1. Liberal cult members clapping for a poltical ganster in a pant suit who couldn't care less about them, unreal. But what can you expect from a secular religion called liberalism, pure nihilstic moral relativism at it's finest.

  2. This has been the Clinton's default MO for decades. Whenever their skullduggery, cronyism and hypocrisy has raised serious questions, they blame it on someone else, or some external force, like "a vast right-wing conspiracy." Now she's blaming Bernie? The sheer arrogance and lack of self awareness is astounding. She's basically saying 'how dare white men in America deny me my God-given right to be POTUS.' Not only is she a corrupt old hag, she's a deranged lunatic. I think even the most die hard Democrats are now wishing she'd just shut up and disappear into obscurity – where she belongs. There is, however, an upside to all this — her new book makes great kitty litter.

  3. The Hillary Crime Family and corrupt DNC are the ones that cheated Bernie out of his fair shot. They are all crooks including Bernie but the Clinton Crime family is willing to do anything to win. Ask JFK Jr. He was set to run for senator from NY just before his "Accident". There are videos that make a compelling argument for the fact that there was foul play in the JFK JR. Death.

  4. anyone from the left will finish this country. demacrates have gave us 12 trillion in only 8years ..why because you elected a secret Muslim and he used the Cloward and pivan system

  5. Bernie was more popular than Trump and Clinton. He was the only candidate who could win in a save way against Trump.
    Behind closed doors there were "democrats" that "decided", that Hillary should win the primaries.
    So isn't it the fault of Hillary and those "democtats", that they lost the election?

  6. "I broke a nail because of Bernie"
    " Comey made me burn the toast"
    " Bill Stein made me spill coffee on my new pant suit"
    "I missed my dentist appointment because of the damn Electoral College"
    " Obama record made me lose

  7. Glad to see Kimbel actually making fun of a democrat. I don't mind late night making fun of Trump but when you've got people like Clinton on the scene, it seems very 1984 when they only make fun of Trump.

  8. It is the height of arrogance to cheat, lie and rig an election against Bernie and then come out blaming him for your loss. She is a piece of work and is only making a bigger fool of herself. I mean she is already laughing stock over losing to Trump- the worst candidate that anyone can possibly imagine and now this.

  9. What the hell is taking Mueller so long to bring anyone up on charges? It's been months and nothing.
    Then again, when I go looking for something in my garage, I forgot what the hell I was looking for.

  10. Why is whether Bernie a democrat or not is an issue?? The moment he registered as democrat to run for president as their candidate means that he is a democrat. Why did he do that?? Because everyone with the IQ of potato knows that repub and dems are the only vehicle for serious presidential candidacy.

    Bernie is not Dems just as much as Hillary Clinton wasn't 1920's Democrat.

  11. Hillary, you were beaten by a fucktard orangutan. Blaming Bernie Sanders for losing won't work. Even your supporters during last year's election are embarrassed by your book and your interviews and wish you would just go away, forever.

  12. It's SOOO funny–had Killary won, none of these talk show ppl would be bashing her–in fact NONE did while she was running against Trump. He wouldn't even have made that rash joke about Bill if she won. Now, their 'loving queen' has lost and they are trying to distance themselves from her.

  13. It will come out that the DNC emails were not hacked by RUSSIA. They were downloaded by using a simple thumb drive, by Democrat Insider.

  14. The idiot Bernie Sanders drones are too stoned to understand that they split the leftist vote and handed Trump the country.
    Anyone who supported Sanders but didnt vote Democrat should be beaten by Antifa.
    Oh wait, Sanders supporters are the violent Antifa terrorists.

  15. More Hillary supporters voted for McCain back in 08 than Bernie supporters voted for Trump. Of the Bernie supporters who voted for Trump, most were Republicans to begin with. Polling up to and after the election clearly showed that Bernie had a better chance of beating Trump than Hillary.

    It was up to Hillary to not lose to a buffoon, but she lost anyway. Can't blame Bernie for that.

  16. Hey Jimmy, knock off the political talk. Just because the dumb SOB on CBS does it, shouldn't force you lower yourself.

  17. If Hillary was the only candidate running for president, she still would have lost!
    Hillary, just withdraw from political life with the remnant of what is left of resembles of dignity.

  18. She blames FBI DIRECTOR Comey, she blames RUSSIA, she blames Bernie Sanders, she lost because of her GROUCHY mouth!!!!

