GTA Online June 26th Newswire Deals & A Triple GTA$ Money Weekend! GTA News & Updates

just this just that and what's your it in the back we go alright hello everybody hi hey there welcome back I'm the mrs. och welcome back from our Grand Theft Auto online news and it's kind of a good news day too so we're gonna have a look at that news wire first and then we'll come right back yeah The Avengers on sale as you can see gives your own little inside space to go into you can even put a car in here alright see you guys back in it alright everybody so here's latest uh news wire from rockstar for june 26 the big business bonuses on GTA online guest list sign up plus more wars three times GTA money three times a day me an RP weekend free unlocks and more are in the guest list we covered that yesterday's videos you guys might want to check out the news update from yesterday we cover a bunch of the new release information about nine clubs and the guest list but basically you just have to make sure you sign in anytime now and in the next couple weeks you'll get 350,000 for but you might want have a look at that video if you want to or not learn more details about it alright let you go through all the little videos and lots of little savings this time opportunity knocks this week for any legitimate business person looking to expand their part folio in anticipation of nightclubs coming to los santos diversify your dealings and make sure your operation is firing on all cylinders with huge bonuses and discounts across a spread of enterprises through july second WD of money opportunities smugglers bikers and ceos can rack up x turning this week with GG day money on smugglers run by car business and special cargo sell visions oh that's pretty good if you've yet to set up a base of operations for any of these ventures maze bank foreclosures and dynasty it executives are here to help some stellar discounts on business properties and more details below gunrunners in search of powerful tech upgrades can also benefit from 2 x speed boost to their bunker research projects through july second so it's good time to get any research done if you want to do x speed double money for the cargo cell mission is one of the biggest payments in the game advises and smugglers runs figures i was did in my laid-back writing last night I heard he sold some I knew they were gonna do biker businesses after but as well because they wouldn't have if I didn't write motor wars three times GTA money on RP week weekend parachute into the danger zone Mountain ironclad war machine and lay waste to your adversaries in motor Wars do you like double GTA money and RP through June 28 and then kicking it up an extra notch and rewarding all of its bloodthirsty participants with triple G J money and RP payouts from June 29th through July 2nd so on the weekend when you're gonna be wanting to play choose from seven maps filled with a smattering of heavy a munitions fully stocked cache of your favorite weaponized vehicles and a swarm of a rival team looking to be last left standing all right in addition to earning bigger than ever before the more in more diverse all players login this weekend June 29th of July 2nd receive a free a gift gratis Red Hawk and little cap and the Black Hawk a little T so that's where he's wearing right there yeah Red Hawk in a little cap and Black Hawk a little T talk a little T thing cool yeah or I squeeze your shirt to the stuff is always fun exclusive guest list rewards login to GD online between June 25th to July 2nd join the guest list it's nice we're talking about yesterday don't forget to join the guest list for a special access to exclusive library's new t-shirts key discounts and wiki leave Onis GTA money log into GTA online anytime this week before July 3rd to be automatically added to the guest list and check out more details here and that's from yesterday select property and business discounts aggressive expansion is a key to any successful enterprise and that clubs will soon provide you with a means to launder your criminal cash prepare for future business opportunities we take advantage of up to 50% off the following business properties and warehouses alright so hangers are 50% off so that's a good time to get one or change one if you don't like the one you have you can change it for cheaper executive offices 50% off same thing you know we've got a we can we move today's bag quest if you guys wanted to check out that video on how to move with everything inside it actually it's pretty pretty straightforward pretty nice it's good time to change if you want to special cargo warehouses and Vehicle cargo airs it's 50% off that's excellent so I've got a friend who's been waiting for the vehicle cart her cargo air hose to go on sale forever I think I don't know I tell them that the bother because it was going to be for a while so you ask me they don't do a lot of sales on these because they are so popular and because they do make a good amount of money for players so I definitely recommend getting yourself Vehicle cargo arrows and then you might want to follow our guide on how to get top ratings only and any car you want and it makes even more money now that said you do have to set it up you do have to gather a lot of cars before it works properly okay Becker Colossus and biker businesses both 50% off it might be a time to get my document forgeries that is the one maker business I don't have and it's the one I don't recommend but it's the one property I don't have so you know if I'm gonna get it maybe I should get it while it's 50% off just die so I have the last property facilities 40% off and through July 2nd take 30% off a selection of battle run track ready vehicles from the hulking male of Avenger to the rapid grotty takes 80 proto all right there's the Avengers made with Avenger add-ons and renovations alright and definitely a very useful plate you know I definitely recommend the Avenger it does have a steep price tag you know I'd recommend it for players who can afford that extra price tag but it is a handy vehicle to have around it is nice having an extra personal aircraft that is an off your personal vehicle you know it's really quite handy a lot handy there and then people think it is which is good because it's it's a steep price and it is a very tough aircraft to the MOC VI mobile operation centers and module renovations so all this is 30% of figures off you know so there's MOC truck the vapid GB 200 and the grotty X 80 proto a lot of people like that card the Aponte ruiner 2000 and that's another one you might want to take advantage of if you want to do you do the CEO special missions the runer mission and then you get a discount on it and then you get this other 30% discount on the ruiners 2000 which I believe is a three or five million dollar vehicle so it's it's very expensive so that 30% is quite a