Hilton: British government remains shamefully silent on Hong Kong

  1. I live in Hong Kong. I am happy with the Hong Kong government and all the freedoms and human rights available for everyone in Hong Kong, even more than the freedoms and human rights Americans enjoy in America.

  2. Liberals wanting socialism. Look at Hong Kong and what these people are risking for what we have in the USA now and you want to give it away. The British isles are gonners. Step up England!

  3. I was gassed yesterday cause I was in the area of a protest. Made a video about it and posted it on my channel in case anyone would want to see how bad it is. Horrible what is going on, I feel for the good people of Hong Kong. I


  5. Too funny. In America people so against the US flag an everything American. But go to Hong Kong and they want everything that America stands for. If you want GOOD and LEGAL Immigrants, send ships over to Hong Kong and pick those people up. Not letting people from 61 other countries, not all of them friendly towards the US, through our Southern border ILLEGALLY.
    Or China could just FREE HONG KONG.

  6. Trump does what needs and should be done for America with worrying about these corrupt politicians trying to get rich like the Clintons and the rest of the Democrats or even some Republicans.

  7. "We've not heard one peep out of the scandalous British about Hong Kong," which was their former Colony. Americans are not surprised.

  8. This why America should never call those UK cowards "allies", they are anything but that. They lied to get us into ww1 and 2, and now they still want our support. I'm glad Trump pulled out of the U.N. because this shows we have no allies.

  9. We need you Great Briton, where are you guys? It’s been proven before ( in two world wars) you guys lead the way and we back you.

  10. Y’know what? It’s nobody’s business. It’s between China and Hong Kong. Yeah, it sucks, but no country has any business messing around in another country’s business, especially if it’s internal. Which, no matter how you look at it, Hong Kong is part of China, so it’s THEIR business.

  11. Wasnt America one of the countries which advocated for the end of the British Empire. Now people are complaining about Britain not getting involved in China's affairs.

  12. I usually agree with Steve Hilton, especially on Trump, but not on this occasion. As a British person, I feel that it is not my business or my country's business to tell China what to do in Hong Kong. Of course, we can call for restraint and gently try to encourage a peaceful solution, but we need to be measured and respectful about it, so as not to interfere in another country's internal affairs. We gave Hong Kong back to China in 1997, so we are no longer responsible for Hong Kong.

  13. ATTENTION:  People in the land of the living…the dems
    (socialist/sect) party (those workers of iniquity & evildoers) & little
    league fake lying news…cnn, msnbc, abc, cnbc, cbc, bbc, cbsn & huffpost,
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    Responsibility…pathetic life principles they believe, practice, & bow down
    to.  One more TRUTH…their all LESS THAN

  14. XI JINPING has no testicles he cant even vist HONGKONG citizens why they will spit on him of the mess that XI JINPING created how embarrassing.

  15. cnn fredo fake news and enemy of the people, thats because the truth will come out, that they both made agreements for joint ownership of the HK debt slaves,

  16. I'm one of those British Wimps (I prefer Englishman) but totally agree that our establishment are just like the American establishment when it comes to corruption. We don't want to upset the gravy train and that's why we do nothing. We need a TRUMP over here.

  17. Of Course!! I do not think the real British people are happy that Britain has not responded negatively to Chinese oppression way before the contract was no longer active!!

  18. Britain needs a Prime Minister Trump. They are also less effectively fighting fake news BBC. They should step up more for Hong Kong but I’m afraid righteousness, principle, honor and all that is good has been destroyed by the liberal Dems. Meanwhile, fake news CNN kissing up to Huawei CEO as Hong Kong fights for freedom.

  19. The British are weak spined. Hong Kong was to remain free for 50 years, but China wants to crush them early.
    China should have been delt with decades ago by the west, but greed has blinded thier eyes because of the fortunes made by trade with China at the expense of the liberty of people everywhere.

  20. Hong kong is a nest of criminal HSBC the biggest drug dealers and money launderes in the world
    Its a deep state CIA operation which AIM is to destabilze china

  21. I think Hong Kong Island supposed to belong to the UK perpetually, which the treaty signed during one of the Opium Wars
    Kowloon and the New Territories is leased to the UK for 99 years, which ended in 1997

  22. Britain is no longer the “proper” society it once appeared to be, it seems. I imagine inaudible “hubba, hubba, hubba” from leaders there, as they hide behind their indecision regarding a number of things.
    Hope the new PM can take hold for the citizens of Britain’s sake.
    While we have our own struggles in America.

  23. The Brits are doing what the U.S. should be doing. To the Hell with the rest of the world! The U.S. should be looking at domestic issues NOT foreign problems. Brits handed Hong Kong over to China! Hong Kong IS Chinese now. Let them sort it out.
    Not everone can be ONE WORLD..that would take a Third World War, and nuclear devastation!
    The World Banks and their masters..ROTHSCHILD have it fixed that way.

  24. Yes, Steve, 'Shamefully Silent'. Thank you for pointing that out. But the poor little Britains are neutered by their ruling class of aristocratic, asset-stripping jackals, who some people just call Globalists.

  25. Why should Britain care about Hong Kong? Hong Kong made its choices and so did the UK. The 99 year lease is over and it was a while ago.

  26. The West is infested with willing neo-Bolsheviks. Our fight has only just begun and, when it comes, the Trojan Horse of mass immigration of enemies will be seen for what it really is.

  27. Time to eat China part for part till their communism is nowhere to be found. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 Communism never works, and this is a little part to China’s downfall. 💪

  28. Frankly speaking, UK is entangled in the Brexit, maybe without a deal being reached, I think under such circumstances it's only natural for UK to bet on China's support, that's quite reasonable, democracy does not provide money or jobs, you know, au contraire, it destroys them.

  29. The UK took over Hong Kong as a result of Opium War, when China attempted to stop the UK from bringing opium into the country, so there is not much the UK can be proud of when it comes to Hong Kong related matters.

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