Hedera Special Community Livestream

you guys are still ready okay we're going live we're doing this we're so live right now we're so live we're still alive there are a lot of people already giving us account IDs like give us H bar hello everybody how far behind are we now though we're pretty far behind look it doesn't matter we know there we go ok now we're so good yeah bear is here of us say hi bear say night can you wait bear doesn't get the cool shades I feel bad for bear not easy to work on their filters for dog faces I am convinced that if they can do filters on dog faces it'll be another another hit they'll be famous again snap we'll take off their stock price will just skyrocket to the moon so hello everybody hello future and it is August right it is August August 2nd 2nd is still summer everybody it's still summer until technically the end of the screen Brady end of September September 21st is the end of summer we don't like that though we like August right I think it's very nice is very summery August very summery so we are sporting on you H bar glasses capital H bar not lower H bar case capital H bar is the hadera logo lowercase H bar is the currency symbol perfect h bar a little little H bar logo so we're gonna have some fun today thank you for joining us we will be waiting for a few more people to John Wayne if you would like your hadera glasses you can grab them on snapchat by scanning this code right here take a screenshot of it and then from your computer if you scan with your snapchat you too can have h bar glasses just like us thank you very much to Gehrig yeah it was gonna join us today by the way but he why is Gehrig not here Brady Gehrig is getting married today priorities Gehrig instead of doing this live stream he decided to go get married so we toasted our egg and Eva oh yeah I can't say Eva without doing that who knows that reference by the way tight the reference in the comments I'll send you five H bars right now he see how good my impressions on let's the first person to say it first friend say it put your account number in Oh [Applause] Oh someone's typing someone's typing is it gonna be a when moon is incorrect wrong wrong so I have to do it again we seen the announcement from liquid exchange Kong keep doing it keep doing it anyway Gehrig who works with us here in San Francisco where we are coming live to you from San Francisco San Francisco California it is morning our time it's probably afternoon somewhere and evening somewhere else and night time somewhere else patriot guards yes all right patriot guards got it and it looks like you already dropped your account number and so we'll send it to you 5h bars to patriot god Wally great movie by the way great movie I'll give you one thumb up because I've got my coffee cup in 15.0 shitty palace 5 5 H bars coming your way three two one rocket ship Pedro is OK alright let's let's start giving you some news and then we're gonna play a fun game when a few more people get on we need probably my need around 50 people for this game by the way when we tell you about the game let's give props to Eric Duran not from Duran Duran just Eric Juan Duran and after our last shenanigans livestream Eric said why didn't you make that game a gossip game so today we're gonna play gossip about gossip that is what I'll say right now what some what some news that we can tell the peoples so Brady on July 31st a couple of days ago we had our damp Maine there finish why don't we tell a few people how many submissions did we get so we got 65 submissions to our program so you may have read the blog posting about that program it was the chance for up to thirty DAPs to earn 10,000 h bars each and then five daps to earn a hundred thousand h bars and yet 65 submissions from that very cool appreciate you guys submitting all of your debts and so the process we'll be going through right now is Gehrig once he gets back from getting married he's reaching out to these DAPs making sure that they are ready to go live on the main net and we're going to actually onboard as many of these applications onto the main net prior to open access so that when we are open access what is open access by the way Brady for the peoples out there that don't know about open access what is it what's the death permission yeah so once we're open access essentially the the network is able to have people create accounts so if you create an account then you can create accounts for others and people can deploy their decentralized applications on the network it's all open you don't need to tell us who you are it's pretty cool yeah that's essentially started we're starting it at zero we're the network's launched today but this is the very beginning yeah big milestone for us open access and the exciting thing is that these H bars that we are providing to the applications is to really help them get on to the main net start getting users start getting utility on the main that itself so pretty cool and we want to keep running programs like this in the future as well so Brady why don't you give us just a little sprinkling of maybe two or three applications right now and later on we can highlight two or three more yeah so a few of the applications that's submitted for this program the first one is our motto chain and if you're in San Francisco last week we did a meet-up with them very cool group of people it's a supply chain