Harry Dunn death: parents call for diplomat’s wife to face justice

We know it was unintentional from
her so if she’d have stayed and faced our justice system
and faces us as a family, we could have found that forgiveness, we’d have tried to get her
a suspended sentence so she could have carried on
being a mum, so that she wasn’t taken away from her own children. But forgiving her for leaving?
I’m nowhere near … Not yet. – But you would go to America?
– Yes. – Try, what? Try and find Anne Sacoolas – No, but we would go and appeal
to the media there, people there to help us find her or help us
get the decision to get the country to send her back.
Yeah, we would try. – Appeal to the president? – Appeal to the president,
secretary of state. We will try. We’ve got to.
We can’t just let it go like this.

  1. Send the perp back to face justice. The people of the United States don't want this to be swept under the rug by our government.
    Justice for ALL…

  2. Anne Sacoolas has diplomatic immunity. Everything transpired according to law. All of this stuff happening now is a violation of international law, and a disgusting attempt to secure payment from the United States Government.

  3. Bring that women to The Great Isle drag her if necessary or send a hit man for justice cuz she is guilty as guilty it get run from crime scene is a crime of it self she can`t be above the law

  4. Tragic all round. But I imagine that the American woman was instructed to leave by the US Embassy people on the basis that there was no criminal intent on her part. When you're not used to driving on the 'wrong' side of the road it's the easiest thing in the world to turn into the oncoming lane especially if there's no other traffic to provide a heads up.

  5. SUE that woman too. Sometimes destroying people economically is more devastating than using the criminal system. Just sue for $5 million.

  6. This is an abuse of diplomatic immunity. She must be exempted of immunity and extradited back to the UK for trial under their laws.

  7. As a US citizen, I DEMAND that our diplomats (and their families) be held accountable in this situation. The Dunn family has been very vulnerable and sincere. I hope justice gets served.

  8. Many cowards are working for the government, that’s for sure.. btw, she is not a diplomat, she is the wife of diplomat…what a joke!

  9. Sorry but you have no chance in hell to get her back to the UK. Apparently the uk police knew about the immunity and done nothing hoping that the case wouldn't go viral and just brush under the rope

  10. The USA never give up their own but they expect everybody else to give up their citizens. Simple we send no one over to the USA until they reciprocate.

  11. This happens more often than people think. Here in ottawa Canada we to have diplomats and their family members who skip out on crimes

  12. Dispatch the cowardly American back to the UK to face the poor, devastated family snd apologise, absolutely disgraceful conduct by Anne Sacoolas. She makes all Americans look like cowardly murderers. 🤨👨🏻‍⚖️⚖️🇬🇧

  13. She should have no right to the protections her husband temporarily had. Were not talking about someone with sensitive information or technical abilities. What kind of example as a mother or even as a human being is she setting? She should face justice 100%.

  14. The best the family can hope for is a civil judgement against the woman,whether it be in the U K or the Us(or both,if possible0 and the pressing of charges and extradition requests when the Husband loses his Diplomatic appointment. As an American.these rights are granted to protect from a kangaroo court,not the justice system which our own is derived from.

  15. Better check if the diplomats wife is friends with Hillary first…….you know what can happen if you piss off the witch.

  16. Boris de Poodle Johnson will beg trump, who will reject him, proving how IMPORTANT this "special relationship" is! 
    That may turn even some misguided Boris supporters against him.

  17. Who does this lady think she is? A Saudi Diplomats son? Committing a crime then fleeing behind diplomatic immunity is for those who profit from blood and oil!

  18. as an American I am behind this family and I hope they get justice and that woman who did it goes to jail for her crimes. I am not alone in this thought, most Americans think the same as me, so you got most American standing behind you on this, and we also want justice to be served.

  19. America will NOT let any Brit change laws. If you want vengeance than take your pound of flesh. Otherwise shut up.

  20. in the us we have standard rates for payouts. assuming he wasn't doing anything equally foolish, like high speed hooligan stunts, $800k USD might be a reasonable starting point. she was probably trained to drive in the USA and sadly forgot to keep the steering wheel to the center of the road. probably not malevolent. brits have used immunity at times.

  21. Disgraceful. Anne Sacoolas is a criminal and exploiting diplomatic immunity to avoid personal responsibility. The idea of immunity was never intended to allow for these outcomes.

  22. She was driving on the wrong side of the road at night and hit a motorcycle rider with fatal consequences. She admitted liability at the scene and told the police she had no plans for leaving. She has a prior ticket for inattention while driving in Virginia. It's a miscarriage of justice to let her slip away to avoid the hearing. Since I don't know if any Britons have escaped justice in the same way I'm going to wait until more information is available.

  23. Shame on our government if this is allowed. Diplomatic immunity was surely not meant for this. She should face justice.

  24. The american criminal should be brought back to the UK and the young man who has been killed should therefore be respected.
    My heart goes out to this family and the law is being disgraceful.

  25. When British kids join up they are sent to fight for US geopolitical interests. British soldiers should never be sent to the Gulf again for US geopolitical interests. When they come looking for the blood of young British soldiers again for their NEXT illegal Gulf war they should be told to get lost.

  26. Anne Coolass may have diplomatic immunity………….. but what would happen if the family took the case to the American courts, theres got to be a loop hole somewhere there a smart lawyers knows about?

