‘He’s Going Down’: Trump Impeachment Defense Shredded As Ukraine Still Missing Key Funding | MSNBC

  1. Mr Melber and Mr Flannery, your conversation indicates you don't understand how this works. This interview implies the Ukraine was "shorted" $35 M. Here is the more realistic and boring reason they have not "received" the full amount. The US does not send a cash check to the Ukraine government. The US contracts with US defense contractors for defense items Ukraine is approved to purchase (with our taxpayer money) under rules for Foreign Military Sales. At 1:50 Ms Cooper is asked "how much was DoD able to put on contracts…how much were they not able to OBLIGATE?" There are many legitimate reasons some money goes unobligated on defense contracts. It is still possible the remaining $35M may be obligated in the near future to purchase remaining defense items for Ukraine. Frankly, getting the amount on contract they did in four months (it's probably multiple contracts, different US contractors) is a job well done, especially since it got dumped on DoD in mid-September, in the middle of closing out the fiscal year's budget.

  2. Where is the " whistle blower" Schiff promised? If there is one, all defendants have the right to face their accusers. That is in the Constitution and those claiming to protect it would know that

  3. OMG! Seems he thinks Ukraine is one of his contractors on his hotel! He always short paid, or refused to pay all together!

  4. It’s not more proof unless you know why it’s been withheld; it’s possible it is an administrative issue….. Is that a cream shirt?





  6. i am Vietnamese. i totally support Trump. the whole asia will support Trump. pelosy democrats is doing very bad thing against Trump. very very bad stupid selfish action against Trump. only Trump can make china bankcrupt and disappear from east sea. china uses american money to build military bases in east sea and they try to kick america out of east sea. and Trump is doing greatest things for asia and the World. east sea must belong to every nation. obama presidency helped china finish building military bases in east sea ..not good.

  7. Ari you would have difficulty revealing the contents of an empty paper bag with both ends open.


  8. 35 million is way less than he short changes all his other dealings. To Trump, thats in full. There are countless US family businesses that know first hand how Trump never pays the amount agreed.

  9. So the Democrat lie all the time but they don't want anyone calling the liers do they there no angles rather there just mad and trying to get there way bunch of cry babys WA wa

  10. Not that I am hostile, but I do not merely want to see tRump nor his buttkissers in prison. I would much rather see ALL of their heads on pikes, lining the Mall.

  11. Sadly these guys are not smart to understand the difference between funds not able to be allocated and funds being withheld. Because they could not allocate the funds by the end of the year does not mean they are "withheld". Of course, actual facts are lost in a sea of frenzied screaming babies angry at the sky for being blue.

  12. During Obama 100% of the aid were not given, Hunter Biden getting 83K monthly from a corrupt Ukrain company… Trump 14% of the aid not given… now, the media is making a big deal out of it…

  13. I think Trump wants to keep this money for himself….to fix his businesses,,,He never paid taxes,,,so is not his money…but americans money.!!!

  14. Here's our case – There's no evidence of this or climate change or
    anything else we refuse to look directly at. Won't look, can't make us,
    our case and we're satisfied with it.

  15. Here's our case – There's no evidence of this or climate change or
    anything else we refuse to look directly at. Won't look, can't make us,
    our case and we're satisfied with it.

  16. This whole thing is a joke. Ukraine is highly corrupted. The government has too many business ties. Do you really think us sending money would help? Most likely would just go into the pockets of the corrupt. I would be hesitant to send our tax dollars there too, it's just a money sink.

  17. Good work. While we’re looking at aid not getting to its destination. Can we please check the Clinton foundation and Haiti. It’s not just Trump. It’s the system. Thanks in advance.


  19. HAhahahahahaha! What lying pieces of crap! You are just traitors, and you will suffer the consequences all traitors suffer. All demcraps are traitors. All antifa slime are enemy combatants. What you gonna do when we come for you?

