‘Hard Time’: Warning For Trump In Bribery Cases Landing Politicians In Jail | MSNBC

  1. Democracy's are a try hard party keep trying losers the senate will never approve Trump 2020 another 16 years get mad

  2. Ari, I am a hardcore fan. You are a master of succinct wonkiness and fighting the good fight for all of America. But, dude, shave exactly before airtime. Nixon lost to JFK in no small part due to five o'clock shadow. You have vital things to say daily. Don't allow haters to show u a little goofy and discredit you. It's what they do anymore. U are among the best of the best, but when you are under attack daily, first thing u gotta nail down is appearances. Trump is resident based only on that. That's the name of the game. Keep killing it, brother, just make sure you're as pretty as u can be doing it, dig. This is tv, after all, and it has less to do with news reporting than any of us would want.

  3. Members of Congress who (try to) protect this criminal president should be tried as accessories alongside Trump after his removal from office.

  4. This is what the news used to look like…people simply telling you exactly what happened; no Republican yelling and denying reality while some Democrat tries to get a word in edgewise.


  6. Welcome to the Islamic Republic of Iran. This exactly the way the Ayatollahs and their cronies govern. Of course for forty years they have been the West's puppets!!! So now the US is facing the same situation.

  7. Quisling traitor republicans are having their moment in history. The attempted obstruction of an impeachment of a criminal president and doing the work of the Russian state by using their frame up of Ukraine. The true enemy of the people, the GOP!

  8. It's just a shame that our two Governing bodies can't act responsibly and put the good of the country ahead of partisan politics.

  9. The republicans are unbrlievable they are going to back a traitor if they get away with this its the end of democracy

  10. Looks like some of these "amature" politician presidents, senators & congressmen dont know the basics of how Not to get caught accepting briberies from "lobbyist" company/ corporate suckers as the normal currupt politicians go about doing them "as usual" here in amurica corp.'s usa?! They must need to learn to dtay in alittle longer at their jobs to be able to learn the 101 basics of collecting bribes at the whitehouse hill monopoly game?!
    A big "No-No?!".

  11. In Trump's case, could you also take witness tampering into account? I mean the guy is spotted at World Series games and Camp David with the people trying his case. Of course, the jury won't admit it happened, kind of like the Ukrainian leader.

  12. Firstly, Trump doesn't need to pay his personal lawyer Giuliani anything for his legal advice & services. Secondly in return for allowing him authority to act on his behalf, his personal lawyer Giuliani act under the false pretense of pro bono on behalf of his client and then goes on to secure deals in Ukraine based on that authority accorded to him by the President. Aren't all these quid quo pro deals a bribery act by themselves ?

  13. But we all know, it's only bad enough when it's a democrat now! The whole republican party are trump asskissers and they need him in office because Putin has told them so!

  14. Let the baby trump have his trial…. TAKE HIM OUT of the white house. Pur him in prison. Then we'll get over it.🎻 maybe he can learn to play the violin. Oh woe is me

  15. Remember, even without a Senate vote to impeach, if the case is made well enough, republicans going along with Don could lose their jobs in 2020. More than an impeachment is at stake.

  16. Republicans are never going to vote to impeach Trump!
    Trump and Pence are both caught up in this Ukraine 400 million bribery scandal! They would both have to go!
    This would give us President Pelosi!
    Republicans will never allow this to happen, Trump can do whatever he wants and they will all defend him no matter what!
    If you really want to change the course of our nation then vote the corruption out!

  17. ABSCAM, Keating,Stone,Manafort,Black. They have been doing this right in front of our eyes for years. The true ring leader is the now deceased Lee Atwater. Republican dirty tricks have damaged America just as much as the inconsolable South (still mad about The Civil War). So many groups that say they love America when in fact all they love is the money America lets them steal.

