How Do We Move the Republican Party to the Left?

Hey David, how do we move the Republican party
to the left? It’s a good question and there are basically
two answers. Number one is we moved the Republican party
to the left by moving the democratic parties that at off. The second answer is we move the Republican
party to the left by working at the local level like Republicans are so good at doing
to get left wingers elected to school boards and city councils and PTA, you know, whatever
at the local level because this is how Republicans have successfully won thousands of seats. If you consider down to the local level, tens
of thousands of seats even, excuse me, over the last several years, several decades actually. Number one, if we can move the Overton window
to the left of national political discussions, the Republican party is going to have to come
left at least on some issues. A lot of them have on the issue of gay marriage,
for example. It feels like so long ago, but it wasn’t that
long ago that the Supreme court decision in June of 2015 said you can’t ban same sex marriage
at the state level and not all, there’s still a lot of money raised in evangelical circles
around being anti-gay, but a lot of Republicans have just sort of forgotten about it and they’re
now at least centrists on the issue of gay marriage. It’s just one example. As we continue to move the conversation to
the left on health care, the catalyst for which was Bernie Sanders back in 2016 inserting
this issue, uh, in a serious way into the public discussion overall, you are pulling
Republicans to the left as well. Now they still want free market, blah, blah,
blah, all of that stuff. But more of them are willing to make some
concessions about either preexisting conditions or whatever else. So the point is if the democratic party moves
to the left, it will force because we know that the public is moving left as well. It will force the Republican party to come
somewhat to the left. And then we’ve got to work at the local level. I know that it’s, it sounds so boring. It sounds almost cliche. Uh, it sounds almost axiomatic to say Democrats
have to be working at the local level, but Democrats just don’t do it. Well, the Democrats don’t do it well. That’s the reality and what happens is there’s
a sort of two fold effect, number one by working really well at the local level, everything
from school boards to city councils, to mayor, ships of smaller towns and cities, all that
stuff. Uh, what Republicans do is they make it so
that they aren’t in a position to have to make things happen at the state or federal
level as quickly because they have all these people already doing it when it comes to curricula
in schools because they’ve got the school boards, all of these other things. If we can get involved in that, we are going
to have a lot of those same successes presumably. But also they have basically like a farm team
to use a baseball analogy. They’ve got the minor leagues and they have
all sorts of people from which they can hand pick the most charismatic and the most sort
of PR friendly and then start winning bigger races in the house of representatives. Some of these folks can even become senators,
et cetera. So those are the two areas where Democrats
need to start working right away. If we want to move the Republican party to
the left, we know the way to do it. Move ourselves to the left as leftists, both
through the democratic party and outside of it. Uh, and we’ve got to start winning the local
races. It’s just, it’s, it’s truly disheartening
to see the degree to which Democrats have failed at the local level for so many years
and in large swaths of the United States.

  1. You don’t.
    You simply move right and join the rest of the centrists.

    It’s the left that’s the problem not the right.

  2. It would be a harder challenge to move the left back to the original position they were, instead of almost falling off the scale to the left side.

  3. Nothing kills off species like a lack of genetic diversity. See: Gros Michel.

    Nothing will lead a group to ruin like a lack of intellectual diversity. You want a strong right wing to balance the left wing.

  4. Liberals seem to only function in waves of outrage while old Republicans are constantly at work fighting for their causes at all levels

