all right do you like menu Infernus classic very cool very nice yeah hello everybody welcome back I'm the missing talk and this is more Grand Theft Auto online news so today Rockstar Brazos newswire new news wire for us today on May 16th so let's go have a look alright everyone here is rockstars newswire update of the week for May 16th to 25th so GG j-money on our key on rockstars ten races juggernaut resurrection and more all right so let's scroll down to the bottom show the stunt reasons turbine height and resurrection modes so juggernaut you got to protect or use your tank canna player against the other teams and resurrection you kill someone you get back a teammate they kill off someone they get back their teammate so it's kind of add to the resurrection day alright some cars on discount right there are many paths to success in excess you can take north coming days in GTA online with double GTA money and RP on offering four distinct modes now if you're May 25th stay in the black by painting the town red with double GTA money on art be on in juggernaut and resurrection if you are comfortable behind the wheel and cutting down your adversaries you can also earn double GTA and are beyond any of the many adrenaline-inducing Rockstar created stunts or special vehicle races so 25% off the GP one and for his class again more also starting today and running through May 25th cut costs while cutting corners with 25% off any of the vehicles from cutting stunts special vehicle circuit including hijack custom approach and GP one the pro grassy inference classic and the ground III smoke classic once you've hooked up your new ride take 25% off the price tag on the following vehicle demarcations so 25% off transmission upgrades brakes exhaust spoilers and engine upgrades turbo upgrades find lane complete the look while you're on the track with 25% off all cunning stunts clothing just actually a little bit because those those race suits are pretty expensive bringing race and time trial schedules a multitude of chances to fatten your virtual wallets and RP check out the next two weeks of premium races and time trials may 16th to the 22nd this week's premium special aural vehicle race is the loop law unlocked to the Volt rocket volt and the time trial is down chiliad down Giuliani and I might be fun May 23rd to the 29th test your medal at the ruiner 2,000 locked steeplechase serving as the weeks premium race and del carril pier as the time trial premium races can be launched through the quick job app and on your in-game phone or by the yellow crow net region square GTA money payouts are awarded to the top three finishers and all racers get double triple RP just for trying to participate down drill set a waypoint to the marker on your map and enter via the purple Crona be part time and earn a nice G day money and RP reward yeah and as we said before it's well worth the first time you finish a time trial you get $50,000 so it's actually pretty good for the one time that you played through alright let's head back in the game alright everybody welcome back so yeah diesel newswire post this week guide saying and unlike some discounts on some cars and some discounts on some other things outside greatest new news this time around but like we like we've been saying before it's leading up to the gun-running it's hard to say when everybody's kind of wondering when gun running is going to be out and as far as I know no release dates been been announced I personally think it's going to be this June that's just my personal guess somewhere in around they're not exactly doing but similar in around there just because you know last year the CEO stuff they launched a lot of that right at the beginning a summer and I got a feeling they're going to do the same but that's just my personal guess so yeah leftover look forward to the gun running in the meantime it's good time to get some some discounts on some of the vehicles that have passed by just recently like the one we got Riesling the Infernus classic here very nice classic Lamborghini I like it's one of my favorite new cars and the trees more classic here another classic Lamborghini or Lamborghini a Ferrari my opinion and it's not very nice of course a lot of these cars are our crossed you know between MacLaren's and and Ferraris and Lamborghinis and lotuses and all these other ones classic and new you know so it depends on who you are and how you paint it what it ends up being but to me that's kind of what they are yeah so it's good down you get those 25% off and I think I might even get myself approached in GP one all again yes why not see the money while you can right alright and the juggernaut mode a lot of people have fun with the juggernaut mode so it's good time to make some extra money with that resurrection I haven't heard any bad things about it but let me we'll give it a try I haven't heard bad things about it but you know I've heard better things about the juggernaut mode and of course if you haven't tried the stunt race as well its double RP and double money for all of that right now for both the new ones with special vehicles and the old regular stunt races so it's good time to try those out and take some extra men doing that all right everybody I'll see you again soon for the next regular episode hopefully next week we get some new content but it really it's hard to say I got a feeling we're gonna get some new content and lead up to the gun-running is the big thing and and that would be our big thing for the summer we'll have to see All Right see you guys see me for the next one thanks for watching everybody I'm missing stuff see you next time bye [Applause] [Applause] mr. Bundy [Applause] [Applause] brass outfits and before I let you guys go talk about the stuff Nazis although I think those are yet at all ones out there you guys go so they are kind of expensive suit so it might be a good time to get any if you're interested in any of these while they're on sale anyway I guess not all of them most of the main ones and racing six I imagine two for the other ones yeah maybe suits might be a good time to get us a black one or a red light at the greatest but you know gives you a level of authenticity for your races right yeah and I think those would be the main ones that are that are on sale right now so I only have probably done mention that again before we let you go because you know some people might like those in kind of outfits it is kind of an extra way like in your interface there is actually a under your style there is a Racing outfit so if you have one loaded into that it will actually go to your racing outfit it's kind of an you little thing you don't have to bother with it you know if you like the look of it you know the like a look of a racing guy in the car you can just leave it as your racing outfit and when you go to race it'll just automatically use it when you come out of the race it'll automatically your regular if it's like this little thing that I'm sure a lot of people already know but some people don't it's kind of way you can have a template just racing and the only time you see it would be racing if you want to thank you [Applause] it's fun time slides a little bit dull but I think I like that it's kind of fun my guide I am using via the I'll be up there quite often don't like to outfit probably alright you guys make that

  1. Thanks For Watching Everyone! 🙂
    I'm A little bit behind today…thanks so much to all of you… I'm now on my new Yeti microphone! So Yay for that! 😉
    But now… so…many… new… settings… lol it might take me a few to get them "just" right 🙂

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