Hindi News Bulletin | हिंदी समाचार बुलेटिन – June 29, 2019 (8 pm)

  1. One nation one rashan card bahut hi achha plan hai Hume
    Modi sarkar ke shurk Gujar hai ki hamara vote व्यर्थ नहीं जाएगा

  2. Mr. shwkhwat leying on waist material dump in Ganga. Its totally rubbish I m belongs to Haridwar in Uttarakhand there are three core area which I know
    1. Near Loknath ghat, 2. Shivage at near harki puri and 3. Bhimgoda. Nala direct waist dump in Ganga. Its true and under the Mansoon seasion the situation becomes more desastrus.
    There are big problem of also sanitation due to lack of awareness and tourists and outsiders and local dump their vestage of road openly. The district government is very careless of their duties.

  3. New ko jitna jaldi ho sake share kare …. i m regular seen your new so plz solve problems of all people who interest in your news…

  4. जी-20 शिखर सम्मेलन में इतने जोर शोर से अमेरिका के साथ बैठक की चर्चा चल रही थी। उस विषय पर क्या हुआ यह तो आप लोगों ने बताया ही नहीं।

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