application so essentially enterprises are able to plug this software into their existing systems and do supply chain management with essentially decentralized supply chain management but the big component of it being that they can plug it into their existing systems and use it pretty seamlessly there's another one that we have called let's see here block Wars so it's a game honestly I haven't seen that many games for adapts that are being built on hadera so it's really cool to see block words you may have heard of them before it's essentially like risk it's on the etherium blockchain right now and they want to be able to have it run on the adara network so definitely go check them out their lot if you're not familiar with risk you basically have to take over plots of the globe and I believe that that is in how brady stepped on my toe so that that's kind of the gist of that game you have to take over vast swaths of land yeah and then a third one do you want to do a third one okay Excalibur Excalibur sword in the stone pull it out so Excalibur is a decentralized exchange let me give you some legal by the way verbiage Brady because you forgot to do that mmm up front we are not endorsing none of these any applications we're not endorsing any tokens of those applications these are simply ones that have submitted for our program so that is the disclaimer yeah I say that by the way my someone from legal would probably walk in and shackle us and take a fly here straight from me or take us away big roundhouse kick us maybe we should say that a little bit more often throughout the livestream as well no endorsements just some information and time we'll just have as part of what lists the glasses and then we'll have a legal disclaimer just running consistently on the bottom of the screen the entire time okay all right we've got 61 people I think that is enough people to start playing our game so we said gossip about God so how does gossip about gossip in hash graph work Brady so gossip about gossip is the mechanism by which nodes talk to each other in the net and come to consensus you may have heard about gossip about gossip in conjunction or listen he's very excited I'm here but you can't see him that he's that he's all over uh you may have heard about it in conjunction with virtual voting as well so we're just Wrigley talking about gospel gossip right now mechanism for which the nodes communicate with each other essentially they are talking to each other about what each other knows and each node knows what the next node knows and the game that we're gonna play today is revolving around the idea of gossip about gossip which is all of the people in our community gossiping with each other so we're gonna have a race between me and Christian and I'm gonna start by sending out 400 H bars to one person to to two people whose Idol two people Christian is gonna send 400h fires to two other people so now it's two hundred each by the way not 480-200-4222 I'm Brady the two people that receive those H bar they are then gonna pass that on to two more people and let me keep ten keep ten sorry yeah you keep ten and then you continue to pass on and pass on and pass on and so we should if we have enough people maybe we'll figure it'll be one of those things where we'll you'll see as we move forward again thank you to Eric Duran if it fails come up with a better idea next time but if it works then fantastic and legal disclaimer moment this is the test be Hadera neckla right now so as we send these as we send these cryptocurrency is h bar to each other we are testing the main net and yeah that's our legal disclaimer okey dokey here we go oh man I gotta get my wallet open so we need we need four people right now just scroll up everyone's putting this end h-bar to what we need it we didn't tell you the account ID they know they know their account IDs all right hold on I'm gonna send what we're gonna rise this out in the chat this is a race by the way it is a rate we're good yeah we're gonna send them at the same time – all right oops big – for me Brady all right so we're gonna send we're gonna send to surge surge a sir Sergei runner zero point zero point 5 9 6 8 Sergei it is up to you and Mark Morimoto so excited by one time because I don't want to have a head start on you Brady so you type it in and then we'll and then we'll send them at the same time oh yeah so so sir forget runner and mark Morimoto Christian's gonna send you 200 each 200 each on UT 10 and you will send one without being 1995 and 95 why are we saying 200 each or 100 each what's that are we sending 200 inch or whatever you reach see I'm sending 200 each to two people okay then they send to people so they got to divide it they got to keep ten and then divide it into yeah yeah okay cool there's math involved by the way okay so those are Christians I can't say I did that well in college with Netflix kill series okay Sunil Mir puri I'm totally butchering your name right now and I'm so sorry 183 okay Sunil you're number one and then Boris moe because I like your name Moe send you mo h plus zero point zero point three four six nine okay Boris Moe and Sunil your poori I'm gonna send you guys hold on hold on wait where's mine is everyone okay Sergei runner 0 0 5 9 6 8 5 9 6 8 Sergei runner okay so Sergei and right now ok run on 5 9 6 8 I'm setting it's just you Neil it's gone so you're gonna