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Hello I’m from the Australien Government We’re about to have an election which means it’s time to remind you
why we’re the best party for the economy Blah blah blah GDP blah blah Surplus blah blah Strong and Balanced blah blah Satan blah blah blah so vote for us Don’t worry, we know you don’t understand any of this shit That’s why we’re to help Let’s take a look at our Federal Budget As you can see, the economy has been growing… Imagine a pie. That’s our economy And thanks to us, the pie’s getting bigger Yay! Wait, why are you celebrating? I said the pie got bigger, not your slice of the pie Most of that pie growth went to our rich mates Whereas your slice has barely grown since… what a coincidence, since we’ve been in Government So, no, you’re not imagining it: you’re
getting poorer even though the Economy is growing How is this possible, you ask?
Simple… You see, your slice of pie is made mostly
of INCOME rather than WEALTH WEALTH is money you get for simply having money in the first place All the most deserving people have WEALTH, so we don’t tax it much We give them this, this and this But INCOME is money that’s earned through
blood, sweat and tears Only dirty people work for a living, so of
course INCOME tax rates are much higher Your slice of pie is also made up of money
we spend on SERVICES that make your life better Like funding for research, schools, hospitals,
the ABC Cuts to those services are our favourite way
of balancing our budget So, when we tell you
THE BUDGET IS IN SURPLUS! what we’re saying is, we took more of your pie – dickheads This is what’s left of your slice now Except, the cost of living also went up so
when we subtract that from your slice it leaves you with approximately… fuck all! Now that you get it, we’re ready to announce
our Economic Policy for the coming election Introducing… SLAVERY SLAVERY is great for the Economy Zero unemployment No wage growth, penalty rates
or environmental protections Coz you having a shitter life is good for
the economy Low wages mean bigger profits for business And just imagine how big that pie, of which
you’ll get fuck-all, will be Authorised by the Department of Class Warfare
and Neoliberal Shitfuckery

  1. The Federal Budget was just announced so what better time for the Government to give the nation an honest explanation of its economic policy and why wages haven't been growing? I hope you dig this explainer style of HGA every now and then? Am planning to make more as we head towards the election – especially one on Preferential Voting coz it seems many struggle to understand how our voting system works. And it's kinda really important.

    Big shout out to Brent Cataldo who has come on board to lend a hand with animations (he did the pie and the weather forecast in our last HGA)
    And of course huge gratitude to all our Patrons and Supporters who made this and all our videos possible.

    x Giordano

  2. You know, there is so much bullshit peddled by ALL politicians, so why does someone have to waste time and resources upping the ante?? Does it please the disillusioned masses to have more and more bullshit heaped on them so as to get a warm and fuzzy feeling? For fucks sake! Grow up!

  3. Ahh the good old golden rule…’those that have the gold make the rules’ and we let then get away with it.

  4. A lesson from history

    The Crisis in Democratic Morality

    In order to guarantee the triumph of their interests in big questions, the ruling classes are constrained to make concessions on secondary questions, naturally only so long as these concessions are reconciled in the bookkeeping. During the epoch of capitalistic upsurge especially in the last few decades before the World War these concessions, at least in relation to the top layers of the proletariat, were of a completely genuine nature. Industry at that time expanded almost uninterruptedly. The prosperity of the civilized nations, partially, too, that of the toiling masses increased. Democracy appeared solid. Workers’ organizations grew. At the same time reformist tendencies deepened. The relations between the classes softened, at least outwardly. Thus certain elementary moral precepts in social relations were established along with the norms of democracy and the habits of class collaboration. The impression was created of an ever more free, more just, and more humane society. The rising line of progress seemed infinite to “common sense.”

    Instead, however, war broke out with a train of convulsions, crises, catastrophes, epidemics, and bestiality. The economic life of mankind landed in an impasse. The class antagonisms became sharp and naked. The safety valves of democracy began to explode one after the other. The elementary moral precepts seemed even more fragile than the democratic institutions and reformist illusions. Mendacity, slander, bribery, venality, coercion, murder grew to unprecedented dimensions. To a stunned simpleton all these vexations seem a temporary result of war. Actually they are manifestations of imperialist decline. The decay of capitalism denotes the decay of contemporary society with its right and its morals.

