How big government helps big dairy sell milk

If you’ve opened a magazine in the past
20 years, this is probably a familiar image. It’s easy to flip past these ads and
think, “Hey, great. Stars promoting a healthy alternative to sugary sodas and sports drinks,” awesome There’s this idea that we have to drink milk to be healthy. But where did that idea come from? There are plenty of foods with just as much calcium,
potassium and protein Willet: Individuals can be very healthy with
no dairy consumption at all. In fact, a quarter of Americans can’t even
digest milk! and researchers have found that people who
drink lots of milk aren’t any less likely to get fractures.
milk was a bad choice And yet… the federal dietary guidelines
recommend three servings of dairy a day. Why!? Willet: Our dairy industry has become a very
powerful economic force For most of human history, milk was a small
part of the lives of a small number of people. Willet: Milk was really a survival technology
for living in cold places where the long winters made it difficult to grow fruits and vegetables.
Then, around World War I, The US government sent huge amounts of canned and powdered milk
overseas, to fight malnutrition among soldiers. And farmers made huge changes in response.
Many got rid of their other crops to focus exclusively on dairy.
But when the war ended, demand dried up, and the country was left with a whole bunch of
milk it didn’t need. At this point, farmers and milk processors
had invested too much to shift away from large-scale, year-round milk production
So instead of making less milk, they convinced people to drink more.
“Milk education” campaigns in public schools encouraged students to drink four glasses
a day. And milk producers got a boost from legislation
that created the national school lunch program in 1946, and required those lunches to include
a glass of whole milk. Even with all this promotion, the U.S. still
saw huge milk surpluses in the 1940s and 50s. So the federal government started buying up
the extra. It sent some to schools, the military, and to other countries as food aid. But much
of the surplus sat unused in vast, underground storage caves.
By 1980s, the government was spending $2 billion a year on surplus milk. The Reagan Administration,
in its quest to cut government spending, put a stop to the buying program.
That didn’t sit well with dairy producers. They convinced Congress to change the rules
so that they could create something called a dairy checkoff. Dairy farmers would into the checkoff with a mandatory fee. That fee would go toward advertising campaigns aimed at making
people buy more milk. And the U.S. Department of Agriculture would approve those campaigns.
The “Got Milk?” Ads are one example. The fees also pay for partnerships with restaurants
like Domino’s, Taco Bell and Starbucks to develop dairy-heavy menu items, like a pizza with 40% more cheese.
This means the USDA, the same federal agency writes our dietary guidelines, is also in
charge of a multi-million dollar campaign to get us to eat a cheese pizza where one
piece has two-thirds of a day’s maximum recommended amount of saturated fat.
So, if we know milk isn’t necessary, then why not change the recommendation? Instead
of milk with every meal, why not tell people to drink water?
Willet:…I think it’s impossible at this point in time…because the political forces
would not allow the dietary guidelines to say antying about limiting red meat or dairy consumption.
The dairy industry gives millions to politicians, who protect their interests whenever the nutrition
guidelines come up for review Susan Del Bene: how do we continue to make
sure students have access to appealing and nutritious dairy products?
Glenn Thompson: what can we do to remove policies that are hindering milk consumption or promote
policies that enhance milk consumption? Milk and other dairy products can be a part
of a healthy diet, but the idea that they’re essential? That’s just marketing.
And it’s not like there’s broccoli trade groups giving money to politicians and running multi-million
dollar ad campaigns. If there were, our dinner tables might look a little different.

  1. If you suffer from allergies, just stay away from milk products and sugars for some time add vitamin C ,you will be a happy allergies free.

  2. "how do we make sure kids have access to appealing and nutritious dairy products" i dunno maybe don't serve milk thats so spoiled its basically cheese

  3. Omg, well then if we're gonna go down the whole, who's in bed with the government route…yeah big dairy is about the only lid you can bust open

  4. ok, but why milk considered to be so healthy and necessary for people in my country for decades? i don't think it has anything to do with USA milk industry after the wars, since my country was a state-socialist country at the time.

  5. Personally, I don’t care one bit if we “need” it or not. I like milk. It makes my cereal taste better, it makes my coffee taste better, it goes well with my cookies… I love to wash down a few slices of pizza with a tall, cold glass of milk! And, it’s the perfect solution to a mouth on fire from an extremely unpleasant ‘Carolina Reaper’ chip prank.

    So, you can talk bad about it all you want, I’m going to continue enjoying it for years to come.

  6. I actually had a doctor that agressively argued with me about this when I told her I didn't consume dairy…
    If you think about it, it's kind of gross that we drink the puss ladened white blood cells of another animal.

