High-definition pictures of Japanese colonial era revealed

the National Museum of Korea has
revealed a digitalized pictures from the Japanese colonial era visitors to the II
Museum website can download any pictures they want our jung-in tells us more 38,000 photos that show the life of
Koreans under the Japanese colonial era have been revealed previously owned by
the Museum of the Japanese government General of Korea the central government
office from 1910 to 1945 established to dominate Korea the photos were taken
over by Korea after independence pictures of ruins artifacts culture and
nature were collected by the Japanese during their colonial rule with the
intention of ruling Korea by specifically documenting and measuring
material and manpower resources more than 1,000 pictures show the physical
measurement of people from the north of Korea to the south or most areas men and
women stood in front of the camera having numbers on their chests a simile
like convict people had shots taken of their fronts and size even of specific
body parts which shows Japan had tried to understand the biological
characteristics of Koreans one picture also shows men measuring and scanning a
woman’s head and height the men on the far left is recording all these figures
the museum said the images have great importance as they show the remains of
cultural assets that are hard to find nowadays and help us grasp the lives of
people living 100 years ago the museum will push forward in making the
information from the collection public Choi dong-hoon
arirang news

  1. Compare those photos with ones taken in the time just before being ruled by Japan. You, Koreans should be the most grateful to Japan that the unhealthy living condition in Korea has been DRAMATICALLY improved by Japan in that time.

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