do it to mark Morimoto four zero seven four four zero seven four yeah you sure about that yeah four zero seven five four zero seven four coming your way mark Morimoto one eight two three now one then while jump is done by the way okay Sunil at one eight two three I'm gonna send you 200 no 100h bro no 280 280 I skimmed sending out 200 hbar it's being sent to you all right you have to pass this on to two people so it is but keep 10 for yourself keep them for yourself yeah keep them well they I think and in the balance you just and then tell people in the chat who you're sending to you okay Sergei so so do it the same way that I did it where you show that your name and then you say their name their ID their name their ID and those are the two people that are gonna send it no it's not so gay do you Boris oh yeah yeah I'm saying – Boris gonna keep Brady honest – its Sergei you almost got a bonus okay okay okay Boris Moe Boris I'm winning you're here by the way Boris mom – honey baby it should go exponentially fast let me let me say by the way hash graph is a little bit faster than this we're a little bit slow okay good times okay now now it's basically now resources now it's over to you okay Sunil and Boris now you guys pick two more people and send it to them and say in the chat who you sent it to and then those people are required to continue this process on every person who is in the chain keeps 10h part for themselves important component or we add people last time we have people last time add H bar and send it along so if you're feeling generous you can add H bar and send it to effector and then we'll let this go for a few minutes then we'll tell you about some more applications from our program let's ask us some questions – yeah if we can answer them we will or it's got it woo come on Boris no no Boris us okay come on and mark I'm rooting for you and soon Jung yes Unni hasta Sonia did you get yours someone asked for a t-shirt by the way follow me on Twitter at Chaska at CH aske ah hit me up for a t-shirt code I'll give you a t-shirt code I'm at BMG en TI le I do not have a t-shirt code what are you gonna give them I'll give you uh because of great content okay cool Casca put mine in no teeth i pictures in it Oh this mug is full of followers actually so ask us some questions there any closer Sunil Sunil sent 192 Travis okay no he did it wrong he should've sent 95 595 so no you messed up already you've already broken eyes well Travis Travis can split that into two 101 what is it 185 and then 80 no be 750 yeah yeah right right I don't know one of these you might need to calculate so it's divided by 2 yeah no worries Travis you I see you in there you uh you can you can pass it along in the right way yeah yeah but Brady means Brady's losing by the way which makes me happy yeah we restarted kind of with Travis now managing oh yeah how's my team doing it's my team doing better I don't know I haven't seen updates from your team picked a up and ran I've got a question here that I can't answer there were once a high value on the H part for security purposes what would you consider a high value yeah could you consider I have an answer that's the question we constantly legal will come and shackle us can talk about price no price they will literally kick in the door it's like a swamp to kick in the door Christian goes to jail I'm just an individual contributed level so I might get get away okay hello hey Kyle hi Carl don't come rippled ripple man wants to send H by ripple man go into the community testing program earn h-bar and you can kick off a program yourself you could race us right now probably win it all right probably what some what some what some announcements a get some questions people's a lot of addresses a lot of addresses in here it's a ok if that if the talk is I imagine where the talk is this is from John Allen your talker I'm a talker that's good we're talking if the talk is one H parts take off in price then pay the dead to develop DAPs of serious high scale equity only is wearing thin on most John we agree with you not paying but we're allowing DAPs today to earn 30 DAPs to earn 10,000 h-bar each which they can use to build and run their applications on the network so we have 65 submissions for that which is pretty crazy let's read a couple more yeah all right so oh we should cross this off oh yeah let's not do the same one so let me point I'll do one while you're talking about that though okay deploy a so deployer that is pretty cool if you are a developer then this is going to be a project for you because the deployer makes it super easy to do right solidity smart contracts and then deploy them to hadera right from your browser so you know taking a lot of the complexity away from actually having to write and deploy dosimeter solidity scripts so it sounds like a great project why don't you do one yeah so one that I thought was super interesting is performance labs so if you are a developer and you're trying to do QA on your application today there is no easy way to you have to go through an intermediary to pay people who have devices in the real world that have you know applications installed and peripheral settings configured and there are a real devices we're an application developer you want to be able to QA your app on these devices that have real-world configurations and so what performance Labs does is they