Hong Kong Protesters Combat the Surveillance State

A major priority of the protest movement that’s consumed Hong Kong for the past 3 and half months is awarding the surveillance apparatus that literally everywhere. Demonstrators have pulled down camera poles, spray painted lenses, used green lasers to destroy sensors, and shielded themselves with umbrellas while marching through the streets. There’s a growing concern about surveillance and it’s totally understandable, because there’s a total lack of trust in the government with this whole saga. Though Hong Kong is politically autonomous under the one country two systems model, local authorities have wired up the city enabling them to keep an eye on ever corner of public life here. And protestors suspect they may be sharing that information with the Chinese government, Hong Kong officials deny that camera’s on top of the city’s so-called smart lamp posts feed location or facial recognition data to Beijing. But that may be a lie. Activists with the political organization, Demosisto, analyze the internal components of one of these cameras and found an ethernet switch that could conceivably connect to the main land surveillance network. They also found components inside that were manufactured by a company that’s a known supplier of the Chinese government surveillance technology. People are becoming more and more suspicious about any kind of possible surveillance. Are you tracking my Bluetooth on my phone? Are you tracking my signals? Are you trying to get the
information about my whereabouts? How could I trust that you are not doing
that? That’s why we always say, okay, use VPN. Many times demonstrators use virtual private networks or VPNs to access the internet. And they communicate through telegram,
which fully encrypts their messages. Many of these groups in telegram are tens of thousands of people. And the more important thing is you can stay anonymous. Anonymity, particularly for this particular campaign, has become a big concern for many of these protesters. Without a safe communication, I don’t think this revolution can last for that long actually. The government can crackdown everybody, very very easily, if there’s no encryption in this revolution. Demonstrators are also refraining from using their credit cards and the digital payment system, Octopus, which is an option in Hong Kong’s public transit system and most stores. October card. Actually every single payment you make, it can be traced. Actually there are many, many cases that some protesters were proved that they have been to certain locations, and certain times, because they
have used those Octopus cards. To discuss strategy demonstrators use LIHKG, a social media site that allows anonymous posting and is known as the Reddit of Hong Kong. They’ve also created decentralized networks for sharing information through airdrop, a function on the iPhone that transfers data directly to another person via bluetooth, without a third party intermediary. This is a movement that is totally leaderless and decentralized, and the reason for that is the youngsters, first of all, they have kick-started the whole movement by using all these tools internet to really find a newer way to organize the sort of movement and to really sustain it in the longer term. The protest movements, unofficial motto is “be water.” A Bruce Lee phrase that’s meant to convey A Bruce Lee phrase that’s meant to convey that in a battle, the more fluid and malleable an adversary, the harder it is to stop. The absence of a central authority has left the protestors communication network particularly vulnerable to sabotage. Twitter recently removed what they said were approximately 200,000 Chinese state-linked accounts, spreading rumors of protest violence being orchestrated by foreign powers. Fake news is a big, big problem in Hong Kong. I’m working with some people in journalism, and academic areas to try to see that there are more locally based fact checking organizations that can be set up. And I think that would go a long way. A major factor motivating the protestors in their fight to maintain political autonomy from mainland China is the surveillance apparatus that the Beijing government imposes on its own citizens. Such as the social credit system in which individuals are rated for good behavior, and a bad score can impede their ability to travel, attend the best schools, or get hired for the best jobs. We worry so much about surveillance, facial recognition everywhere, social credit, the great firewall. To average people in Hong Kong, do you expect these things to be extended to Hong Kong in 10 years time? I think most people cannot answer that question with confidence to say that it will not. And that is the problem. The Hong Kong government has stopped answering the demands of the protestors. And the conflict grew more acrimonious on October 1st after a police officer shot in the chest and injured an 18 year old demonstrator who had attempted to hit him with a rod. Last week, the government announced a ban on wearing face masks in the street. It has escalated to a point where people are realizing what we need is a political reform in the whole Hong Kong legislative system. And also of course, that the communist
government is not backing down either. So we are preparing ourselves for an even longer fight.

  1. You can't have or put people in charge of your life and expect them not to Rule you. Be a nice master! Please? The Cult of Government is so ridiculous.

