy known as a Malvar again the Marlboro Man was designed to be the archetype of management he was hard working and living free so with that last commercial in mind watch this commercial and notice how much less screen time the mall borough cigarette gets and how the focus of the ad has shifted away from an isolated product to encompass a feeling of a rough rugged real life in other words they weren't just selling cigarettes but rather a feeling of freedom and adventure and there's maybe a slight irony here that most Cowboys did not smoke at the time but it dipped but most people didn't care within one year of this campaign Marlboro went from owning less than 1% of the market to being the fourth largest cigarette company in the world and within four more years it became the number one selling cigarette in the world and it remains that way to this day the Marlboro Man is a legend in advertising and shape the future of advertising forever and I think no matter what your stance on cigarettes are we can all learn from Marlboros lesson to help us communicate with others people don't want to be sold a product people want to be sold of feeling a connection something that's worth more than the paper that is printed on so it's in the spirit of learning that I decided to change my subscriber segment for this video to be a little more lifestyle you you

  1. If you smoke marlboro every other cigarette tastes like shit.
    And smoking is not bad if you know to control yourself. I smoke and even I hate people who smells like cigarettes.

  2. I get so light headed and sick just from smelling these the tiniest bit, even if someone walks by and has smoked at all. Cigarettes should be banned I shouldn’t have to be poisoned just for being outside or cuz ppl somehow like this garbage

  3. A lot of classmates and other friends at school smoke and/or use snus, but I've had only a single one try to encourage me to use either. But also one guy who uses both on a daily basis has encouraged me to never do the same mistake as him and to stay clear of them.

  4. Im 17 and until recently i was a heavy smoker for little less than 3 years. I honestly get sick now when i see people smoking because it's such disgusting shit that you have to actually put in your goddamn mouth and SmOkE. Ughhhhhh

  5. If you're still reading stewart's calculus textbook that means you have not even finished calc 1-3, and are still probably like 19… Kind of rudimentary shit, calculus is easy af

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