allow you to essentially rent out your phone to be able to allow developers to test their application on the device but it's all obviously remotely and and you get paid an H bar to do so so we're pretty keen on performance lab that looks pretty sweet another one so you've probably heard if you're in the community I'm sure you've heard of hashing systems there are several projects that they're doing but one new one that we became aware of through this program is actually a browser wallet as well so I know a lot of people in the community have asked for different types of wallets and we do expect over time a thriving ecosystem of all sorts of different wallets and that is one that we're aware of as well I also know that H bar price I'm sure again some of you in the community very familiar with H bar price comm they are also working on initially a mobile white but I did see a comment the other day that maybe in the future there will be a desktop wallet as well so thank you very much to those in a few minutes well we'll highlight a couple more again just our legal disclaimer what's our legal disclaimer Brady we don't endorse any of these applications they are just applications that we've become aware of and again on our website actually we are creping to push live a user's page of some of the applications that we know of and there will be details of those applications on there and again these aren't endorsements but we want to make it easy for people to know what kinds of applications are being built and some of the applications that you can access as users as well so III must admit it's really exciting very humbling to see so many developers so interested in building on their Brady and I have been involved with many projects in the past from early start is and you know getting a thriving developer community going usually with other projects is really really hard going and very you know takes a long time and we're seeing you know this this evolve very very quickly so it's very exciting for us thank you very much developers out there any other questions treads or wallet support so that this is a good question about hardware wallets in general we do completely understand and acknowledge the desire for people to have Hardware wallet integration and what I will say is that we are hard at work working with some wallets out there and when we are ready to make announcements we will make announcements but just know behind the scenes there is a lot of work going on so thank you very much yeah it's not a question about the community testing program and what kinds of bugs and optimizations we've figured out from it and there there are a number of different things specifically around the wallet itself and some bugs that we found in the wallet and things that we could do better one of them being for example the refresh today refreshing your wallet account balance you're notified that in doing so you're charged a tiny amount that's just because the you're querying the network directly so there's a quick charge for that so there's some things we did from that perspective that notified users that that was something that was going to happen and then actually refreshing it we have the little refresh button that exists on the top right and then from the network perspective just the throughput the sheer throughput of micro payments from daily timestamp com using the hadera browser extension that's been great on our developer operations side and understanding sort of the capacities that the nodes didn't handle in the network so that's been that that's been great to see yeah so also a quick announcement we'll send more information on this to the community by different channels but last week on the test nets we deployed dynamic pricing and that involved having to do a test net upgrade we will be upgrading the main that in the coming days to also reflect dynamic pricing when we do that we actually have to take the browser plug-in and daily timestamp offline because it will it's a breaking change because today the daily timestamp and the and the browser plug-in have thick mists pricing in that because that's the way it's worked until now but as we move closer to open access the main that is being upgraded with our dynamic pricing so next week probably we will be announcing a pause on the daily timestamp for community testing so you know make sure if you have got an account ID and you haven't yet earned up to your cat and you want to make sure that you get that in before the pause then you know today and over the weekend get going with that and if you are a developer that's building on a test net you can you you will have received an email from us with regards to the the change in the upgrade that Christian just described and in that email is a link to the beta pricing documentation if you don't if you didn't receive that email and joined a test that just recently you can go to our Doc's website and it's very clear on the left navigation side the beta pricing we are looking for feedback from people on that pricing for all the different API calls for each of our services and so probably the best channel to receive feedback from obviously discord is our biggest channel for developers so if you have feedback jump into discord let us know we're curious to hear your thoughts on it yeah thank you for that and just also related to fees on the network one of the