  5. Well Davey boy; in this present climate its impossible.
    The democratic party would actually have to start by becoming a party that mainstream America identifies with.
    Wanting open borders and saying fuck you to federal law and the constitution of the United states by letting anyone who wants to come in and then putting them immediately on welfare and then wanting them to have free healthcare?! Seriously! Utter bullshit and nonsense! We can't take care of our own and we want to leave our borders open and bring everyone in the world into the united states and give them free healthcare? Democratic insanity, to say the least!
    Free medicare and college for all! Who the fuck is going to pay for it Davy? You and socialist Sanders? With what money? Where you going to cough up 40 plus trillion dollars to do that? Even if you and Bernie pimped yourselves out to the fattest ugliest bitches out there, your not coming up with that kind of paper!!
    These are just a few examples but I can go on and on. The two most fucked up things Democrats have done, I will once again bring to your attention.
    Constantly threatening to blow up the White House and kill and harm the president, his cabinet and family which in part you all still do in typical democratic disgusting manner!
    Fake collisions, fake hoaxes, and fake impeachments, because let's face it, none of you scumbag Democrats can't run on issues because you have nothing to run on and no one central figure that's charismatic enough to rally around!! Until you find another Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, your all fucked and you know it. Supposedly, the politicians we elect to govern in Washington are supposed to govern and not obstruct and generate fake hoaxes, fake collusions, and fake impeachments costing the tax payers if the United states millions!
    So Davey, here's the scoop. At the very least, the democractic party needs to go back to the way it was at a minimum when Kennedy was president before he was assassinated, but since that's never going to happen, you and your democratic party are bloody fucked in the ass circling the drain!
    Barack Obama warned you and your democratic friends not to continuously obstruct the sitting president. It makes the party look like the bad guys. So instead of heeding Barack's advice, you mother fuckers go from obstructing, to fake hoaxes and fake collusions, to fake impeachments! Then every fucking time you lose you all say it was an outside entity! Your all your own worst enemy yet you blame everyone else except yourselves for your own pitiful mistakes and failures!! It starts with acknowledging your own mistakes and then fixing and working on them. Instead you assholes as a democractic party go pyscho instead going from bad to worse! Not good Davey!
    So Davey, it's not how to get Republicans to go democratic, it's how to save the Democrats from becoming completely irrelevant which is happening before the entire nation and the whole world to see!! Personally I'm enjoying it with plenty of popcorn and drink and I love the front row seat; after all it's the best seat in the house!
    I particularly like the special effects; you know the girgling sound of the Democrats and democratic party and liberal media, and liberal Hollywood all going down the drain. Kinda reminds me of that song in the early 1980s " Last night a d.j. saved my life" and the part in the song where they sing, you just weigh those troubles down the drain; which of course is where the entire pitiful band of Democrats and the democratic party is going!

  6. You can't. You should have banned the party for their crimes in 2000 and 2003 to stress that you won't allow anyone to undermine American Values. You chose not to. Now all you can do is let those people die out.

  7. I live in a very red county in a very blue state. There's no changing these people, they're hardcore Republicans.

  8. You make a lot of claims about crazy right wingers saying nutty stuff on FOX . You never show any clips you filthy propagandist pig

  9. the only answer is to improve education by emphasizing critical thinking. A well educated society makes better decisions.
    Educate people will move themselves.


    Have you tried HYPNOSIS?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Constantly lying and the inability to get things done and the far-left politics are literally just a FEW of the reasons Democrats lost a lot of supporters including myself! Just look at the views TDPS pulls compared to Tim Pools. Pool have at least 3-4x more viewership simply because he exposes what the left has been doing while left-wing activist like DP hide or misdirect because he doesn't want to loses his audience (which he is daily no matter how much YouTube ups his videos). Want people on the Democrats side? First off STOP FUCKING LYING TO THE PUBLIC!!! Second you're going to have to start calling out their bullshit and start arresting EVERYONE, on both sides, that do crimes. But at this rate I said good riddance to that party. We need a new one. It's old and their ways all still revolve around some sort of slavery or attachment to Government.

  11. I agree with Warren on this point. The time for small ideas is over. We need leaders in the Democratic Party who actually put people first, and we need to make sure that our policies include people who feel left out and feel unrepresented in our policies. We don’t have control over what causes people to feel like Dems don’t care about them, but we can control crafting policy that includes them. Women’s rights, and LGBTQ rights, Racial equality, and everything else has to be fought for on behalf of Walmart employees just the same as corporate board employees. Because right now we have to vote these extremist out of office.

  12. The real question is how do we move everything to the center from the insane fringes. 20 more years of this and there won't be a USA anymore

  13. David, could you explain to us Europeans one more time why a large minority in the US has voted, and will be voting, Trump?

  14. … just tell them The Republican Party is gay and they'll move to the left immediately, JK!

    Lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. You don't David. We Republicans have been stacking the courts with white male conservatives, winning the Senate and winning at the local level 🙂

  16. Well the Republican Party is VERY close to becoming irrelevant….. the old people who support the republicans are dying and getting too old…… the millennials will not typically vote for them.

  17. Republicans dont care about issues. If you sat a Republican down, they would agree with most left positions, but they will continue to vote Republican. Are best bet is to win the next generation, get more seats at all levels and wait for Republicans to start dying off.

  18. You lead. And they follow,… or they don’t. They need to keep up. There’s lots of work to be done. And we need to get back to the right side of history. This timeline is whack. —If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.

  19. Evangelicals adopted this very strategy with the formation of the Moral Majority. They targeted the lowest rungs of elected offices, Library boards, park commissions and such. Once ensconced they moved up the ladder…school boards, city councils, then onto State legislatures and governorships then congress and the presidency. Now they control the SCOTUS. They formed or overtook ancillary organizations to support this takeover i.e. The Federalist Society, Judicial Watch, etc. Progressives need to adopt and adapt these strategies to our goals. Fight fire with fire!