    The “synthesis” of imperialist turpitude is fascism directly begotten of the bankruptcy of bourgeois democracy before the problems of the imperialist epoch. Remnants of democracy continue still to exist only in the rich capitalist aristocracies: for each “democrat” in England, France, Holland, Belgium there is a certain number of colonial slaves; “60 Families” dominate the democracy of the United States, and so forth. Moreover, shoots of fascism grow rapidly in all democracies. Stalinism in its turn is the product of imperialist pressure upon a backward and isolated workers’ state, a symmetrical complement in its own genre to fascism.

    While idealistic Philistines – anarchists of course occupy first place tirelessly unmask Marxist “amoralism” in their press, the American trusts, according to John L. Lewis (CIO) are spending not less than $80,000,000 a year on the practical struggle against revolutionary “demoralization”, that is, espionage, bribery of workers, frame-ups, and dark-alley murders. The categorical imperative sometimes chooses circuitous ways for its triumph!

    Let us note in justice that the most sincere and at the same time the most limited petty bourgeois moralists (American Liberals) still live even today in the idealized memories of yesterday and hope for its return. They do not understand that morality is a function of the class struggle; that democratic morality corresponds to the epoch of liberal and progressive capitalism; that the sharpening of the class struggle in passing through its latest phase definitively and irrevocably destroyed this morality; that in its place came the morality of fascism on one side, on the other the morality of proletarian revolution.

    "Their morals and ours"

    L Trostky 1938



  5. you missed a vital point.. the nations GDP is also comprised of its people not just resources and economic growth, we human chattel…Slavery is very real, it exists under our noses in Melbourne in subtle forms..In some countries slaves can be bought overtly online….truly sickening!…Honk ;-(

  6. Well done and very educational; I don't speak much Australien, so honest ads like this teach me valuable government terms like 'shitfuckery", which we now know other governments,like the US, or UK also practice. Thankyou so very much.

  7. Wow, you poor youtube video makers. It must be so hard to sit around and make youtube videos for a living. How do you wake up in the morning? It's so tragic. How do you suffer through the agonies of getting advertisers?

  8. Juice Media fights capitalism by getting on youtube and making money getting advertisements. They are so brave to show the evils of capitalism by joining youtube and getting advertisements for a money.

  9. Longer hours, lower wages, no job security….And don't forget to bow!!

    Neo-con bullshit has infected most so called developed countries, thanks America…..re-nationalise all industries and remove these thieving bastards. Or be doomed to repeat this shit-fuckery over and over again. Your choice people!

  10. I just wish you guys could see that with mass migration, your piece of the pie gets smaller still

  11. Same in Britain with the gig economy, employee protections are gone, and AI are coming too. Slaves might be the lucky ones, eh? Oi instead of "tax the rich", how about "eat the rich", the necessary zombie apocalypse we've all been waiting for! Haha, just kidding. Or was I? 😉

  12. Bill Shorten is Satan?😂🤣😂🤣 Maximum insult you can hurl at that man would be,"He is a terminator sleeper agent."

  13. Hi @thejuicemedia.
    I'd love to see you do a piece on the '20 point set to fail' system Turnbull implemented in 2015 that prevents me from getting the pension despite the fact that I've been diagnosed with Ms n after 3 attempts (with doctors and neurologists reports saying my doing a job is ludicrous) I'm still ineligible.
    I'm sure 1,000's are suffering the same fate. I feel like I'm being punished for being sick.
    Just go ask centerlink, I'm sure they haft to explain it to you. 👍

  14. Wages are offered and traded ( In a trade there is no gain.) for work, for Labor, for physical presence. Time is money. Paid fairly for time – there is just a trade of A's Dollars for B's time. Such an even-trade is not income. Income is return beyond investment. And you need not be present to win!

  15. This is amazing! She could be talking about the USA or any European country and this would be true. This channel is the best thing onYouTube.