bit for details on all GT online bonuses the discounts happening this week trigger the social gloves of its beige alright let's head over there so I was a club event page alright you know like also the guest list did they manage to post our races this time No oh there it is yay all right prima race over and under locked to motorcycles all right and the prima race you get triple money for the top three finishers and time trials coast to coast all right now as we've said before the first time you finish the time trial you get an extra fifty thousand so it's pretty good just a little distraction to do those and they usually only take a couple minutes and the feature time trial usually shows up an invite-only sessions as well so you don't have to be public for the featured one just you know alright guys that is the newswire and that's pretty good news by if you ask me you know the only thing I would I would like to see on there as well it would be double car sales double CEO car sells but you know they did give us a discount on the warehouse they did give us discounts on all the businesses it's a great time to buy all those I definitely recommend the cocaine lockup the meth the meth lab I'd recommend an office to be able to have your CEO car warehouse the CEO car warehouse is probably the single best way to make money in the game and the the crate wares is are also on sale you may want to look on and on that if you haven't gotten into those before to see if you like them or not but it is a good idea to have one or two of those and they make great money especially at certain times a year like right now when they're giving us an extra double money for the for the crate warehouses so instead of the usual 2.4 I think it's up to like 4.4 million which is one of the bigger payouts in the game that takes a lot of work to fill up your crate warehouse though with large one only but but it does pay out on the end yeah we're gonna take back in game guys standby all right yep you got cannons on the the the Avenger and everything so pretty cool alright so that's very cool newswire I definitely recommend the CEO car warehouse so we're gonna look at mine in a second just a few little tips for related to that newswire or in the avenger right now and like I said it's worth it if you can afford it now on the CEO crate missions which are double money right now well double money if you manage to fill it up and sell it but or pop sell it at any time I suppose the best money is when the warehouse is full it gives you an extra profit boot boost but anyway when you do the crate missions it's best to buy three at a time and sometimes you have to pick up each one each crate at a time so you don't have to make if you're a solo player you'd have to make three trips back and forth to your warehouse if you have an Avenger like ours here you can avoid that yeah I know I know how to do I'll be I'll be there soon I'll be there soon anyway so this is your weapons station to modify your weapons for the mark 2 now what you would do is you'd actually pick up the crates for those that don't know about this little trick you can at least until Rockstar fixes it maybe they won't maybe because it makes the Avenger kind of useful so hopefully I'll leave it but anyway you'd pick up the crate you'd run inside here to your warehouse and hit the weapons station here and then the crate appears on the ground usually right around here and then you'd run back out and pick up the second grade and then go to the station again to drop it on the ground and then you run back over the third grade and then come back in again and then you can actually fly the Avenger back to your warehouse with all three crates sitting on the floor in here okay so that's how you can kind of use the Avenger for the co-create missions on the ones that lets you do that many times they're in a vehicle and you can't do anything with it even though we should be able to put it right here in the back they don't let us put anything but a weaponized vehicles back here let's do bad I really wish they'd open that up you know like I said I would really like to be able to take a friend's vehicle like how come I can't load up a friend's vehicle on the back right whoa well popped me way over here at the airport this is definitely not where my Avenger is okay we have the airport and no in certain areas can be a little funny about spawning sometimes when you hop out of your Avenger it responds you and Dad sometimes it can put you into some weird spots in us I don't know if I really should complain about it cuz in a sense you know if somebody was attacking me it'd be kind of useful because it pops me like far away right so instead of hopping right out where where I'm probably right in their gunsights yeah way over here that's where that's where I should have fought to – there's the Avenger ear inside up that's quite the transport alright so yeah awesome newswire now the CEO great Larry the CEO car where's us here's our right here our vehicle warehouse inside here now overall for solo players they're probably the best way of making money so I'd definitely recommend them we do have our guides I mentioned that throughout it you might want to have a look at that so you can pick the cards you want and get top range only unfortunately you do have to fill up the way I was kind of 32 cars before that really works properly but it will work on the end yeah and I've made probably the most money out here at least forty million dollars or more so easily paid itself off and I'd recommend the cargobob to go with it and that helps a lot to doing it with less damage all right guys so I think that's everything good news wire this week we'll see about next week and you know make sure you sign in to get that extra three and a fifty thousand and be on the guest list for for the the nightclub stuff the nightlife all they really told us so far officially as far as I know is Los Santos nightlife so it's hard to say if it's gonna include Bahama Mama's or wine is gonna be bars dance clubs or it's really hard to say but it definitely seems really good and it seems like they put a lot of effort into it really looking forward to that alright see you guys back here soon I have a regular episodes getting ready I do have part one of our laid back riding ready but I thought we should get to the news first and so I'll bring that out soon after and us even get to park to do as well all right take care ready Inez and suck thanks Roger thanks for liking thanks for subscribing really helps 3 felt as though thanks everybody glad you're here see you back again soon alright I should probably go steal some cars yeah if you create if he could put friends vehicles in here to join up and things like that like the half-track and the and the trailers you can join up friends that way so okay take care everybody see again next time you