    Thanks for the fodder for my next debate (I'm sure it will come up again)!

  7. Think my #schools completely hate me.. Every morning, a glass of milk means I'd vomit and I'd spew everywhere, often for the entire day… Kept the clearer occupied. Eventually they banned me from milk. Ooh.. I wonder why? lol

  8. What vox doesn't get is that milk is a much cheaper source of protein and so are eggs than pulses or almonds and nuts, the only way ppl with poor finances can afford the required protein and calcium is by eating these cheap sources like eggs,milk and beef .almond milk costs 20 times more than regular milk atleast where I live.a good alternative would be eggs which gives more nutrition per a dollar but then the question remains the same for vegans


    I freaking hate milk, it tastes like watery bland musty WRONGNESS.

    It's basically white cow sweat.


    Mammary glands are LITERALLY modified sweat glands… why on earth would anyone want to drink it straight?!?

  10. " and slaughter of calves, who, in their last moments of life, are still so eager to nurse their mothers that they will suckle the fingers of their slaughterers."

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  12. God, I love milk. Its beautiful soft ivory tint deeply touches my heart.
    The delicious sloshing noise it makes titillates me to an extent nothing else can even dream of achieving.
    And god, the flavour's like a deity dancing along your tastebuds. The slight sweetness, the fickle taste of umami and absolutely exquisite grassy and fat notes.
    And dear god, I haven't even mentioned that mouthwatering texture… It feels like there's delicious, arousing liquid velvet flowing down your throat.
    Hell, it even ages perfectly..! Ugnngnghn, my mouth waters at the thought of the delicious chunks you get if you allow the milk to age.
    The sour tang is an acquired taste, but it's most certainly a treat if you get used to it. Mmm, the mouthfeel is define also.
    There's nothing quite as satisfying as the feeling of all those chunks sliding down your throat, into your stomach. God, I love milk.

  13. Erma Gerd HEw unprofitionaal not mension the ilumnaughtie er the lizzerd ovrelerds. All conspyrasies are trew. afer hall no boddy likes cheese yogert or ise creem.

  14. like erma g3rd pizza places sertainly would not add more cheeese cuz peop-le like it. citations are sooooooo boring gud job not putting them in. peeple shuld believe everytings they heer on the internet and ingore syentists. syentists and newtrishionist are all evil and controlled by the lizzerd overlerds.

  15. the latest trend is vegan, gluten free, lectin, proteeen is dayclassay newtrishionist and syentists are on the take. they are evil and werking for the lizzerd overlerds like evvvybuddy noes dat

  16. sum peeple are allergie to these fudes. thiss iz prufe dat thay shud be banned and destroid. strawbarries, shell fishes, peenuts, shrimp, glooten (so lyke all bred produces), shell fishes, bananas, chocolate.
    everybuddy noes dat they is hyding the milks in area 51 the aileeins dat they are hyding are fedd the vast quantites of seecret moo moo milk.
    milk has around 350 mg per serving broccoli has around 150 mg
    but water haz the same haz both of thoze rite?

  17. This is why I hate people. They don’t care about your well being. They just want your money. I’d much rather save a dying dog then person.

    Don’t come at me it’s just my opinion

  18. I only drank milk at school because during standardized testing, we got a breakfast and the only thing to drink was milk. Why not water?

  19. I don't about you people, but I don't really 'trust' western science that keeps changing every now and then based on who's funding the research. I as an Indian prefer to look at Ayurveda and what is says about foods before I decide if I should eat it or not. You think eating dairy is wrong? How about killing that animal and eating it, you think that's natural and you're meant to it eat it? Absolutely not. Though I'm not a vegeterain but I don't eat red meat. In Ayurveda Cow is referred to as "Gau mata' or" Mother Cow" because cow's is as close to your mother's milk as it gets and Ayurveda teaches that cow milk is the most sattvic (mentally calming) and nourishing of foods. But it recommend drinking it in it's pure state. Unhomogenized, Unpasteurized and organic. So stop buying packaged milk and get it from the farm directly if you can, otherwise don't drink it at all. And you should probably stop eating beef first 🙂

  20. Milk producers controlling the government and made them spend billion on it each year, THIS, is true conspiracy.
    Like those crazy conspiracy guys weren't creative enough with lizards and flat earth …

  21. all I drink is milk or water but has to be all natural grain fed dairy or Canadian because they do not make it a chemical shitstorm like US agriculture, dairy and meat. Gov protection has sold out to corporations that only produce franken-food

  22. This is where your income taxes go to people. Time to wake up. Also, nothing is impossible, it will change when you, as the consumer, STOP purchasing it.

