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Hello I’m from the Australien Government As you may have noticed, we’re in the process
of transitioning to Authoritarianism Don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything In fact, doing and saying nothing will greatly assist us in this process For guidance, just look to the Labor Party Sadly, not everyone knows how to be a Quiet Australian That’s why, to ensure a smooth transition
to Authoritarianism, we’re launching a new initiative Introducing: The Quiet Australia Policy Under the Quiet Australia Policy, Australia
will be home only to Quiet People Such as, Quiet Whistleblowers Coz we’re prosecuting all the loud ones
who expose our shitfuckery like how we abuse the tax system, and defraud our neighbours, commit war crimes, and spy on all of you We’ll also have Quiet Journalists Coz the ones who do their job by publishing
those leaks will get their arses raided Or thrown in jail, to please our masters Coz “journalists aren’t above the law” Except when they publish what *we* leak to them
for our political interests In which case, they are! A Quiet FOI agency
Where if you lodge a request, you get “Hello darkness my old friend” Quiet Charities: coz if they dare to endorse a political party, we’ll strip them of their tax-deductible status And Quiet Corporations… [snort]
just kidding They can spend millions to buy politicians,
and we’ll let ‘em claim it as a tax deduction Because we believe in the Free Market Unless you use that freedom to boycott companies with ties to coal mines and climate-denying lobby groups in which case we’ll make boycotts illegal How good are Quiet Shoppers & Quiet Shareholders We also love Quiet Protestors coz nothing says Free Speech like some Pepper Spray in the fucking face Quiet School Kids coz the little shits should be seen and not heard And now that everything’s on fire thanks
to our total paralysis on the climate crisis we especially like Quiet Scientists Quiet Conservationists And Quiet Firechiefs Coz fuck experts But hey, if you’re a QAnon conspiracy nutjob,
our PM will not only listen to your bullshit, he’ll also put it in his speeches Cool and normal The Quietest Australians are of course those we drove to suicide with our illegal debt-recovery schemes The First Nations people murdered in our custody The elderly who die from negligence in our underfunded aged care homes And all the species about to go extinct under our watch When you put all that together you start to see the Neoliberal Shitshow on a Quietly Dead-Arse Planet we’re preparing for you and your kids Which is why, above all the Quiet Australia
Policy relies on a Quiet You Because the idea of loud firechiefs Conservationists Scientists School kids Protestors Charities Unions Broadcasters Whistleblowers Journalists Women First Nations people and YOU All joining forces to say fuck Authoritarianism,
scares the shit out of us And here at the Australien Government the last thing we want is a Prime Minister
who loses his shit Authorised by the Department of Quiet Supremacy

  1. Friends here’s your latest honest ad from the Australien Government. We often tend to cover individual issues. But for this Honest Government Ad, I really wanted to cover a whole range of issues – which are often treated in isolation – so that we could join the dots and help people see the bigger picture that's forming. Unfortunately our media isn't very good at doing this dot-joining, so we tend to not realise when our government is leading us down a path towards creeping authoritarianism – from prosecuting whitsleblowers and raiding journalists to threatening to outlaw climate protests and boycotts – all packaged in a shiny bullshit PR slogan: "Quiet Australians". Which is why I thought we could all do with some honesty from our Government about where we're inevitably headed with all this. Enjoy. Or cry. Preferably both. But whatever you do, don't be quiet.

    It was awesome to bring our awesome actors, Zoë and Ellen, back together again for this one 🙌
    As always, thank you to our Patrons for making this video possible 🙏
    And if you value what we do, check out the links to our Patreon in the video description above.

    💛 Giordano

    PS. watch to the very end for some important info!

  2. Fantastic video but I don't think the "and women" line with the picture of misandric bigots who want extra-judicial executions of men was needed. Wanting a "crime and punishment" approach to DV instead of fixing its causes such as gambling problems, drug and alcohol abuse, poverty, mental illness, etc… makes them a lot more like the LNP than any kind of actual progressive group.

  3. 2:31 "Women…"
    So no woman is a part of this shit fu*kery as you call it? Right now a neo-liberal and racist woman is the face of coup in Bolivia while the ousted president who is the face of change and progress is a man, so settle down.

  4. Great job, as always.
    Maybe a little critic on 'climate crisis'. Scientists don't all agree and when you plundge into who say what, you see where is the truth and where's the propaganda.