  16. Less than a month has passed since the federal election, and it looks likely we are headed for a recession. This video is now even funnier!

  17. Great work! Please don't stop. I'm sure you must be disheartened after the election result like a lot of us, but don't give up. Like minded Australians need your satire/truth telling more than ever

  18. I don't remember asking for a chance from you. I am not a refugee. I am my own country and identity.

  19. It's too bad you can't make more of these for the United States. I understand that as Australian citizens, you are kept pretty busy dealing with the absurdities you have at home, but we certainly could use someone of your intellect,insight,humor and mischievousness to shed more light on the insanity that can be America. By the way, Lucy has an incredible voice.

  20. This could have been the Democrat Party ad… Democrats love high taxes and spending Americans hard earned income! Just look what Democrats have Proposed they want Americans to pay for illegal immigrants healthcare!

  21. Australia where housing commission live better than working poor renters who pay for them
    Lifetime lease
    No inspection every three months
    No consequence if dirty
    No consequence if damage
    Cheap rent
    Moving.cost paid for
    Repairs done
    Choice of three locations they choose to live
    Australia is destroyed

  22. Its what we have become in our own country,slaves to the criminals in suites.Also known as politicians.

  23. Please make a video of world's one of the fastest! growing country 🙂 Turkey!!! It's ok to ask this since I'm turkish 😀

  24. 1) You do 12 years of school and stress about an irrelevant exam that will not get you anywhere in life

    2) You waste 4 ~ 5 years of your life in college for a degree that will not land you a job anyway, and rack up more than $50k ( that is if you're lucky ) on student debt

    3) You graduate. You somehow get into a job. Congratulations! Guess what? Half your money is going to the government back anyway in the form of taxes, plus that student debt that will keep increasing with time.

    4) You get into an accident, and you don't have health insurance because that shit is expensive. You are rushed into the hospital, but they'll let you die anyway, because you're broke with a lot of debt and you don't have health insurance.

    That's life for you

  25. This is propaganda for the Liberal Party and juice media do not even realise it. How is the idea that 'slavery is good for the economy' any different to arguments that Liberal politicians propose such as 'lower wages will lead to more jobs, and more hours worked'. These theories are empirically false, are damaging our economy, and our standards of living, and juice media are promoting them.

    juice media are useful idiots.

  26. the bit about the pie ,was a poor revenge on the libs who critisised the LABOUR PARTY DIM WITTED LEADER analegy on the economy using macdonalds big macks as immigary to get across their missunderdanding or lack of understandingof the economy and how it works .If economics is more complex than extorting union dues from workers .then say it simple simon .

  27. I would point out that you can slowly build wealth in assets over time so that your children will be able to gain more benefit. Remember you don't need that big flat screen tv or fancy boat or car. A little sacrifice on your part will lead to a better future for your offspring.

  28. I'd just like to point out that the open borders lunacy advocated by the likes of Juice Media and other crazy leftists is part of the shrinking pie-slice problem – introduce more low-skilled migrants definitely helps grow the pie by creating more consumers (products, housing, etc) but makes the slice of the pie smaller for everyone else – more people to spread the wealth around.

  29. I'm not even from Australia and I find myself googling related stuff quite often because of your videos. Work of art these vids.

  30. The system is designed to keep you poor. Most people are slaves, they just don’t realise it, they are economic slaves. The system keeps them in debt ( and hence under control ) pretty much their entire lives. Mortgages, student loans, personal loans,, credit cards, car payment, school fees, childcare, rates, taxes, fuel, medical, etc, etc, ect. All these things will take most of what you earn through your entire life.

  31. In the US this would be labeled 'socialism' and Hillary Clinton would be blamed for the making of this YouTube video because of Bhenghazi and emails.