  2. The protest lasts so long because China did not send its PLA yet! So it is hard to do that! Suggestions what the government can do!
    Demobilize you guys and keep you group separated. First signs closing public transportation for 1 week and everyone is caught! Protesters give Police a reason because you destroy this escape routes.
    2) the police have guns and more weapons which they are allowed to use them.
    3) they sends more troops outnumbered protesters
    4) they trap you in small corners 1 by 1
    5) your bluetooth signal will be used against you or blocked
    6) resources China is spending more than the US can pay you
    7) importing gears will be stopped
    8) at the end you have no future at all and asking for polical refugee programs and never ever see your families again
    9) they can do for centuries long
    10) they cut your resources so instead accepting cash money they will give food coupons with ID out! The can simply dont accept cash anymore. Shut down the banks from issuing money through ATM machines

  3. Hong Kong is a city that attracted a lot of tourists in the past. There are too many violent protests in Hong Kong. Tourists are not recommended to stay in Hong Kong. Lives do not go on perfectly in Hong Kong recently. Many shop owners opt to close their shop during protests. Some shopping malls close during protests. I believe shopping is one of the popular activities for tourists so they can be affected. Tourists generally stay in city centre and tourists can be affected by riots at city centres (There are more than one busy commercial districts in Hong Kong and all are common riot area). Riots take place near hotels. The fact is that even if you choose a hotel far away from city centre such as those in Tuen Mun and Yuen Long district, you can still see protests. Unless the tourist concerned is very interested in politics, I see no reason for him/her to visit Hong Kong for leisure at present. Objectively speaking, Hong Kong is a city tourists should avoid. One more pieces of information: in some riots, somebody set a fire at railway stations and damaged the stations. On the sixth of October starting from 20:40, all railway services including Airport Express suspended.

    Have the railway stations in your home country ever been burnt deliberately? If not, I recommend all travellers to evaluate the general safety situation of Hong Kong before your travel. I personally assume there will be arson in railway stations in Hong Kong again in the future, though I admit that this is simply a personal speculation.

  4. And of course it helps hong kong protesters that french have been conducting #yellowvest movement for almost a year – many of the protest tactics are copied from france – this is good, efforts must be carefully planned and executed; techniques must be shared in the name of sovereignty of people, end to tyranny of govt and protection of sustainable individual liberty.

  5. Frm another GrpChat!

    We have to forward this msg to as many people as possible to expose foreign plot.

    Good reason why China is patient and not wield force by sending in the PLA.

    (The US) creates blood-letting issues. Once the PLA comes to HK, *CIA will kill some rioters and blame the PLA soldiers*. …
    *Ukraine was done this way*.

    The American CIA will select a few rioters for killing (send a few sharpshooters hiding among the rioters and Police and then start shooting). *Then use the dead bodies for anti-China activities*:

    • Escalate the issue and blame the PLA soldiers ,and not the HK police, this is the reason why nobody has been killed so far. Once the PLA comes, *there would be 100 ways waiting to blame the PLA*.
    They have already prepared police uniform and weapons. Some rioters may put on police uniform and shoot people or protesters.

    • May even select and kill foreigners to raise the matter internationally, then use the Western media (under the leadership of USA) to push the matter ,to the climax. This is their planned way. These American-Western pretenders act like gentlemen but plot in other countries to stir up people killing each other to be played again! Some rioters will unknowingly become sacrificial lambs of the West! So sad!

    Everyone of us should work hard and spread this message. Let those blinded by the West know their plot and stop acting for the West and also let others prepare for such an outcome and not be surprised should this happen. Also could see the evil acts of the 5 eyes under the leadership of USA.

  6. If you r not planning to commit any crime or terror activities why you worry ? Just another western propaganda…

  7. Miss Carrie Lam, you have invoked Emergency under the Emergency Regulation Act, hence why do you not declare the Extradition Law enacted ? You do not need any approval from Legco. Why are you still playing that silly democracy game ? Thousand of HK hawkers have gone on with no incomes because of the riots. It is your duty to stop the riots and that can be achieved by declaring Extradition Laws enacted under Emergency Regulations. WHY DO YOU NOT DO THAT ? Thousands of HK hawkers are suffering; have a heart for their suffering ! Do THE RIGHT THING. DECLARE EXTRADITION AS LAW NOW !