  20. 'By having a left-wing Democratic president' would be my response.

    In the UK, 1997, the Labour Party won the largest majority in its history against the right-wing Tory party, led by Margaret Thatcher's successor, John Major. From then on, the Tories were made to appeal to a more progressive centre ground that Labour's strong victory had forged. Issues like the national minimum wage had gone from 'nonsense' to 'necessary'.

    When Tony Blair stood at that lectern in London's South Bank and proclaimed "a new dawn has broken, has it not?" He was 100% right. It was one of the largest Overton window shifts in the history of the United Kingdom.

  21. After trump resigns and pence takes overall the senators are up for re-election …and lose their seats. They will be forced to re-invent themselves as a centrist party

  22. Read Monica Potts article this weekend in the NYT about a small town in Arkansas to understand why the right is entrenched and will not change

  23. Democrats “don’t work well at the local level” because they come across as unlikable, remote, out of touch, pushy, arrogant, and elitist.
    I say this as a Democrat who fled a rural southern state to live in a large city. I left to be closer to the people I knew shared my values and beliefs. And then found out what douchebags so many of them are.
    It doesn’t change my beliefs. I’m a progressive.
    But if you want to know better why your message doesn’t resonate with conservatives/the right/rural people, it’s because most of you, despite your ideas, literally sound like condescending assholes when you talk.
    The sad fact is that most of the constituents you want to “convert” will respond better to the bullies on the right than the elite condescension on the left. That’s just the way it is.

  24. One of the fundamental values of republicans is freedom, which so far has been in conflict with their religious beliefs. I don't think the American right wing is becoming more left, I think they're becoming less religious (or at least less fundamental). This move away from a religious restriction is allowing their pre-existing value of freedom to power through. Trump got a standing ovation say the republican national convention following a speech solidifying gay rights. Like him or not, he's the first president who assumed the office already in favour of gay marriage. The republican party will move left as religion takes a back seat, just don't expect any hillbilly Marxists anytime soon.

  25. Ways to move the Republican Party to the left:
    -lobotomies all around!
    -convince people who have read a history book and that don't work for free, that somehow, communism works.
    -According to the ChiComs, communism is always just one execution from perfection, so you could try that… on the armed half of the country……. bad idea, never mind.
    -LSD and Flouride cocktails in all the public water.
    -Register Republicans as Democrats.. after they've died.
    -just indulge in a little election fraud after the voting occurs, Democrats are great at finding closets full of uncounted emergency ballots the last couple of elections.

  26. The title reads like how do we move Likoud to the left. How do we move the NSDAP to the left. How do we move the KMT to the left. How do you move the FPÖ to the left. You know what I mean…

  27. Hahahaha! Oh wow. Go further left and the Republicans will be forced to follow?
    I mean, your abstract assessment is right on the money, but the mechanism is wrong. The reason why the Republicans move to the left isn't because the Overton window shifts, it's because the centrists can no longer support the left. They abandon the Democrats, so they drift towards the next nearest significant political party available: The Republicans. Once the centrists join the Republican Party en masse, they change the ideological landscape within it to be more centrist. Naturally, this mechanism also dooms the Democrats in the process, so I'm not sure if that strategy is actually a good idea.

  28. The Republican Party is technically always moving towards the left, just at a much, much slower rate than the Democratic Party.

    i.e. Gay Rights and Gay Marriage; That was once a heated debate and has now mostly vanished with most accepting it and even supporting it, hell, even some churches now have openly gay leaders and parishioners.

  29. It's not possible when the country is already way too far left on many issues. Examples being gun control, state's rights, too much regulation and government programs, and the destruction of the Constitution. There's simply no middle ground when we need to be heading the other direction.

  30. If you think there is a left or right you are too indoctrinated to know how our political system works. There are only insiders, call politicians, and outsiders, called their constituents.

  31. First everyone should read and take to heart "Blowout" by Rachel Maddow. That will explain in far more detail than is possible in a YT comment about the oil industry and its corrupting influence.

    Second get educated on these names: Charles Koch, T. Boone Pickens, Clint Murchison (senior and junior), The Hunt family (H L Hunt in particular) and Texas oil tycoons in general.

    The simple and indisputable fact is that these very wealthy people, and their hangers on, have been engaged in a decades long program of taking over the Republican Party and moving it to the far right.

    It is no coincidence that so many prominent Republicans are involved in the oil industry and they all share the same sort of quasi libertarian stance on taxes for social programs and a hawkish attitude towards any nation with proven or suspected oil reserves.