things we hear from the developer community is that with existing distributed ledger technology existing blockchains public bought chains understanding the fees associated with that things like gas on ethereum it's it's painful so we have been hard at work actually building a tool a pricing estimator tool for developers that you know as we get very close to open access that will be available on the website on our fees page on the website so that as a developer before you deploy to the main net you can actually get a very good handle on for your use case what your API calls are going to cost in each bars and in US dollars so you want Brady maybe just a little bit about how we are doing the US dollar sort of pricing to make it easy for developers yeah so compared to other public networks that are out there the pricing that we have is going to be based in US dollars rather than being based in the native currency of that network so with US dollar based pricing and you can you can view this today in the documentation the price stays static in US dollars and obviously if the currency fluctuates that is what you're accounting for so on the calculator application you'd be able to open that up you'd be able to select a network service select the different variables sorry select the specific API calls for that service and then define the variables for your application so if it's let's say a smart contract for example you can define the number of signatures for that smart contract you can define the smart contract size and then you can add it to an itemized estimate and it's going to give you an output so our goal is to try and make it as easy as possible for developers to be able to quickly get price estimates using this tool and you know focus more of their time on being able to build really awesome applications on top of federa so we're super excited to to launch this tool and more information about pricing for everyone yeah it's definitely one thing having the best technology and the best set of features which we are very confident we have with hadera but we also need to make it very easy for developers so you know that is also as Brady said one of our primary goals and objectives so always you know we one close dialogue with the developer community so if there are things that we can improve then you know we'd love to know and on that note you know what about the witches community generated in community run but maybe a quick comment on the hadera improvement proposals do you know anybody I'm gonna still learn a guy's right now that's learning about the you're gonna Roma right now I love this so Nick from Hashshashin foe and Pablo from hashing systems have sort of pioneered this initiatives to have on github a repository where the community can submit ideas for improving hadera and the experience for developers and that there will be mechanisms for these to get reviewed and approved and really get that kind of open source type community field going where you are part of this you own it you can suggest improvements and you know over time this evolves and and makes it easier for everyone I think for distributed Ledger's to take off on the developer side things need to become very easy and also on the user side you know that user experience that user interface also has to get that much much much easier so today remember we're just a network with a bottom of the stack you know as a user and as a developer it needs to be almost invisible for you so there are some proposals coming down already that will make this a lot easier very exciting Thank You Brady for that great you know commentary on those proposals any time and I mean I'm gonna be out there proposing things myself for the network and it'll be good any more questions yeah it looks like a marketing campaign about our store and selling swag in each box that's a really neat idea so yeah our store is powered by Shopify which Shopify for those who are unfamiliar is a way for you to set up an online store from very easily and customize it it would be wonderful for someone in the community to build for Shopify in general a plug in where you could pay for you know merchandise or whatever is sold through Shopify via H bars I am aware that there is a Bitcoin plug-in right now you can you can you know if you have a Shopify store you can use the Bitcoin plug-in and do that so currently just the way that Shopify is set up for us we can't yet accept H bars but I would love I think that was Boris right that is a great idea and you know would love to be able to enable that you else we got so there are a lot of questions about hello future t-shirts we have this hello future t-shirt which I like it's the small to small the font and then you've got Brady's a big hello future its I'm shouting hello future if you hit up Brady or me II on Twitter follow us by the way at Chaska and at VM Gentile follow us on Twitter and then DM me and I'll shoot your code that you can get a free t-shirt the way it works by the way just in in all sort of caveats you would have to pay for the shipping on that it's very hard for us just the way the systems are set up to be able to pay free shipping for everyone I can give you a code for a free t-shirt and then there are opportunities if you go to meetups different events where we are present you know we usually bring you know big boxes of t-shirts along as well stickers