  8. This is the modern equivalent of the battle f Cold Harbor. Modern conflicts radically changing. Any political activists would be wise to learn lessons about surveillance, using cash – and not make the MISTAKE all sides have made here of using violence.

  9. "And the conflict grew more acrimonious on Oct 1st, after a police officer shot in the chest and injured an 18 year old demonstrator who attempted to hit him with a rod"  What The Fuck are you trying to report? A proper reporting will be: "The police officer shot one of the protesters in self defense, after he and another police officer were being surrounded and attacked by 15 rioters with hammers and sharpened rods." The full video is everywhere in YouTube. Don't just fucking show the clip where the officer open fire. You are reporting fake news.

  10. hahaha,another foreign propaganda,keep your filthy hand off china internal affair
    btw,uncle sam spy on many country

  11. This is what Uncle Sam has been doing for decades. How comes the amercians have not saying a word about the monitoring problem as you rioters protest it by destroying evrerything in Hong Kong to make people's daily life miserable? Stop using your mobile phone and furniture as it is made by your moral enemy , China.

  12. Chinese authoritarian criminal regime is spreading its way of oppression and control to other dictators around the world; at the same time, with Russia, they are trying to destroy freedom and democracy in western countries, Hong Kong is a testing ground, so China is the greatest danger to freedom in the world, and world must support and stand with people of Hong Kong.

  13. China is harvesting thousands of organs from Uighur Muslim minorities, this regime wants to control HK to make it another concentration camp, says UN.

  14. Hong Kong protesters need to think about the long game. The PRC will wait them out or eventually write HK off…unless crushing HK would somehow endanger the PRC.

  15. This report is a b.s excuse cover for the crime committed by the violence protest in Hong Kong. Rioters roaming on the streets committed crime while the presstitute held cover their crime.

  16. This is domestic terrorism. Why is UN , US or UK not condemning these acts of vandalism? What hypocrites. Bias reporting and unfair media coverage are what are helping fuel the violence in HK.

  17. I think Apple tech “air drop” did help this movement happen. This is why i also love iPhone. It’s convenience and communicate very quick as long as we have internet.

  18. i dont understand …..even though they tracking us… as long as we are not committed to crime ..why must we afraid ????????

  19. All of those so called online social media are kindergarten level games. The only reason how HK protest lasts this long is HK cops are so soft and so gentle. No matter how you communicate or organize the event, as long as you get on the streets, those protesters face police. If HK cops decide to arrest any rioters, they can easily do it. All those cyber tools are useless. If you dare to clash with cops on street, you are out of cyber space and you face real dangers of getting arrested or getting killed.

  20. Are you Hong Kongers like stupid….? Go to England …London…same crap uoir talking about here….google …alexa…tv…cell phone..they are all listening in evey Countey…why do uou aHong Kongers think you are singled out by China??? Come On people…we-all live with that…uou just justify it with your idiotic violence and paranoia….walk a straight line…working with your leadersand your good to go…actlikedoside ts in any country and your a person of interest…wake up Morons !

  21. They are terrorists to begin with. Holding the rest of Hong Kong as hostages. Wearing mask to escape justice, and supported by fake news media.

    p/s: Yea.. Go ahead, keep deleting my comments you terrorist media. Shame on you.

  22. Those Chinese teenagers are in Hongkong street expressing their "concern" with level of "freedom" protester don't have in North America. Like wearing mask in unlawful assembly. Not to mention assaulting police without being shot. You guys are so lucky.

  23. You Hong Kong people are delusional. Hong Kong youth are evil. In fact the whole world has surveillance not just Hong Kong. This is purely about Hong Kong think there better than everyone in the world. Cowards and crybabies. Violence and destruction is there movement just like Nazi Germany.

  24. Those Hong Kong students don’t know what they are doing. They are suckers. They are looking for Demon-crazy. They are crazy.  
    When I was living in Hong Kong, Hong Kong was British Colony. There was nothing called democracy, but only Demon-crazy. I took my electmentary school there. When students went to school late in the morning, a teacher would use a rod to beat them up. When an under-graduated student from Hong Kong University argued with a police, that police shot him death finally. The British cout judged the police not guilty. The jurors thought the student just died naturally. Yesterday, I asked my co-worker from Jamaica, “ Did your elementary school teacher beat you up when Jamaica was the British colony.” He said, “Not only school teachers, British policemen also had their rods to beat up people.”

