1. Design shapes trends in ways that are almost invisible to us, unless you look closely. That's what we're doing with By Design, a new Vox series produced by Christophe Haubursin. Check it out:

  2. It’s gonna be trippy when kids have that really rough smoking voice
    Teacher: Timmy! What’s that tiny little device in your hand
    Timmy: noth… cough cough cough nothing Mrs. Beeker

  3. Nicotine is not the problem with cigarettes; Introducing tar and combustion products into the lungs is. It's not nice to play on the ignorance of viewers by omitting this fact since most people associate nicotine with the health problems caused by smoking even if it's unrelated.

  4. 4:44 that's so true, you really notice that difference in the way that nicotine makes you feel after smoking. The feeling of relaxation after you hit the Juul comes earlier and is much more intense than when vaping on a regular vape.

  5. listen, everyone does it, and juuls aren’t the problem, everyone i’ve met knows it has nicotine they just wanna protect themselves when asked under survey anyway if you like ban juuls and stuff kids just gonna switch to like cigs or harder stuff.

  6. It amazes me in a culture so obsessed with looking youthful that nicotine is so popular, it's horrible for your skin and gives you wrinkles around the lips

  7. It's funny how they claim their bright colored pods and different flavors is an appeal to kids while Winston literally used the Flintstones in their commercials back in the 60s

  8. If Juul doesn’t want kids using it, and they are estimated 15bil, they should make a reformation program, or decrease their nicotine levels.

  9. Okay I don't juul and have no desire to but the point about it having as much nicotine as a a pack of cigarettes is kinda stupid. I mean of course it does juul pods are supposed to last about as long as a pack of cigarettes

  10. Personally, I wouldn't smoke or juul, but if I did I would prefer cigarettes (I know its worse) because its simply cooler. But I really don't care about it or the nicotine so I probably won't do either.

  11. when juul first came on the market in 2015, it was never advertised as a way to quit smoking, only advertised as a vape. Even tho now they say that juul is a way to quit, it is not a helpful or responsible way to quit, and from my own experience it makes me sick due to the intense amount of nicotine in the pods.

  12. Look, I live in the EU and I dont want to get political or anything

    But wtf is an oatmeal flavoured JUUL

  13. Dont try juuling its so stupid… I tried it once and took a few hits, nothing happend and i barley tasted anything then i tried it again later that day and took 2 or 3 more and i rly tried to feel it and i still didnt get buzzed and im prob never gonna do it again so yeah. If u wanna try it once like me though i wouldnt worry i just wanted to see what made ppl such feens. But like many other things u experience as a teenager ppl overrate how good it is.

  14. the only good thing about this is how school bathrooms will smell like cherries or grapefruits instead of piss and 2 day old vomit

  15. Am I the only one think the girl in the right at the thumbnail looks like kim kardashian…..ow just me? OK

  16. These things are SO easy to acquire. Cigarettes are just labelled with the brand name and price in all the same font and colours and stored behind an opaque shelf cover, but there are posters for Juul right next to the chocolate bars and scratch tickets at Circle K. Lots of those places are pretty lax with checking IDs in the first place, and kids have been getting people to buy them cigarettes for decades, can't be much different.
    I still can't wrap my head around the fact that my high school was more concerned about people crossing the street to go smoke in the parking lot than they were about teenagers smoking in the first place. And that was before vaping was really a thing, when smoking was still gross and out of fashion.

  17. What do you mean it isn't sold in EU? I've seen many people with it in my country and I have even seen a shop for ecigs that probably has it

  18. I have so many juuls!
    Stupid autocorrect, I meant jewels. Ok now I sound like I’m flexing…

  19. "theres still a lot we don't know of the long term health impacts of E cigs" Did we happen to forget what normal cigarettes do? theres a good starting point

  20. Should be require a doctor's prescription, to help people stop smoking without giving access to kids.

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