  18. You guys are completely making s*** up now let's just wait for the court trial.one thing I've learned in life is if you're doing something illegal and you're sleeping with a girl that you're not married to and it's an affair. The affair always comes out and the woman always squeals she's about to squeal.all she's guilty of is asking questions of trump isn't going to get elected is he?She is probably Innocent but she is going to get squeezed and she's going to get squeezed hard and she will talk. And I cannot wait to see what CNN and mnsbhave to say then because all the reporting right now isn't evenfat the facts haven't even come out yet Congress didn't even know the facts.how you all supposed to make us believe that you know more than Congress does?

  19. I don't know why the news is still talking about any of this. Everybody knows that all GOP are going to vote to against impeachment, and it'll be celebrated as "the single greatest tremendous history of the victory on the USA" or something.

  20. The actual crime is the "aid to an enemy country" Russia, the Biden investigation is hiding. And that is treason. Our President is a traitor to the USA. What's that you say? "We're not at war with Russia?" Surprise! They are at War with US!

  21. Nellis air force base how long do you think I'm going to go with out seeing my children and grandchildren keep playing with one Gods children

  22. and his supporters wait until they are provided with a myriad of ridiculous defences of the indefensible by fox the republicans and all those far right wing sites, until they finally are cornered into the truth about there moral values ,they simply do not care what he does ,they do not care about law the constitution or anything they used in the passed to batter the democrats over the head .

    he is there messiah and even if the false idol told them to there face that he was fraud that only ever had his own interests in mind they would say hes saying that as a strategy .

  23. Can't stop slandering the president now you slandering the new Ukrainian president too you all at msn are working for Russia

  24. Politicians who receive large sums of money from the pharmaceutical companies for their campaigns is also a form of bribery…. when are the news going to talk about that???

  25. Because the GOP has the majority in the Senate, nothing will happen to Trump because they are too scared to go against Trump.

  26. The Skelos case sounds more like Biden than Trump, and yet Trump was looking into the Biden case…ironic, isn't it? Biden is going to get off on this. Even the Obama administration had suspicions of the Biden situation being a conflict of interest, yet Republicans see through this impeachment hearing.

  27. Why does anyone watch this character on TV? He's talking to you like you're a five-year-old. Everything is so scripted. Don't y'all Spidey senses work!

  28. MSNBC spreads dangerous propaganda! Fake stories and MSNBC promotes chaos. MSNBC is factually fake news . Keep this in mind if you listen to the propaganda, MSNBC uses brainwashing techniques to push its propaganda.

  29. I hope they start investigations of the Senate. There is something rotten in GOP land. I think its laundering money for Russia. Hope some one can uncover what Trump has on them. They are equal criminals with Trump. We need to investigate our DOJ too. Start with Barr.

  30. Thank you, Ari, for making clear what the abuse of power and the bribery are like. As he said, it is clear that Trump has done the serious offenses that are impeachable. Clear. And very serious. Compared with those petite bribery committed by Jefferson in the past, Trump's attempt to get what he wanted from Ukraine in exchange of the military assistance, was far more serious offense, especially by involving the foreign country, in order to get his own benefits.

  31. I like that clip, where he says the Democrats are only interested, in smearing their competitors. Asking Ukraine to look into the Bidens, is ok, though. What a freaking hippocrit. This is not even a partisan issue. This is about getting that foul-smelling turd out of there, so he stops abusing his power, we so unfortunately let him buy his way into. Morally bankrupt, it's his country, not ours. "I can shoot someone on 5th Ave. & Get away with it". how low do you got to be to be president of the United States and say something that utterly repulsive. What kind of message does this send to your kids? If you become president you can do whatever you want, and get away with it. I think someone forgot to read the job description. This moron is not qualified to be there. Wake up, people.🤔

  32. Trump, been doing this…🤔 underhand transactions…lies on top of lies…making no sense…lock him up…immediately.

  33. Now facing an undeclared cyber war against Russia, adding Treason in the Articles of Impeachment would be appropriate " for accepting foreign support, conniving and pushing for state proven Russian agenda against U.S. interest.