  25. The rioters vandalized public facilities, burned shops and banks, blocked and
    barricaded roads, threw petrol bombs at police with the intention to
    kill, beat up anyone who disagree with them, and yet you think they are
    innocent???? They may be teenagers, but they are capable of
    committing serious crimes. The HK poilce must do what the British did in
    1956 and 1967 riots. SHOOT TO KILL in order to restore social order.
    When the British did it, it's called justice. If the current HK regime
    did it, it's called human rights violations, police brutality. Pure
    western hypocrisy !!!

  26. The rioters vandalized public facilities, burned shops and banks, blocked and
    barricaded roads, threw petrol bombs at police with the intention to
    kill, beat up anyone who disagree with them, and yet you think they are
    innocent???? They may be teenagers, but they are capable of
    committing serious crimes. The HK poilce must do what the British did in
    1956 and 1967 riots. SHOOT TO KILL in order to restore social order.
    When the British did it, it's called justice. If the current HK regime
    did it, it's called human rights violations, police brutality. Pure
    western hypocrisy !!!

  27. The rioters vandalized public facilities, burned shops and banks, blocked and
    barricaded roads, threw petrol bombs at police with the intention to
    kill, beat up anyone who disagree with them, and yet you think they are
    innocent???? They may be teenagers, but they are capable of
    committing serious crimes. The HK poilce must do what the British did in
    1956 and 1967 riots. SHOOT TO KILL in order to restore social order.
    When the British did it, it's called justice. If the current HK regime
    did it, it's called human rights violations, police brutality. Pure
    western hypocrisy !!!

  28. These masked peoples are going to immigrate to the UK, congratulations to the British ! You will be more freedom ~

  29. if HK successful in this type of demonstration. the US, UK, and other demonstrations will be copy in way. this beautiful view, could be appear every country who support HK.

  30. They are afraid because they broke the law, normal civilians don't give a shit about the camera's. People who dress like that are criminals or terrorists

  31. Protestors or rioters? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcw7lcZA7SE
    Oh, didn't expect to see Denise Whore in this video.

  32. Shame on this bias channel and shame on all you idiots for believing in it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llv1S01amFE Open your eyes and mind to learn the truth. If you're intentionally fooling yourselves, you are just hopeless. Karma to you all.

  33. This rioters don't know how it feels to be criminals.they just want to experience such atrocities to other hk people!

  34. now you are free to rob,rape,arson,Illegal detention,hurt other people cause serious injury…etc. welcome to hongkong ,Gotham2.0 without Batman

  35. There are some Chinese fake news commenters in the comment section here. Beware of any comments offering support for the chinese government, such as claiming "The protestors hurt innocent civilians too". There were also some very pro-chinese comments on the Uyghur video as well.

    China's surveillance state reaches even as far as Reason comments sections.

  36. If you want to cheat China a lesson but sanction on them put a worn-out border a president arrest and for anybody who work with him send the message that world and not going to put up with China's crap tell Tyler to back off or you're going to be looking at a hell to pay because they are doing exact same thing that Nazi Germany did

  37. Can't the protestors just start making deals with the CIA already to win? Isn't that how America used to do things?

  38. Coming to a theater near us…

    However, I don't see too many people willing to stand up for freedom over here. HKer's are showing us how it should be done.

  39. How about we trade Hong Kong freedom fighters for American Liberals? The Chicoms can have 100 democrat Progressives for every Konger America gets. Every Konger gets a free AR15 upon arrival 😉

  40. The people who were dissident, their families and their friends will all disappear once they become Chinese citizens in 2047. Be careful please.
    Those of us that know what’s coming love and respect what the people in HK are doing. I doubt we Australians would even have the spine, far too many boot lickers here

  41. I don't trust China especially the government there they seem insane enough to drop a big bomb on there own people just to censor them and to protect censorship, honestly shocked anyone wants to do business with China right now, as long the government there can force companies to bend over no one should do business with China, just let China go bankrupt, im sure the Chinese companies do not wanna bend over either to Chinese government.

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