    Moving the Republicans back to the center, traditionally both parties spanned the political gamut, will require waiting for the collapse of the fossil fuel extraction industry and the dissolution of these fortunes. As long as they have all that money and steady streams of more coming in they will continue spending a tiny fraction to subvert the Republican Party tos erve their ends.

  32. You don't move the Republican Party to the left. You discredit and destroy it, so it's very name becomes repugnant, in the same way as paedophilia. Republicans and paedophiles must be spoken of as the same group of people.

  33. Republicans can't be saved they are mentally unstable and self destructive. We shouldn't try to argue with the corrupted we should just continue to over come them. Because if we don't and we try to listen to their corrupted ideas and find common ground that will never exist. We risk the well being of our planet, its people and real progress into a saner society.

  34. How to move the Republican party to the left?
    Fuck them.
    Let them die.
    Let them slide rightward into irrelevance, and watch for a new party to appear on the left to replace them, just as the Republican party of Lincoln appeared to the left of the right-wing Democrats in the 1850s.

  35. What if a real communist would run in the republican party and democrats would vote for him in the rep primary XD

  36. Climate change is the one you want to move the GOP to the "Left". Worryingly, climate change has become a Left and Right.

  37. The American left is actually very right wing themselves and The American right wing is totally off the charts.

    A better question is how do we get the American left to actually move to the left and become leftists. That’s a much better question.

    Both the left and right in america are neoliberal idiots and owned by corporations.

    The only viable candidate is a authentic progressive like Bernie Sanders. Who, globally speaking is actually a moderate himself.

  38. Republican successes at the local and state level have nothing to do with their policy positions. They help Republicans to sell their policy positions, but the positions they take are motivated by several overwhelming factors, and your solution set, while containing useful ideas, didn't answer any of them.

    The first factor is corruption. Republicans stand for a sort of top-down pyramid of political and economic power. Loyalty to those above in the pyramid is rewarded. Favors. State and local contracts. Positions in government. They have taken a page from the mafia, actually. Every so often one of them gets exposed for a quid pro quo, and they all act like it's horrible, a rare thing. It isn't. It's pervasive. Republicans will always agitate for less taxation of the wealthy and more freedom for corporations, because taking these policy positions fills their pockets. (Blue Dog Democratic Party politicians play the same corruption game, but are usually more discreet.)

    The second factor is fear. Republicans are inherently more afraid than other politically-aligned groups. Studies have been done on this – heightened fear responses among right wingers is readily detectable in the brain. Fearful people tend to favor authoritarian governance, because they hope that authoritarian governance will suppress danger from people not like them.

    Republican demographics are shrinking, and being fearful by nature, they envision that all of the abuse heaped on minorities over centuries in the US will soon be heaped on them. This fear is the reason they so hate immigration; this fear is the reason they're willing to oppose the Constitution itself, which states that children born in this country are citizens, regardless of the citizenship of their parents. It's also the reason Republicans are eager to Gerrymander to extremes, solicit help from outside of the US in spite of laws against it, suppress minority and left wing voters, and seek to govern with a minority. Their shrinking demographics are terrifying to Republicans. In taking these dire antidemocratic actions, they are not expressing only a desire for political power. It's much more visceral than that. They see it as life or death, literally.

    The third factor is propaganda. Right wing propaganda, funded by billionaires, is pulling the Republican Party rightward. Propaganda is not new, but the breadth and reach of right wing propaganda in this country has grown with every passing year since the repeal of the FCC's equal time rule. Propaganda stokes fear among Republicans; it provokes outrage; it fires up the base and encourages voter participation. It propels hate crimes and gun ownership, too. And it motivates Republicans to support the police when they abuse their authority – so long as the abuse is aimed at 'others,' like immigrants, Blacks, Latinos, LGBTs, Muslims, etc. In short, against people they fear – and they fear them more, because propaganda is very successful in stoking that fear.

    We won't budge the Republican Party by moving leftward – though I think moving leftward is a great idea – unless we address these other factors.

    What can we do about corruption? Put watchdogs to work in every state and every local community. This is just as important to seeking public office in those states and communities. Elections can be lost by progressives, but convictions sting. Get enough convictions and Republican fear will kick in, corruption will be lessened, and policy positions may become more amenable to shifting. Progressives need to establish a nationwide network of citizen watchdog groups whose purpose is to, among other things, monitor public listings of state and local government contracts and ask questions about them. Probe. Dig. Don't expect journalists to do the heavy lifting; other than in a few large cities, newspapers have been all but eviscerated at the local level, and that leaves plenty of darkness for corruption to thrive.

    What can we do about fear? Not a lot. This is organic; it's built into their heads. Republicans aren't going to give us many opportunities to get them to socialize with 'other' sorts of people, in order to desensitize them. We can try, but don't expect much to come of it.