  34. This is a scam ifnyou notice that have not said what crimnal charges onnTrump that s is a scam keep attention off of Joe Biden and his son that where getting millions from Ukraine Russia during Obama this is a scam Dems Crimnal s

  35. Dems have nothing thiis is a big waste of time keep attention off of Joe Biden and his son thay got millions from Ukraine Russia under Obama used FBi spy on trumpm2016

  36. This is the reason why most people think that politics stinks … there are exceptions tho, when a real threat like this is against the country, when those acts of corruption affect everyone as a nation, no one should play the "blind game" …. Trump's acts are a threat to everyone, and those who are playing this blindly game, they know this very well, intelligence agencies should be investigating people who support him fanatically without any shame, GOP members are playing a dangerous game, they are placing a bet and gambling on the "ignorance of few" and trying to gain their way out using that …. People can only take so much.

  37. Its not bribery.. its direct BLACKMAIL ! Ukrainians had and still very much have no choice but to give Trump what he wants or he imediately sell them to PUTIN!

  38. Every day, and every day MSNBC has something to say about our president impeachment so much they are brainwashing and separating the American people, give it up MSNBC there is no facts or proof of anything

  39. The shameless Republicans think getting a bj and lying about it to a grand jury is worse than extorting a foreign country, demanding a bribery, and lying about it on TV. Yes, Bill Clinton lied to the grand jury, and that is terrible. But is he really worse than a coward who doesn't even have the guts to testify?

  40. CNN is really doing True Americnas a disservice telling there lies people that whatcha CNN can't read are write so that have to believe CNN lies sad

  41. Trumps Republican enablers don’t care because his base still supports him, they’ll only throw him under the bus if the base turns on him. But that won’t happen because Trumps deplorable’s are too ignorant, you can’t fix stupid!

  42. What evidence there is none we we would have heard it by now Ukraine even said Trump did nothing wrong CNN stop lieing thisnis a scam Americans know it

  43. I am just so happy for the American People that four of Donald Trump's children have already agreed to be Presidents of the United States! Fortunately since President Trump already has grandchildren this will keep America's Royal Family the Trumps in power until well into the next century!

  44. What about Super PACS and rich donors donating to presidential politicians? Are those not bribes, themselves? Bernie 2020!

  45. This is crazy… the USA seems cool to me thanksgivings have been fine past 3-4 years… Xmas looks fine I dun get it… he said some personal things to people he met but not us and he must suffer for what reason while we all celebrate American holidays?

  46. Years from now Trump's picture will be shown as the face of corruption . Republican 's will be pictured as the height of ignorance. Sickening !

  47. Americans have elected Trump. Through their processes. Americans need to accept that. The media, MSNBC and CNN especially have elected him (by giving thousands of hours of free advertising) and now CNN and MSNBC, as well as dems, are once again giving him so much attention that republicans and those who voted for him will feel like there is a war on their emotions. Trump will milk this sentiment and get re-elected too. The whole impeachment procedure is bull. You've elected a mob-like strongman who is used to armtwisting, who doesn't know diplomacy, who is surrounded by borderline criminals. The only way to get him out is simply by voting him out… in elections. Biden has been tainted by his son, Warren I am not sure about and Pete seems a bit too politically correct. Berny too old. I truly wonder if having 20 candidates is helpful. If 20 candidates attract X number of people, and those people do not get the person they like…. will they not be disillusioned ?

  48. Unfortunately, these days the party formerly known as 'republicans' is so deeply corrupted to the point of treasonous behavior by aiding and abetting Russia in its effort to peddle made up conspiracy theories to help their asset, the criminal donald judas trump.


  49. Yeah, It's the difference between "CRACK & POWDER". They're both cocaine, Ones just targeted towards one community, And the other is just "Recreational" to another.

  50. I wish we could fire the useless Republican senators trying to cover this up, and replace their seats with people who ACTUALLY uphold the law.

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