  23. i had bad acne for 6 years, 4 of which were spent on varying medications. i stopped consuming dairy and my acne went away in 2 weeks

  24. The history of ASDA (Walmart in US) backs up the story: … its original name was "Associated Dairies":
    "The origins of the ASDA Group are to be found in the efforts of English dairy farmers to protect themselves from falling milk prices after World War I. When wartime price controls were lifted and England began once again to import large quantities of European dairy products, local milk prices fell sharply and showed every sign of continuing to do so. Various legislative remedies were devised, but in the meantime a Yorkshire dairy farmer named J.W. Hindell led a number of his fellows in the creation of Hindell's Dairy Farmers Limited, a 1920 partnership whose purpose was to acquire or build both wholesale and retail outlets for their milk, in that way securing for themselves a steady market and a floor price". Source: FundingUniverse

  25. Woah the diary industry is a copy of Pablo eskobar (suducing governments to promote their product by paying them millions) both have a white addictive product, how fascinating.

  26. Leave me and my milk alone … I don't drink 2 glasses per day. But I drink it weekly …. as you said Milk can be a part of a healthy diet it's just the portions that are off

  27. Dear Vox,
    It’s 2019 and the fed gov is shut down. Dairy farmers can’t get loans to assist their productions of milk. Should we just let hem fail? Would really like to hear your point of view since you’re so pro government manipulating the private sector.
    Not fake news

  28. My grandma has a cow, she sends me milk regulary. I love my grandma 👵 + i like milk 🥛 + my grandma 👵 loves 💕 her 🐮 = its like this otherworldly cycle of life that ppl will never understand.

  29. Milk isn't inherently bad for humans. And lactose intolerance doesn't indicate humans as a species don't have a stomach for it. People have nuts and soy allergies too and there's no mass campaign against them now is there?
    Stop with your cheese in pizzas hypocrite

  30. This article refers to a study about CALCIUM intake, not MILK! 🥛 Good Lord! What a load of hogwash. A big government and dairy conspiracy to make people drink milk? Who will save us? lolololz

  31. What a bunch of crap…Milk surplus is bad!!!!! Tell me at least one food source which is as complete as milk and has the carbon footprint lower than milk? Soya, Almond has higher carbon footprint than milk.
    India, Iran and Israel none of us used milk to survive freezing cold winters and yet we strive for higher and higher milk production.
    The left just hates BIG CORPORATIONS Go and live in Vietnam idiots.

  32. Milk are not made by cows, but from MOTHERS. Go watch ''what the health'' and ''cowspiracy'' on netflix. It changed my life!

  33. The seven food groups chart also says butter is a food group. Josh Way actually does a really funny riff on the Foundation Foods film where that chart comes from.

  34. While I'm not saying that Vox is unreliable, and I do believe that they did put a lot of time and effort into this study, I do wish that they put the sources in the description or something. I'm doing a research essay based off of a similar topic, hence why I'm here.

  35. Lobbyists rule the food industry and make companies like world health organization put out papers saying we should eat more meat and dairy

  36. I wish i could digest milk (lost the ability from going vegan) raw pasture raised organic milk is literally the healthiest thing you can drink.

  37. 3:51 "Milk and other dairy products can be part of a healthy diet" ……, no they can't. There is nothing 'healthy' about dairy. The bodily harm it causes to the consumer, the harm it causes to the environment, and the harm (and suffering) it causes to the cows, it should never, ever, be labeled, referred to as, or encouraged as 'healthy'.

  38. Humans are supposed to drink milk. That's why women produce breast milk naturally. The very first thing you ever eat or drink when you're born is your mother's breast milk.

  39. Its quite true that milk is not essential.
    However milk has almost every nutrient except for iron.In order to get these nutrients together, one would have to consume an extremely wide variety of foods . Milk simplifies things and is a single drink with all the nutrients needed to start the day.

  40. milk is one of the most nutritiously dense foods at a price of 0.59 cents per liter in my country like everything in the world theres pro and cons

  41. the vitamin a is re-added to milk and the vitamin d is not even naturally contained in milk in any significant quantity. milk is high-calorie compared to what little nutrition in provides

  42. lol i dont even like the flavour of milk
    However I prefer 3.25% milk over all others because (as far as I know) it it the easiest to conceal its flavour

  43. Great video except for the line "It's not that milk can't be part of a healthy diet."
    Milk cannot be part of a healthy diet. Milk is not healthy.

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