and pins and everything else yeah and doesn't just have to be a t-shirt look at this got some hats to him oh yeah my glasses go away stupid snapchat I think it'd be cool for snapchat also if you build filters and then for everyone that downloads them and uses them in meetings like this so you could get a little micro payments for doing that that one's treating someone should build that I wish was now sure I would pay micro payments to be able to we're doing this for free which is great but I I pay a micro payments to be able to use these glasses yeah for sure for sure a community testing program question do you have to make an app so no you don't have to make an application you don't have to be a develop participate in the community testing program essentially go to portal Hadera comm and sign up and you'll get emails nurturing you through setting up that program and learning how to earn h bar using some of our example applications and helping us test the network okay the program we're talking about though is a developer component of the community testing program and that developer component is some building and submitting a decentralized application to hadera and we're going to review process up to 30 applications can earn 10,000 h bars for their development and up to 5 can earn a hundred thousand bar so let's do a couple more yeah you do that's like a great tee up good segue again before I tell you a couple more or Brady tells you a couple more this is not an endorsement should not be taken as an endorsement it's informational purposes only we love those so many developers are building on hadera it is great to see vamos vamos it's a censorship resistant user driven content application so think of like censorship resistance social media site I guess right yeah do you want to do another one sure yeah AO chain so essentially there's a concept of what's called submarines and it's the idea of being able to hide specific pieces of data within a smart contract until certain requirements of that smart contract are met and then that data ends up becoming visible or available to an individual so you can imagine a variety of scenarios in which being able to hide and reveal data based on certain circumstances comes in handy so yeah AO chain super excited about them as well and let's do let's do one more so again we've got 65 submissions we were really excited to see that trans site tran site is an IOT platform built on top of Hadera that makes it easy for companies to build IOT based applications out needing to know anything about the underlying distributed ledger technology which you know when you think about mainstream adoption for developers the easier that you can meet their existing skill sets without having to learn something new then the easier it is for them to adopt these new technologies so thank you very much for those that's the case with with our mono chain also actually they did a meet-up in San Francisco recently and so we got to ask him a bunch of cool questions and one of those was they really take the the pain of managing the bare bones infrastructure of a public distributed ledger and the cryptocurrency that goes along with it and a number of other things they take that away and abstract it and then allow startups and enterprises and anyone that's trying to build a decentralized application to utilize or rather integrate decentralization into the application without having to manage or deal with any of the complexities and you know although it is our mission to be able to make it incredibly easy to build on hadera a lot of these platforms that are popping up are gonna make it even more easy for developers and startups and enterprises to be able to incorporate these centralized ations into their application so anyone that's building an application I you know the idea of building a platform that allows for that is a big deal so definitely you know excited to see a bunch of those pop up all right it's great so let's have some last questions here how did how do we do with our gossip about gossip by the way we done could I win loser has to sing a song by the way we may have to take this – telegram also if no it's gonna be no way yeah that was that was well single that's God you've got the last age bars it looks like you guys come in to Houston I am not going to Houston but in a couple of weeks I'll be in Dallas and Houston isn't a million miles away but we'd love together communities popping up meetups going everywhere I hope by the way when we announce open access day Oh a day that people in the community decide to get together toast the milestone meet each other in person you know maybe you go to a park or a bar or somewhere like that maybe we send you a bunch of t-shirts to do that as well so anyway send us your ideas but when we announce la de which rhymes by the way you know get together meet meet each other in person you are the early pioneers by the way the early believers some of you have been with this since maybe late 2017 you know hash graph itself came out of stealth in August 2017 I know a lot of you hopped on it straight away some of you had even read the tech paper prior to that and then we've seen just more people joining the community since then so if you haven't got to meet each other in person you know this is a fantastic community and please let us know how we can help you get together and celebrate