Highlights from the Launch of the Sine Institute of Policy & Politics

BURWELL: I'm incredibly
excited about the Sine Institute for
Policy and Politics. I think the value that we can bring to policy making, policy execution, scholarship and research
that informs that, as well as influencing
and training the next generation of leaders is incredibly important. We're doing that
and starting today with a conversation between myself and
Senator Bob Corker. WILKINS: At American
University, we understand that
good public policy is not achieved
by dreaming alone. Progress will only come with
inspiration, vision, and hard work. SINE: I just want to spend a
minute talking about why this idea that Sylvia had resonated so deeply
with me and Samira. And part of it is about the time
that we live in the need I think we
all feel for dialogue instead of people talking
past each other. But part of it is also the
fundamental roots of AU, as a university and
as an academy. ELVING: We have a
marvelous opportunity to bring people together. People who you would think would have lots of opportunities
to talk to each other in Washington –
don't actually do it. DALTON: A lot of students are
really excited to participate, to kind of hit
the ground running. Everyone was tweeting about it, everyone was talking about
it in the hallways and trying to figure out how
can we get involved. BARKER: It represents a
tremendous opportunity to bring together scholarship
and practice. FERNANDEZ: When I think
about the fellows that are coming in,
the advisory board, I think it also provides
a great opportunity for mentoring. MCBRIDE: I love what Senator
Corker said about civil discourse begins at home and how President Burwell said what role does a
university play to continue that discourse? And his response, to be
open to the differing point of views, welcome it,
encourage it but foster a way that it's
productive. That is what this institute
will do and we are at a perfect place and
position to do it. CORKER: I think
political leaders, they have a far bigger platform
and realizing that the way we solve problems
is to listen to the other person's side and you can
always find some area of commonality
to build upon. YORE: The problems we
face are so serious, no one party can solve them. We need to work together in ways we haven't before to meet the challenges. SINE: It seems to me and Samira and I think a lot of
people that this country, this city needs dialogue. And if we expect people to act
differently we have to model that behavior and
we have to be examples. SINE: We hope that
our children will take away something
from this, too, and it inspires more people to do more things that are
important for society. BURWELL: The gift that Jeff and
Samira Sine have so generously made
to start the institute, a very important gift at
American University, but a gift that is going to make
a contribution far beyond the campus
of American University.

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