  27. I think people are looking down the wrong end of the telescope here, forget trying to get her back to the UK, that's never going to happen. But I'm pretty sure diplomatic immunity no longer applies now that she's back in the USA. Consult a lawyer, start a crowdfund and file a lawsuit against her in America. She should face consequences for her actions but it's probably not going to happen in the UK (And let's face it, the worst she'd probably have got over here would have been a fine and a suspended sentence for driving without due care and attention).


  29. The woman should make to return to the UK and serve justice she killed someone and then do a runner she cannot get away with murder

  30. Look the area was open with great visibility, so when if someone was driving on the wrong side of the road then why didn't Mr Motorbike see it and take action. Once in the 1990's I| saw a woman hurrying out of the corner of my eye as I saw driving and the silly woman ran straight out in front of my car and I did a sudden emergency stop and fortunately we were all OK just shocked. Look, why didn't the biker see her coming on wrong side of the road as I have seen that a few times. Sounds suspious too me.

  31. I don’t want to say Vassal state, but why does the UK allow foreign spy bases, as If they would allow it the other way around.. not a chance.
    This person should have been arrested and charged, instead we are at the mercy of ‘convincing’ the US.

  32. To those posting here, I would remind you the rules of diplomatic immunity are quite clear and were agreed to by all when the Vienna Treaty was signed in 1961. Anne Saccoolas is covered under its guidelines as an immediate family member of an NSA employee. My guess is this will simply end with a formal apology to the family of the victim and an offer of financial compensation. Despite all the huffing and puffing on the internet, the reality is she is not going anywhere. The whole unfortunate incident will be forgotten in a month anyway.

  33. Boris Johnson will do nothing by the way. He is just waiting for the incident to blow over and be forgotten like everyone else in the political world. My guess is he will never even bring up the subject with President Trump. Especially since Trump has to deal with the antics of fools like Schiff and Pelosi right now. Why make him even angrier and make things worse? No point.

  34. Imagine having your child getting killed and still wanting to have the killer be able to be with his/her kids…. Incredibly generous and warm-hearted people

  35. Well … if they won’t extradite her perhaps our response should be to free Julian Assange instead of extraditing him?

  36. Only way around this is to make the mother a diplomat and send her to America, you never know she may bump into her

  37. I am absolutely disgusted and appalled at the actions of the American government and the military officials who ensured the escape and then sudden cover of diplomatic immunity for the woman who killed young innocent Harry Dunn, a boy who worked 6 days a week and spent his spare time riding his small motorbike to quiet rural locations or looking after his loving family. The poor child was on his way to see his father when he was killed by the reckless actions of this woman! And this isn't the first time this has happened at that same airforce base, years prior another local man was knocked off his motorcycle on the same road by an American serviceman and the soldier was sent straight back to America and avoided any charges here whilst the injured local man Mr De-Haan had to have his leg amputated. Anyone would think that we were dealing with the staff of a North Korean airforce base not an American one who are supposed to be one of our closest friends. My view of the american government has changed totally in the light of this case as let's be straight and clear here, in a civilised law abiding country NO ONE has the right to kill innocent people and get away with no matter who they are! I will fully support any legal case or petition started that ends the ridiculous law of "Diplomatic Immunity"! Because now the world knows that America classes Diplomatic immunity as a licence to kill innocent people and get away with it and as such England should redraw the terms of the so called "special agreement" that is supposed to exist between our 2 countries. If Mrs Sacoolas has a moral bone in her body or any fibre of empathy she would return and face the justice of this country for the death of the boy she has caused.

  38. I wonder if one of our diplomats could just leave the USA if they killed a kid. Absolute hypocrisy. She should be forced to hand herself in otherwise America is just saying it's ok to kill somebody in another country and you won't have to face justice. What a disgrace.

    It's disgraceful what this family is going through! I don't know if they would be allowed, but couldn't the law confiscate her passport?
    She really needs to do the right thing here.

  40. update: the husband of the women may not be a diplomat but was essentially working in a technical role at the spy base, and he is not entitled to diplomatic immunity and nor his wife !!! he was an international employee working here in england, and the more detailed reports suggest he was employed to work in a spying role of british citizens.

  41. barely anyone is paying attention to this, how could this not be getting like millions of views by now. lmao. have big news agencies of USA received words from the US govt not to talk about it?

  42. Now the senile occupant of the Oval Office appears to be supporting the killer by saying " it's hard driving on the wrong side of the road" and "it happens".

  43. So if u are a poltican's wife than u can get away with murder ?!?!? 😠 I am outraged….If she won't come back than she is nothing but a cold hearted killer !

  44. There was no diplomats involved here . They don't appear on u.s diplomats list . He is a u.s spy working at GCHQ .. she should pay

  45. Most of the Brits posting here are all living a in a dream world. She is NOT coming back to the UK. The Commander in Chief, Donald J.Trump himself, has already said '''NO'''' so that is basically the end of the matter except for the customary diplomatic apology and financial settlement. What will they do about it after all? Hold their breaths until they turn blue?

  46. Trump is pissing all over the values of the U.S.A.. justice for all, not the privileged, this won't make him popular

  47. Definatlly need to keep this at the top of the public's eye until she receives justice. I garuntee Americans DO not want her to be granted immunity. She drove on the wrong side of the road and killed someone. Unless she really is so stupid to go to a forign country and not have the sense to drive on the correct side of the road. It's an unacceptable incident and it completely unacceptable to blatantly commit such a neglegent crime and not face justice.

  48. Anne Sacoolas whose struck and killed a British teen was not registered as a diplomat in the UK rendering the couple ineligible for diplomatic immunity.

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