okay so for everyone who makes an
argument of privacy and that the government is not supposed to be
snooping through your intellectual property this is the question I want to
raise if that’s true then how come when people are arrests didn’t go to jail the
government snoops through your personal property and takes an inventory in a
list of things that are your personal belongings and so so for everyone who
wants to argue privacy I see an argument for transparency and that the government
can look at your belongings now the prep the problem with the
privacy is which is rhetoric and propaganda that has been put out to
create these private agencies and so so basically through political leadership
has created a propaganda and rhetoric which has taken agencies and privatized
them out of the hands of the government and out of the hands of the American
people which means that the power has been taken away from the American people
through privatized agencies and so the thing I’m asking is what type of country
do we have where our government wants to have a bunch of people who are homeless
a bunch of people who are low-income that’s all I’m asking is what type of
country do we have where we have a few favored and preferred at the top and
everyone else is struggling that that’s that’s all I’m asking so for the
argument of privacy under the Constitution there’s an argument of
transparency and the government looking out for the well-being of the American
people but that’s that’s my take on it so so with all these privatized agencies
have become the abusing authority the privatized agencies let me ask the
question have the privatized agencies become the abusing authority because the
government can and will look at and take personal inventory zuv property of
intellectual property and of property your own personal property and so you
know whether it’s a house you know the taxes and things like that and as I said
when people get arrested they they take an inventory and things like that and
you know and it’s to make sure that you get your belongings back and so that’s
that’s the question that I’m raising here it’s it’s pretty simple and so then
when you put something on TV like everybody all privacy keep everything
private you know you don’t want Big Brother and the government snooping well
the privatized agencies are the problem because then the American public doesn’t
have insight into what’s going on and that’s how our voices of We the People
and the majority of the American people have been marginalized by creating this
rhetoric and propaganda and and privatizing agencies taking the power
away from the American people which is but it’s it like the boardrooms and
things like that too you know we’re where the American people don’t have a
voice something else I was thinking about too like this because kind of
related to voting and I was thinking about because the Congress folks the the
elected leadership in order for them to vote they have to be in Washington DC to
vote for things and I was just thinking so you have a elected leader and and so
during the coronavirus kovat 19 crisis here say that they there’s something
going on and they’re sick or they need to be quarantined they can’t actually
vote and so the constituents the voice of the constituents is taken away or
let’s say that somehow they’re incentivized through Wall Street or
through some company or corporation and they just decide oh well I’m just not
going to go to Washington DC so their constituent
it’s the the voice of their constituents has been taken away just by one person
well what kind of system is that that has taken away the power from the
American people that’s that’s all I’m asking and we all have a right to ask
these questions we do the thing is is silence means accepting the way things
are asking questions there’s nothing wrong with asking questions that’s you
know and and so you know so our Constitution is elastic and it’s meant
to Bend and it has to be challenged there’s no fixed standards with it and
so the and so when when this thing of privatized privatized privatized is
pushed that’s how the American people end up getting abused through privatized
agencies and that’s what we’ve had with the the leadership oh trickle-down
economics the leadership of standardized trickle-down economics which is not
working and and and I think a lot of people are going to find out here soon
when they go to when their 1099 workers that maybe there’s some things they’ve
taken for granted when they go to apply for unemployment they’re going to find
out that they’re not getting unemployment because 1099 and
independent work as an independent worker or what they call the mom-and-pop
shops the the breadbasket of America the hard-working people of America when
you’re independent in 1099 you are not eligible for unemployment so there’s
gonna be a huge huge lesson in here of well how come you had you’re forced to
work for a company or corporation to get unemployment but independent people who
are self-employed the self-employed non-employee
how come they can’t people like me who we’re earning a living on YouTube and
that’s coming up next – I’m gonna show you guys my tax returns or my Google
statements I do have 10 years of tax returns but I’m gonna show my
those statements – you know because it’s like that’s something I’ve been I mean
I’m the only one I guess I can show it and otherwise it it’s like it’s really
hard getting you know showing what is happening to millions and millions and
millions of people to me it’s transparent and I think it to others
it’s becoming more and more transparent as time passes you know because there’s
women who are my age who have you know we just didn’t we always thought of
ourselves as being included but we weren’t you know being married is not a
job you work but you don’t get paid you don’t get benefits a husband doesn’t pay
anything they pay zero and for companionship include companions singles
to the singles are in the same position and women with children who are
independent men with children so let’s say singles singles with children that’s
a better choice of word because it’s more inclusive and so and and that’s
what I’m trying to express is the inclusivity of you know mad not you know
non gender I’m trying to really hard to do that and you know even though I’ve
you know even though stereotypically you know it’s didn’t in a certain way but
it’s actually you know both sides are reflected in this you know and that’s
what I think is important for all all sides to be included in this no matter
how a person identifies and so anyway that’s it for right now

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