  19. OK Jimmy, can you do a month on "how Hillary cheated" or "how Hillary got 125 million for selling our Uranium to the Russians" or "how Hillary colluded with Russia" how about "Harvey and his good friends, the Clintons" Maybe you could pull Hillary's wanker out of your mouth long enough speak some truth? Probably not.

  20. Hillary in 2020. Or Bernie. Either would lose. Bernie's socialist Venezuela is really rocking. They steal to eat there. But the media refuses to report on that socialist paradise. As soon as they can blame Trump for their suffering they will report. They serve their masters. Nothing new.

  21. Who the hell cares? He is nothing more than a useless talk show host, yet dumb ass liberals look up to him and believe his BS and the BS from the moron Liberal Dems he has as guest.

  22. Trying to blame everyone else, now Bernie Sanders is a joke. Obama beat her the first time for a reason. LET IT GO.

  23. It's now a year later and that cheating lying sack of corporate-owned s*** Hillary Clinton has blamed everyone everyone for her loss

  24. Many of us used to refer to ourselves as progressive in the actual sense, up until a new wave of hippie wanna-be's decided that America should be socialist. They not knowing that every modern nation has tried some form of utopia before realizing it's impossible when human beings are involved. These progressive "progressives" bypassed the failure of the Soviet Union as a point of reference. And Sanders, who we all use to love, got so euphoric from his grass-rooters that he led them all headfirst into the worst Presidency….ever. Victims to the same ol' divide and conquer technique, these geniuses lost to the drop-outs of America. It's that or too many of them voted for Trump also, or at threw away third party votes if they voted at all. They knew Bernie was lying as much as Trump though he touts himself as being above the fray as modern day messiah. But he just another lying politician with a selling point of free everything. Sounds good to millennial's who haven't learned that American is capitalism at its grandest, and Bernie would be the least effective President in history. But hey, he's a White man and that's what drop-outs and Bernie buster's really wanted – regardless of who.

  25. its good to see that the illuminati support each other, because bernie sanders i way better than than the clintoris

  26. Bernie begrudgingly gave Hillary his support after she stole the “Democratic” nomination from him. How is it his fault that she lost? It’s not Bernie’s fault, it’s not sexism in America and it wasn’t Trump that costed you the election. It’s her own fault! Hillary’s history of being a crooked, greedy, murderous liar is transparent to the American people and they’d rather elect a hapless retard like Trump than a ruthless monster like her.

  27. How funny and also horrible. Hillary is still spouting off with the same blame Bernie game in December, 2019. Over two years later. Ugh. She is the worst.

  28. Hillary is so clueless still – if she, and the DNC wants to know why she lost, and why it was a terrible mistake for the party to push her (not avoiding very dirty tricks in the primary) to become the nominee, they should all read the book "Listen, Liberal: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People?" by Thomas Frank. That book really illuminates the history of how the democratic party shifted away from the party of FDR, the party of regular working people, into the party of the highly educated, prosperous elite.

    If they had taken the history lesson of that book into consideration, they never would have had the delusion that Hillary was the most electable candidate they had.

    Hillary didn't lose because Comey, or Bernie, but because she wasn't much liked by the party base, AND she showed nothing but contempt for the progressive wing of her party, even after she got the nomination. She arrogantly thought that they would have no chance but to vote for her, given who her opponent was.

    That was a fatal miscalculation – there were many people who hated the corporatist establishment of the democratic party so much, that it was far from a given that they'd vote for one of the central figures of that hated corproratist cadre, even if it they hated Trump. She COULD have won, by her own actions, if, after winning the nomination, she would have extended a genuine olive branch to the progressives – maybe enact serious reform in the DNC, put an end to superdelegates, and pick a progressive as a VP. That would have done it. Many progressives who did not vote for her in the general would have held their noses, and voted for her, given that she was clearly making an effort.

    Instead, it was just contempt at a large chunk of the democratic base. Insane strategy. She only has herself to blame.

  29. Clinton can blame both herself and Donald Trump. Blame Trump, because he cheated, and blame herself, because she and the DNC cheated Bernie out of the nomination. Bernie was more popular than she was, so the DNC manipulated the election to appear as if he wasn't doing well. You literally stole our votes, so you didn't deserve the Presidency. The DNC is not supposed to select a candidate: democratic voters are supposed to select the candidate, and then the party is supposed to do their will. We are now headed toward a dictatorship, and it is the fault of Hillary and the rotten DNC. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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