  5. climate change is caused by weather modification operations, and it is a plan to implement agenda 21 on the public. wake up

  6. This is also called censorship. Censorship is a characteristic found in China. Censorship is a common characteristic in countries with a corrupt government . All democracies are in transition. If you care about your country. Be a candidate in the next election. Authoritarianism an international problem. Lets join together as a community to keep our lives free of control by government.

  7. Our governments at fault for these fires due to the fire accelerates in the stupid cloud seeding (chemtrails) the Governments approved for decades

  8. I mean while most of them are pretty telling, they can still be hidden under the guise of suppression using some danger BS excuse but the threat to make boycotts illegal is just something else. Unlike the rest that punish outward action against something with the boycott ban that would be punishing someone simply not participating.

  9. "Bushfires in Australia are common, impact extensive areas, and can cause property damage and loss of human life. However, certain native flora in Australia have evolved to rely on bushfires as a means of reproduction, and fire events are an interwoven and an essential part of the ecology of the continent. For thousands of years, Indigenous Australians have used fire to foster grasslands for hunting and to clear tracks through dense vegetation."

  10. Mockery is a sword that cuts both ways, and it looks like the rebel alliance has perfected the effective counterattack 🙂

  11. Once again I would agree with 90% of your truthfull funny as reporting style 👍🤓 beautifull woman 👍😎

    With regards to climate "CHANGE" you are promoting the Jorge Sorros EU/ UN agenda's with that rant ? FART TAX ! Global control !

    All so, the GREENYS with there on fuel reduction bune off policies for the last 20+ was & is a major contributing factor to many of these bush fires, with ARSON !

    Australia has always been, drought, fire, rain, flood with the seasonal cyclone or two or three, thrown in for a "CHANGE" it never "CHANGES" !

  12. Great Video
    Labour are just as bad moving towards Authoritarianism, hate speech laws etc… that's not freedom either. Not saying Liberals are great, i vote Liberal Democrats

  13. Ah yes, there is of course, the beautifully worded:
    Workplaces (Protection from Protesters) Amendment Bill 2019
    …soooooo much goodness for the "Quiet Australians", it even includes a FREE 5 gallon tub of anal lube, so you'll always be prepared!

  14. Just replace Australia by European Union … Wait! We are already under a dictatorship. Like in any other dictatorship, you can vote but the result is always the same, your enemy wins. Everything is Hate Speech, everything is Racism, everything sends you to jail if you are against them.

  15. You forgot the Quiet (Non-existent) Anti-corruption body that is quietly allowing Chinese influence into the Australian Government

  16. This genuinely made me cry. Our country is going down the shitter and it just breaks my fucking heart. I'm doing whatever I can within my means but I'm just terrified of what's happening to us all.

  17. #koalakiller
    Thanks Gladys for record levels of deforestation and for making koalas functionally extinct.
    And also Rupert Murdoch for making sure that 75% of all Australian media doesn't talk about it (because he owns that much).

  18. prediction: Australia will soon issue a ban on citizens having kids, so that only its government can reproduce and forward the nation. Less chance of them being independent & outspoken.

  19. Quietly brilliant ™ as always, I wish this channel could gain more traction so that more people will realise how bad things have become.

  20. Watching thejucemedia videos is the only time I feel like there's other Australians that can actually see the shitfuckery I see when reading the news about all the totalitarian tactics being used by our government, most seem to think the exact issues raised in this video are some crazy conspiracy distopian sci-fi crap rather than actually opening their eyes and seeing it all for what it is.

    Thankyou thejucemedia for helping me keep some sanity in these insane times.

  21. Our Government loves the people and has the people's best interest at heart they are here to help us. They said so just before the election and wow what a choice.

  22. 2:31 – Putting a clip in, of the extreme nutbag feminists, that were on #QandA, was a bad idea.

    The rest of the video was good.

  23. things that make you go "mmm" !! , you guys have the best vids 😉 our goverment is not the easyist to work out, but you guys sure open the eyes a bit more, for that i thank you, keep up the good work 🙂

  24. Let's not forget that as long as there will be a Chinese person to outbid an Aussie on a house, most Australians will be very happy to keep quiet, authoritarianism or not. What matters to most Aussies is their net worth and most are happy to behave like "good Germans".

  25. You're not allowed to have or state your opinions on YouTube nor in any place in society. We're going full circle back to the dark ages of tyranny people!

  26. Climate change is a hoax its all a big folks don't fall for it, its taxing you more and gettting full control on every aspect of your life

  27. Gals, loves, comrades, sisters, salt of the earth, bruvs.
    I have been watching your amazing stuff for a while now and I need to ask a question
    Are those your actual voices?
    Keep up the fight, we believe in you!

