How Democratic Candidates Are Trying To Stand Out Before Third Debate | NBC News Now

  1. NBC should be renamed Democrat Fake News for Gullible Idiots. BTW, lad, its spelled Antoine. You would know that, had you actually finished high school.

  2. I'm too distracted by the badly made tie over a tight collar polo-shirt. The script of this performance was confusing.

  3. Too many candidates split the Party before General Election vote. ALL single digit candidates should quit not. Biden, Sanders &/or Warren should drop out after Early STATE losses. Or Clinton/Obama 2020.

  4. #TULSI2020 THE candidate NBC will not talk about. They keep pushing creepy joe. She is the only one who can take on Trump, she's a vet, he's a draft dodger. She's the only one willing to talk about and take on the MIC. Not cop Kamela, who locks up pot smokers. #Tulsi2020 will END Prohibition.

  5. As long as Tulsi is out I'm out, I'm sick of the DNC picking the candidates they want. Biden has exactly zero chance of beating Trump, Bernie is Okay, but extremely wishy-washy (not something we need when every general in Washington is whispering war in your ear).  Biden, Warren, Harris are all corporate Democrats who would rather line their own pockets than do something for the American people. This is 2016 all over again, that's why the DNC and Hillary should have been investigated last time because they sure didn't learn their lesson and Trump will probably win again because of their meddling.

  6. Again bias to Andrew Yang. I am telling you once America get to hear Andrew Yang. Andrew Yang will win the Democratic nominee for sure. Go Yang!

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