  1. Hello Awesome Viewers!! More GTA News Already! Some Really Great Deals & Double Money In This One Too! ๐Ÿ™‚
    We Even Get A Triple GTA$ For 'Motor Wars' This Coming Weekend! ๐Ÿ˜€

    See you all back again soon for our Laid Back Grinding (Part 1) from last night… just before the double biker sell money of course :/
    …figures lol ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thanks For Liking & Subscribing Everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hey Sock So I filled my vehicle cargo with all the collection cars then tried selling the Reaper to see if I would get another Reaper but nope. Is having a full vehicle cargo warehouse have anything to it?? Its at 98 percent.

  3. SOCK NEWS IS BACK LOOKING GENETICALLY DIFFERENT MORE THAN EVER!!! Man I missed these so much! Looks like there's a pretty decent event week going on! So many discounts and opportunities to make some serious cabbage! Kinda bummed out that they still haven't done a bonus with the car warehouse yet. I honestly can't remember the last time they did one! Hopefully they will do one soon for us solo players to prepare for the Nightlife to arrive! I wouldn't mind a bunker bonus as well! Awesome News Sock! It sure feels good to have our favorite multi compartment cargo pants wearing awesome Sock back!

  4. hello missing sock how do i makeโ€‹ double gta $ from biker sale and special cargo because i sold my product and i didn't get any double money pls help

  5. Cheers for the info about the avenger and collecting creates didn't know that ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘

  6. Awsome tip on picking up three crates at a time with the avenger… did not know that .. thanks sock ๐Ÿ‘

  7. Iโ€™m frightened on how expensive the next dlc will be with all this money they are giving out their I even look when it launches.

  8. Sock I agree about loading our vehicles with cargo that is a good idea like loading our cargo onto vehicles like the Insurgent Pick Up Custom.

  9. First and love ur videos. Ima miss this awesome event week cuz Iโ€™m at Columbia with my mom for vacation for another 23 days. And gratis means free in Spanish btw.

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