  28. This kind of shit goes on everywhere, though Australia does seem to be worse than many. It's like people watched the horror show that were the Nazis and learned nothing, we're headed back in that direction at an alarming pace. Hell, even the people in Israel now seem to like their apartheid and racial purity stuff, they just apply it to a different group of people, the ones they're stealing all the land from.

  29. I’m an avid subscriber of the Juice Media clips but unfortunately this one confirms the Juice Media’s failures of intelligent scrutiny…

    1. The climate fear campaign is utterly bogus (coming from a former real scientist who has reviewed the undoctored data on temperature, sea levels, frequency of bush fires etc) and ironically part of an organised globalist agenda to impose further control on the people of the world through baseless fear (please check out Tony Heller YT channel for further info from another real scientist who happens to be honest and on the money).

    2. The ABC is not, nor has it been for a long time, anything more than an extremist propaganda machine run by non-egalitarian biased sell-outs promoting all kinds of ridiculous SJW and politcal correct nonsense, like climate fear campaigns and #poorme rubbish. The ABC’s charter (to represent equally all aspects of Australian society and culture) has been horribly abandoned. One of the reasons I no longer own a TV!

    …otherwise, pretty good.

  30. Aussies are also waiting to see if Mr. Trump can reverse the Banking, Judicial and Govt. CORRUPTION HERE in America.. Which will encourage OZ to oust their own Corrupt govt 'officials', The CHINESE CCP, the Islamists, etc…..

  31. Lucky country no more , our ability to dodge the rusty old bullet of political ineptness has come to a complete and abrupt end , had to happen eventually , we have NEVER had a GOOD leader and now it's showing .

  32. Don’t forget their Union Thug Busters Campaign and their ‘ keep Julian Assange in a foreign jail forever’ initiative. Oh I almost forgot about the “Maintain the Shirt Fronting of V.Putin” in front of the rest of the kindy class and the “Permanent Defence of Australia in the Middle East Forces/ Permanent Taskforces” and “ the subsidies to foreign corporations to avoid paying tax in Australia program”.
    There is also the membership to the “International Coddle Rupert Commission “ which is busy privatising the ABC for “Balanced News” and freedom from dissenting opinions.
    My bloody rural shire council have more nous and ethics than these petty Canberra shopkeepers who are ‘representing ‘ Australia on the international stage!!!
    Thank heavens for little girls, whoops, thank heavens for thejuicemedia and friendlyjordies for being so succinct and entertaining and also to Michael West whose weekly newsletter will leave you grabbing your phone to ring 000 to report another crime in progress.
    Fuck we are stupid, no wonder Howard took all our guns away even tho they were only for rodent control and self preservation and a bit of target shooting and , unfortunately, a bit too much family planning as well. But he’s still a total Knut and a dangerous one too.
    Maintain the RAGE.

  33. How about something about the #CashBan Bill currently the subject of a Senate Inquiry?

    The Bill, as well as being another Orwellian #WarOnCash attempt to force ordinary law abiding citizens to conduct their transactions through their bank accounts and the electronic banking system (where they will be subject to monitoring and control), is actually completely about preparing for the Reserve Bank of Australia to introduce deeply negative interest rates policy #NIRP during the next GFC or recession (prepare to use #NIRP as the RBA has been advised to do, by the International Monetary Fund).

    Other components of the #WarOnCash have been the Indue card, again to stop people using cash, and things like making all employers only be allowed to pay their employees through bank accounts, again not use cash.

    Of course, the excuse has been that it's to tackle the Black Economy. But there's already plenty of existing legislation, with harsh penalties, that makes all Black Economy activity illegal. Hence, no one involved in the Black Economy will be prosecuted by this legislation that could not be prosecuted under existing legislation.

    And this legislation will not make a single person involved in what is already criminal activity, that is, activity in the Black Economy, voluntarily decide to stop.

    The real target of this legislation is every law abiding citizen not involved in the Black Economy. They are the ones who will, through threats of two years in prison, and strict liability, voluntarily change their behaviour and cut down on their use of cash.

    Anyway, I hope you get stuck into this important issue.

  34. Funny that Julian Assange was leaking his Hillary emails to Alex Jones. Thank fuckey we got President Trump and not that evil bitch.😘

  35. Channel is hilarious. But you guys totally shrill for the Greens with their Woke politics, so you're also a little bit hypocritical…. But then that's Aussie politics generally for ya. Everyone's a hypocrite.

    Can we get a right wing version of this too? Lol.

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