what will be a significant milestone John makes the good points he says it should be cheaper to transfer a token on hadera than aetherium in terms of the amount yeah it's it's cheaper at least for h-bar its point zero zero zero one cents to transfer any amount of h-bar to someone else on aetherium I think that average cost is around 14 cents to do that and so you can imagine with the the cost and the slow speeds on aetherium sorry we rather the cost and the vastness of hash graph were able to enable micro payments so it's something that you couldn't do before yeah and then the goal with small contracts itself is to be cheaper than ethereum as well so depending is Brady said depending on the size of your smart contract and parameters like how the duration of the smart contract your price is going to go up or down but should always be cheaper than aetherium and that pricing tool that we told you about will make it very easy to calculate and we do it when did anyone get did anyone get the final h buzz where are we at with did someone run off with like 95 H boss it looks like Eliseo said that they got 90 and sent 42 perfect another address and 42 another address perfect you got those 0.097 5/7 and 0.0 10:39 39 you should have 4 th right now I don't know if those how will we know if they're in your own mind we didn't – ran you didn't give us all the answers open access of PlayStation Theatre again in New York maybe follow up with a party back at the W I like the way you think what I will say is we are working on a virtual event that will be able to livestream at open access to make it as all the dog the dog to make it as easy for anyone anywhere in the world to tune in live for that open access event so it will not be at the Sony Playstation theater with a party at the W afterwards but there will be something to celebrate this significant milestone oh my god the dog is nibbling at me make him stop Brady he likes you yeah so how we doing on time 946 ask us a couple more questions and then we will wrap up our livestream take it to telegram keep testing the network and let us know keep this dialogue going let us know what else we can be doing I just know that we are at the mercy of the early investors you are a lower cost citizen in this thing not not exactly true you know we are very very thankful for or the early investors that have allowed us to build out this network and get to the point that we are but open access is when we start to give investors and vendors and advisors and other people that their tokens but if you watch the path to decentralization webinar that Lehman gave maybe about six weeks ago you know there is a very methodical plan around h-bar distribution you know we are building a hundred plus year company here so everything that Lehman ament's has thought about is really thinking about how to network over time and then keep ensuring that it is a decentralized network and it really belongs to everyone and it doesn't belong to you know the early investors only so there is a plan it's been well thought through and you know we're excited open access isn't really the end of anything it's it's really the start you know it is the might the first big big milestone along this journey of ensuring that we have a fairer digital world for everyone you can build and use applications that are going to change lives for the better I'll say yeah totally I'm proud of myself I should have recovered Wells we got folks talking about the community testing program going on daily time stamp common and Brian let's talk horse can all scan when will investors be able to access that tokens so Brady actually one of his he doesn't do really much around here it's be honest with you kind of just twiddles his thumbs but when he's not fiddling his thumbs one of the things that he is responsible for is the nurture program for shaft holders so there were emails that went out Brady yeah so if you were a SAP investor you will have received an email about setting up your Derek portal profile and your wallet so check your email make sure to read those instructions very carefully it's important that you do and you'll have everything that you need to be able to receive your first distribution of each bar so I had open access there will you know that is the point at which those distribute and start to happen and I know August 2nd was a key day but maybe you because we got some feedback you know people freaking out a little bit maybe they're on vacation or whatever you know it can you talk about August 2nd yeah well yesterday by the way yeah so by end of day today start the program start getting set up with your information we will know that you have started by signing up with a four hadera portal profile and august 2nd is you know the the deadlines that we've set up in place to be able to start the process we recognized that kyc and some of these other components for folks who are going through this process could take up to five days so we just ask that you start the process by it by end of day today and then you will be good to go cool thank you very much yeah and there if there is a team standing by to help you let me also say that right now because we're worse we're small team on the back end here that that support team is prioritizing helping are the saft investors that set up and and make sure that their accounts are set up and their wallets are