  20. This is what YOU, the American Voters do every 4 years. All these problems you have, they have been issues for many years. Over decades, the gun violence has been increasing and you've sat back and watched it grow. All you ever did was harp at whoever was in the Whitehouse after, but each and every election, you focus more on the drama of the politicians, than doing something constructive at the voting booth.
    The politicians didn't build that country, the politicians didn't create the problems that never go away. It's YOU, the American citizen that created a monster and made that bed, that you now lay in. Unfortunately, it's probably too late to fix it. It's got too out of control.
    YOU, the American citizen, while focusing so much on your constitution and protecting that infamous 2nd Amendment, you turned your cheek on what was best for your country and your lives. But all these years, while you've been raking the leaves in your front yard, the tsunami has been slowly approaching your back door.
    It's not going to matter who is in the Whitehouse (now or later). If you haven't learned from the state Mexico is in right now, you probably never will. All it took was one bullet in Sarajevo to start World War One. The United States has millions and millions of guns and weapons throughout your country. They are out there now, in your homes, in your cars, on your streets, but you could close down all the gun stores tomorrow, but those guns are still out there and you will not be able to take them away from each other. It will be years before those guns get old and won't function.
    All it's going to take is one wrong bullet, hitting the wrong person, and the U.S. will experience one of the bloodiest civil wars it has ever had. It won't be cannon balls and dynamite this time, it will be AR-15's, rocket launchers, roadside bombs, high explosives and probably little dangerous toy drones, with today's technology. The most your military will do, is turn your country into another Syria.
    Impeachment hearings were brought against Presidents like Nixon, Clinton and Trump, but it never really matters who gets to stay or go, YOU, the American voter will still wake up the day after each presidential election with all the same problems in your back yard.
    I don't even live in your country and I probably know more about your history than the average American citizen. I have watched your problems grow, year after year, election after election. I have watched millions of protestors come out of the woodwork, busting an innocent business man's window and set innocent people's cars on fire, for nothing. Then they faded back into the woodwork, with nothing accomplished. That was YOU, the American voter. You've become so paranoid of each other, innocent people are being shot by innocent people, by mistake.
    The American Citizens have a lot of serious problems. But you're not going to fix them, by typing lol's and omg's on social media.

  21. I want to know why botch Hunter Biden and Pelosi's son were working in Ukraine energy companies. This impeachment nonsense is trivial compared to that.

  22. The gossip really does get to be a coincidence though. First Russia starts military interest in Ukraine. Second, Russia "allegedly" helps get Trump elected. Third, Trump and Putin have a meeting, and nobody really knows everything that was talked about. Fourth, Trump holds funding back from Ukraine that was needed for "military aid". ……coincidence ? The power of politics has no boundaries. Bay of Pigs was good example of that.

  23. I think its an impossible to destroy trump administration because he has a tremendous power just like magnet to pull any person without any effort. So it is wasteful to talk about him in case of impeachment.

  24. Let’s just face it. We have a DISHONORABLE , CRIMINALISTIC LIER Who happens to be President sitting in the …. White House !

  25. What are you talking about? Trump hasn't received his evidence against Biden, why would he release the military funding without getting his favour that he clearly didn't Quid Pro Quo 😂 maybe he should also stop learning Latin from watching Silence of the Lambs

  26. I think that Trump is building Necular power plants everywhere So they can blow them up and get rid of us for the Chinese and Russians. They need to arrest him after he is impeached.

  27. All this Railroading of our President is about at the same level as Radio Moscow propaganda in the 1970's. Generation X,Y & Z, have a voice because if you don't; read the novels "1984" and "Brave New World" , those books may be fiction, but such reality is getting closer. These sociopaths running the circus against President Trump…Anyway kids, keep focused on your cell phones and talking heads in the media…..Remember it's your world,, not some stinking TV reality show.

  28. Replicants are h HANGING on Trump lies. .

    And they are not afraid. Good……….. Be gone .

  29. Sorry MSNBC,, President Trump will win in 2020 plus take the House and Senate. It's going to be a time where we will watch the Demorats cry for another 4 years.

  30. this is so sad, sounds like a very bad soap opera, report on how good the us economy is doing stop sounding like kids in a school yard lol, face the real true facts

  31. I watched the live news coverage of today's hearing. Nothing but a kangaroo court. Nobody has any real evidence, the Dems strongest legal agression was law professors speaking "theoretically". It was brought up several times about this all being "personal" with the dems, based on their anger from last election. There was a video shown, (by the news), comparing Clinton's impeachment hearings, which a lot more evidence was used at Clinton's hearing. But there is also talk that Biden just might be investigated by the house anyways, because of things brought up. Several were making reference to the fact, that the Dems are really trying to rush this impeachment, for their own, speculated motives.

  32. 35 million could have helped pay for SNAP benefits just cut, healthcare, and student loan debt, it could build housing and or help with homelessness, or help pay for counseling for drug addiction. What about education, they could add that money to states to help fund programs it could pay for school lunch. All the money that gets passed around to other countries. But according to politicians we never have any money to pay for these things. These countries need to stop relying on the US money to bolster their military.

  33. After infected by Trump virus, the male members of Gop not only lose their ball but also pass their amoral Gene to their offspring.

  34. So if these news are always saying "breaking news" & "bombshell news"
    If you guys have so much to impeach this president why havent yall done it??

  35. And Biden did it better…..ya rite I couldn’t imagine if trumps family got paid from some Ukraine business company I didn’t hear any reporting on joe Biden and son …. I guess they r supported by Obama’s messes

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