  32. Subsistence wages are the cost of maintenance for machinery infrastructure. Farm animals receive subsistence.
    [There are subsistence wages paid in 'Slave Societies.'
    American 'Slave Societies' (had/have) rising standards of living.
    Is that a good argument for slavery?] – N. Chomsky

  33. Neo liberal shit fuckery I love you girls down with the man our glorious leader a carrot in a suit with a blond wig was questioned about being a misogynist he said as commander-in-chief of the USA he should not have to give anyone rub downs I have 2000 videos on YouTube

  34. – happens worldwide in country`s who are developed
    – only country who developing at them happens some growth
    and because more and more peoples are unhappy in lot country who are on some similar level developed "some peoples claim" prophecy happens because lot unrest's
    – but what one can happens if is that what you talking a pure truth
    – what can happens in one country who is developed, system of living is capitalistic democracy who mean elite have everything to say and reigns following theirs want
    – more latter lot civil wars but there is nothing to do about
    included if you are in Israel and I there
    – you can say that anything but but you have never said what is solution
    – who mean "three times" wrong said you are out (arrested)
    only there some a Queen would be not fucked anyone who are elite or anyone
    – she shall be a law nobody upon her (and I only judge her governance)
    – and you participate with critics
    – but you participate to made country for anyone fine
    count always mathematical equation 1 2 3
    4 is this
    Righteousness to your neighbor and towards the enemy
    # 23 "Do not make false statements! Do not help the wicked by testifying wrongly! (2) Do not lead the multitude to do evil; nor testify in litigation by standing against the majority against justice. (3) You must not be biased against the poor in his litigation. (4) When you come upon a stray bovine or a donkey of your enemy, you must bring him back. (5) If you see the ass of the one who hates you falling under his load, do not leave him: together with his master you must help him to rise. . (6) Thou shalt not defile the rights of thy poor in his lawsuit. (7) Stay away from false accusation; do not kill the innocent and the righteous; for I do not forgive the wicked. (9) Thou shalt not oppress the newcomer: thou knowest that she is a newcomer;

    only she is failed she is trash girl
    about whom I speaking Bar Rafaeli you shall be easy know who is she
    have wanted from her made a some fine tuned first my own girl
    (with some specifiek behaviors morality knowledge to be able be proud I and more latter also you)
    – latter a Queen of State Israel and anyone welcome
    no tax money for us never ever
    – only for her clothes when she visiting some country and when want talking publicly
    – you also present your own videos want be representative and she must
    you lot talking about : THIS IS WRONG THIS ONE IS WRONG
    I talking about Bar and Israel because there shall be now resting example of how to be organized as state = LIGHT UNTO THE NATIONS
    but since Bar is failed trash girl want my own old girl back
    – and is closed case about organizations
    – who is educated shall be known what to do who not can fail own wrongness
    – but for my is always one state = one folk who living in some borders
    (and all of them are important on same way)
    fucking Bar and fucking jewish rabbis and theirs elite
    (known always better)
    – shall be represent
    – my as my own private gold example to women how to be a women
    – own religion to world
    – own state to world
    – civilization to fix
    nothing to do about she have fucked case on most most worst way
    (in front on my eyes went married and have made children mamu joj jebem kruvu)
    example for you
    – Bar this night we sleeping here at you
    – tomorrow you goes found in country who working have two children and is poor
    – that is the place where you goes tomorrow sleeping
    and when you come back think how to solve
    (and she must doing can not say to my NO)
    (only she have already said 10 000 times until now)
    Palestine state
    Golan Height back
    Satanism removed
    Kabbalah removed
    LGBT removed
    the folk walking only religious way
    – want not
    – what you doing anyone more here leave at you own here is for you nothing
    and and most most worse
    (in front on my eyes went married and have made children)
    – she is not even married in love is married because of money
    – just like money can say to someone I love you
    she have ever listening to me
    – and have leave Israel and not married
    – eeeeeeeeeeee now entering country with me as a Queen and they gladly want and also can not refuse
    – she is now happy jaaaaaaa jaaaaaaaa ah who would be said
    ouuuu waiting on Emina to made some next level of love for her to be more happy
    Bar you and your rabbis your elite your entire folk are just sick
    NO Bar against such something is not invented and can not be invented remedy

  35. We have a good economy and good budget? Australian dollar, haven’t got a value. So, how good is our economy. Big bullshit from our politicians.

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