set up and that means that any community testing support inquiries they just have to be deprioritized right now and prioritize getting those other wallets set up an account set up so thank you very much for your patience so question about running nodes so if you watch the webinar with lehman called the path to decentralization it was the first in a series of webinars that was hosted there is information about our path of going from permissioned to permissionless for the nodes running on the network permissioned being that essentially there is a number of nodes that are on the network initially they are going to be ran by our governing council members ran by they're going to be overrun by Governing Council members we know them so they have been invited into the network to run a note that is what permission means is you know who those people are that are running the note as part of the path to decentralization webinar that we hosted we talked about how we will eventually get to permissionless so we want anyone to be able to run nodes on the network and help achieve consensus on transactions that are submitted to the network and use their computing power and memory and storage and graphical processing to be able to execute on operations such as smart contracts or sending each other cryptocurrencies things of that nature so the timeframe I think in that webinar was saying around three years to five years to be able to get to fully permissionless but you know it's contingent on how the network grows how you know everything falls into place and allows us to become you know truly decentralized and permissionless but that is the plant that's that's our vision for the future yeah Lehman is incredibly security conscious so he always thinks about what is the safest most secure way to realize his vision of you know anyone anywhere in the world can carve out this piece of cyberspace for themselves well I will say is there is a different set of nodes called mirror nodes that some companies are starting to look at and we'll be running our open access mirror nodes basically get a stream from the consensus main that nodes on the network and allow you to do things like analytics and different business models and mirror nodes they're going to be very exciting one of the architectural decisions that Lehmann made which is very different from the systems out there is you know he thought about speed and security first and foremost so hadera is a state machine stores the state but the actual data from the hash graph does not get stored on the ledger itself so unlike blockchain where all of the history gets stored on the blockchain itself and over time they slow down because these data volumes increase and then you have to in order to be able to scale performance you actually have to add layer two solutions which do two things they sort of sacrifice security and they make it more complex for developers to build on top of them Lehman has done the opposite so the layer 1 the hadera hash graph network will always be super fast and super secure and this storage of different data from the network is moved off into mirror notes and it will actually keep it you know you may have one mirror node over here that stores a ton of information another mirror node over here that just sort of watches other staff and stores that so it will allow for a very flexible model and different business models to you know spring up over time so very exciting development leaders here everybody yes what time is it it's nearly 10:00 it's later time later time we just you know chill down morning it's the leanest show [Laughter] so we are just a couple of minutes before the top of the hour will be dropping at the top of the hour cherry monsoon what did you miss what didn't you miss is more the question a lot oh you had to work a double shift man that is so sad let's send them each price yeah we'll send you cherry we'll send you five hbox right now put your put your account idea in that will set your chance that's how you get some eh buzz sorry that you missed this you'll have to ask other people did you miss anything I don't know we're self-critical this was probably a load of rubbish but let us know how we're doing if you want to see more Brady and less Christian or more Christian and less Brady or you never want to see us again you are not offending us by the way and/or we are unoffending if you say those two blokes rubbish find someone else no problems alright Jay we're gonna send you 38 bye because you because he had to work today and you couldn't catch the beginning of the livestream 38 each part coming your way Jerry nice now everyone's gonna want age bars follow us on Twitter at jasker CH aske our @bn Gentile you know give us an account ideal – maybe we'll send you some age bars depending on how we are feeling yes bear says goodbye also someone work on those snapchat glasses if you put him behind your case he's so excitable bye everybody bear bear needs his own wallet also I think I think he does ok thank you everybody keep the community track going over on telegram let us know how we're doing let us know what we can do differently and yeah we'll see you next time Oh a is getting closer and closer and we'll they're all there now this and there's gonna be an outfit yeah you know what it is thank you very much everybody


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