History of Pakistan #15 | Election 1988 – Fight between IJI and PPP | Jaag Punjabi Jaag | In Urdu

After the fall of Dhaka, the 1988 election was the first major political event in which elections held on party base Because the 1985 elections were non party election contested by independent candidates And the PPP had boycotted these elections Voting was announced in November And the competition was very simple Or you are with Bhutto or against Bhutto Looking at the public popularity of Benazir, it seems clear that maybe he will clean sweep in the election. But her opponents were not ready to give her open field The strategic triangle were also active The third angle of triangle General Hameed Gul was the most active one He created Islami Jamhoori Ittehad (IJI) of nine political parties against Benzir in no time General Hameed Gul has acknowledged this fact in many of his interviews Kashif Abbasi: But you said in the first meeting with her that you made IJI against her Hamid Gul: I did not say against you, I made IJI or else we could not reach the election. I told this, she said that General Sahib i understand The party of Nawaz Sharif, who was called the PML , then, was the biggest part of the IJI Apart from this, the National People’s Party and Jamaat-i-Islami were also part of the IJI Founding member of the PPP and Benazir’s uncle Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi was appointed IJI chief Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi was the head of the alliance, but the IJI’s public face was Nawaz Sharif Huge big ads were used to publish on front pages with his images In which Benazir was written as an agent of the enemy and Jewish lobby Addressing public, It is said that you are in competition with your enemy News cuttings in which Benazir and Nusrat Bhutto were not supporting the Pakistani nuclear program, published as an advertisement. even such news published in which it was said that she is lobbing in USA that f16 should not be given to pakistan Such news cuttings were published on daily bases as advertisements And it is said that voting to PPP is to compromise on Pakistan’s defense on roads and streets, along with IJI flag this slogan was also written 9 SITARAY BHAI BHAI… BENAZIR KI SHAMAT AAI The IJI election symbol was cycle Amir of Jamaat-e-Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmed used to campaign on bicycle in various cities Opposition went to that extent to defame Benazir that the semi-naked photographs of her dropped in cities and towns by helicopters she was named modern, westernized and America and India’s agents Benazir Bhutto also criticized IJI in her rallies He alleged that heroin and drug earnings is being used in the campaign against her ppp ads targeted Nawaz Sharif nor Qazi Hussain Ahmed but Ziaul Haq it was said Zia ul Haq was declared responsible for giving Pakistan nuclear secrets to India ppp was using arrow as ambiguous election symblol against the dictatorship and his allies In response, the IJI also published photographs showing cruetily in Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto era In these advertisements they point towards Bhutto, the responsible of breaking Pakistan And it is shown that Bhutto was a dictator in the cloak of politician Those newspapers would showcased, which Bhutto had banned And the people shown who had been tortured in Bhutto era Although Zia, nor Bhutto was in this world but in the election campaign, both of them were seeming fully alive It was an election war and perhaps both were believing the old formula that everything is fair in war and love November 16, election were held on 207 seats out of 237 total seats 104 seats were needed to constitute government A day before the Gallup survey was published claiming the most modern and scientific survey gallup told that in elections PPP and IJI are equal in competition But when the result came, the PPP was far ahead of the IJI People’s Party got 92, while IJI collected 54 seats After joining the independent candidates, the PPP got support of 115 candidates The interesting thing about this election was that Ghulam Mustafa Mustafa Jatoi, head of IJI, was defeated Peer pagara, who had a full support from the government, also defeated Today you hear the sounds of aliens in politics “Our competition is with aliens ” in those times, too, those who lost to say the same things Peer Pargara said that his defeat was due to secret hand Former Prime Minister Junejo was saying something similar The old political giants were defeated but the young political heirs of Zia and Bhutto won Now both of them stood in the field And a new era in Pakistan was beginning But the election war was not over yet Those days the elections of the National and Provincial Assembly were not held on the same day But after three days of the National Assembly election provincial assemblies election were used to hold Therefore, after defeat in the National Assembly, the IJI feared to be defeated in provincial elections too In mean time , Benazir Bhutto’s statement came in the Daily Mashriq and Nawai Waqt tha” how did she accept a Punjabi as his leader? The IJI took the statement and in a jiffy this slogan appeared on the walls of punjab … “Jag Punjabi Jag…teri pag nu lag gia dagh” There were also announcements against Benazir Bhutto on Loud Speaker in Mosques The people of Punjab were tried to enraged and this campaign damaged the PPP, too When the result came, ppp got 88 seats from the Punjab and IJI bagged 91 seats Nawaz Sharif became Chief Minister Punjab with the help of independent candidates in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), NWFP and Balochistan, IJI won Such advertisements have been printed for Sindhis, in which it is written that if you want to save Sindh from a one party dictatorship, vote for cycle But this campaign did not work The PPP won and guess “Who became Sindh Chief Minister?” Qaim Ali Shah 2 dec 1988, Benazir bhutto took the oath as the Prime Minister , and she became first woman PM of Pakistan and Islamic world It was a historical event But in the Benazir government, there was a milestone Pakistan touched which made Pakistanis happy But the United States got annoyed and put sanctions. What was that incident? And which Operation General Hameed Gul took, on which benazir removed him from ISI? How did Osama bin Laden and Hamid Gul join for a purpose? All this will show you in the next episode You have seen fifteen episodes of Pakistan’s story If you have not seen Pakistan’s story yet So click playlists See all the episodes there subscribe Dekho Suno Jano for Watching next episodes Click on the Bell icon to make sure that you get every update timely please comment, like and share so that we continue this process and Pakistan’s history can be reached to you even in better style

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  2. Bhutto family and Nawaz sharif both are Cia paid. Zia-ul-haq was real leader. Bhutto was also good but was a paid role.

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