    What can we do about propaganda? This one is easy. Reinstate the equal time rule. If mass media is putting out a message, equal time must be granted to opposing viewpoints when requested (viewpoints not selected by the producers). Hard right wingers won't want to listen to those opposing viewpoints, but that's okay – if it gets them to turn off a channel, the propaganda value of that channel has been blunted and billionaire funding will dry up. Problem solved.

    Get rid of propaganda, establish a network of organizations dedicated to exposing corruption, and your ideas could actually gain some traction. The Republican Party will at least budge from their hard line positions.

    But they will always be fearful. Right wingers' brains are wired differently, a fact that will always be reflected in their politics.

  39. You move the Republican Party to the left by popularizing the authoritative parenting style. Children who experience the authoritative parenting style tend to become liberals while children who experience the authoritarian parenting style tend to become conservatives. Authoritarian parenting teaches that rules of behavior are unchanging and unquestionable leaving the child with a sense that rules of behavior are rigid and must be enforced without question. It also hampers the child's ability to experience empathy. Authoritative parenting promotes empathy and perspective taking allowing the child to feel how some rules negatively affect others and this promotes moral growth.

  40. You must be joking, to convince a selfish (right wing) group of people to switch to the selfless (left wing) group is almost impossible.

  41. OMG… "How do we move the Republican Party to the left?" Uh… How do we move the Democratic Party to the left? Let's not get the cart ahead of the horse. 🤣

  42. Why would you want to move the GOP to the left? Lefties already have two parties, the Democrats and the Green Party.

  43. probably isn't going to happen. The republicans in theory should have moved towards the center when the economy crashed in 2008, instead they went even more right wing with the tea party and won congress. Fast forward to 2015 and a nationalistic, fat cat, moron runs and again, the far right wins.

    The left isn't going to push them to the center, the left needs to figure out how to win and sustain power by being pragmatic and working within the framework that will ensure success.

    Get power, sustain power, then be idealistic…

  44. The only problem is at the local level, most of the organization is at churches and local groups like the lions club and other organization like that. They talk about this person running for that and this. I know because I grew up in a Mormon area and that is where they organized. Same with baptist and other non Catholic Churches. Why I don’t include the Catholic Church is that many of their organization is for serving their community to follow what the Vatican outlines are. None of them are political, because one of my best friend I grew up with is a priest. His job is not to help people politically but just morally. He said if you see any priest going to a political function, that is not something that is condoned by the church. Any how if you are left leaning, there’s not many organization locally that you can get support and encouragement from like the right. It is much tougher to get elected and hold a position.

  45. We can't move them further left. As they continue to move further right we can only hope that red states keep turning blue or purple and they keep losing support.

  46. We move the republican party to the left by beating them. In order to do that, we have to move the Democratic Party to the left. The people are already to the left. It’s the politicians we have to move

  47. Canada – You can't, not at the ballot box. The Republican party has come to represent whites in a biracial society. In Canada, the Liberal party represents the French in a bilingual country. People vote their tribe. In 2 weeks the Canadian election will be held. Watch what happens!!.

  48. Another thing republicans have been extremely successful is the consolidation of their power once they get in. They have gerrymandered every state in which they have gained control of the legislature or the judiciary and have engaged in every possible voter suppression effort legal and otherwise. The southern strategy has payed off huge dividends over the years. Most of all they have been strategic in holding Texas. Without it, they would not have been able to rewrite school curricula for much of the country's public schools.

  49. The truth is that the republican party has become slightly more left since Trump.
    Just look at data from NYT
    Up until 2008 they were moving together then the democrats moved further and further left, and the republicans moved slightly left as a result.
    It's like the old saying goes "I didn't leave the left the left, left me"

  50. Free market actually means globalization and is a good thing. Mainly because it stabilize the word and makes wars less likely.

  51. Stop talking about gun seizures. It's THE ONE ISSUE that keeps otherwise progressive voters voting Republican. You're welcome. #ProGunProgressive

  52. The Republican Party has been moving to the left consistently while the crazy leftist cucks keeps getting more extreme.

  53. The other is getting them to agree with reduced tuition to college, Anti-Trust regulation, the poverty trap, particularly how interest rates and bank in general, make people poorer. By also showing more humane inpatient settings rather than asylums or more accurately, "Loony Bins" like group homes, and day-habs to get the seriously mentally ill and a little more dangerous homeless, Autistic, and other seriously depressed individuals, off the streets so societal order doesn't get more depressed, disturbed or dangerous. Then remind them of how the patriot act, police perjury etc. violates the constitution and authoritarianism in general.

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