GTA Online Jan 8th Newswire! New Plasma Weapons! 2x GTA$ Biker Sells, Discounts! - News & Updates

all right hello everybody welcome back I'm the missing soccer welcome back from our grand theft auto online news there's no reason lose man so here we are just in front of the weasel news building yeah and today we got new weapons not every day to get new weapons I got a few of them lately the OP an atomizer was recently added to the store for I think four hundred ninety nine thousand I believe yeah three ninety nine thousand yeah and today we've gotten two new vehicles so we're gonna have a look at the latest or two new vehicles two new weapons yeah and a holy hell bringer and the Widowmaker so we're gonna have look at the latest rock star news wire and read all about them and latest discounts and double money event and we'll come right back see you guys in a minute okay so here's the latest uh Rockstar news wire for today Tuesday January 8th and only he'll bring her in the middle maker weapons plus latest GD online discounts and bonuses so there's the weapons there I think that's the Widowmaker and that is the oh no II know that's the unholy he'll bring her and that's the Widowmaker I believe yeah are you concerned that your favorite rifle doesn't spit molten jugs it's not gonna pendant hot enough or fast enough for the 21st century well fret no more and welcome to the future of freedom you can now own the new and exclusive Republican Space Ranger edition weapons in holy hell burger and the Widowmaker available at your local Indian Asian alright double GTA money and I repeat on the arena more series continues this week along with the following vehicle based competition modes through January 14th so all the arena warm series are all double money and RP right now for the next week as well as hasta LaVista vehicle vendetta and Vespucci job alright excellent in addition those are popular moments i should say too there are lots of one in addition all biker business sales are paying hotel cash for the same period so I've got a laid back grinding episode that I was doing late last night early this morning I guess it would be and I noticed that the CEO crate missions and the biker business has changed from from last week Stella money to this week's biker business sales so I was in the middle of it and then the biker like her businesses started becoming double money so hey nobody coming out later on today up to 35% off for dinner tonight I guess would be up to 35% off the select properties' end vehicles if you have yet to get your bigger businesses up and running or if you're looking to diversify your colonel portfolio take advantage of 35% off beggar businesses and check out the full list of this week's discounts below all right so the mana thruster and Dabashi vogner so both 30% off but your businesses are 35% off facilities are 30% off that would be your doomsday facility the grotty xav proto 35% the immune with hydro the Nagasaki Shotaro the weenie is C classic all 35% off the Dabashi vagnie that we mentioned above the name of thruster the Avenger and the Ocelot Stromberg and the pegassi zentorno excellent supercar all 30% off well 35% on the Avenger here they kind of nest kind of did the order back and forth so they may be the vengers 35% off so those are actually some pretty good sales guys a lot of these are very expensive items like the Avenger is a very expensive plane so you know that's a good discount on it a lot of these are very expensive and good good value vehicles like the pegassi zentorno there's a doggie sake shaped car Nagasaki Shotaro is the 2.2 million dollar strong bike so that 35% of the office quite a bit off of on it now remember you do need to play deadlines even if you lose so you just load up the adversary mode deadline and play one round and it unlocks the Nagasaki Nagasaki Shotaro on the on the luxury auto sorry her absurd luxury motor sports website yeah no biker businesses being 35% off so if you are sourcing for your nightclub you may want to buy you know if you're not doing biker businesses well if you are you'd probably buy some good locations that you like if you haven't already if you're a new player does not want to do micro-businesses but once your nightclub to do better you can buy more biker businesses not the cheap ones around town is probably what I'd recommend the cheaper ones out the country I should say and from there you can save some money and have some more nightclub sourcing businesses yeah so for the affair just to finish that you don't need to do if you're only gonna use it for your nightclub you can just buy the cheapest location and you don't need to upgrade them or anything you just simply need to open them up yeah so I'll run the setup mission and then that's it you're done and then your nightclub can source from them as well those that like the lazier ways of making money all right these are the premium race and the time draw for the be cream race is locked on the way you've locked the motorcycles and time trials power station and the first value first time you completely powered a time trail you get an extra 50,000 so makes a interesting little distraction profitable little instruction all right let's head back in game I sell a bunch of different discounts double-decker my money is that it's very good as well as the arena were continuing that's excellent and two new weapons not everybody every day we see new weapons these days so that's pretty cool all right around the corner at the local ammunation right across the street from weasel news oh I think you guys lots of business over here hunting and fishing Goods ammunition all right let's head inside Oh before we do that though yeah let's have a look at those weapons so there is the unholy hell bringer yeah it's great cool little laser weapon yeah the Widowmaker I'd probably be under heavy weapons right maybe yeah there it is the Widowmaker now oddly enough guys as I said before with the atom up an atomizer I did get these unlocked for some reason around December 18th December 20th snow around there I'm not really sure cuz was after the arena war DLC came out I noticed that these weapons appeared for me so and I know there's a few other players out there too that had them just somehow it'll appear and I didn't even know they were special back then I used to think that they were fired arena war and I just hadn't figured them out yet yeah but anyway unfortunately I'm not sure if that means I gonna have to rebuy them or what but but for you guys the normal braces for the Widowmaker is literally just a few so here they are and the weapons on the right side and there's the up an atomizer there that we talked about and there's the new unholy al bringer and then holy hell bringer is 449 thousand so I'm not cheap but they are nice weapons but I wouldn't call them incredibly expensive at that price but they're not cheap yeah and I do you need them and I would say they are nice weapons but I don't think there is anything too special about them compared to the up an atomizer is a really good useful tool but but the Widowmaker is really good but I'm not sure you really need a compared to the regular machine guns so you can get tense for it and things like that yeah 200 rounds for two zm7 sure you gonna be very long I need to drop a deuce Oh hurry up then and the Widowmaker and the Widowmaker is normally 499,000 for the Widowmaker yep and as you can tell it also has various tunes available no other real modifications for either weapon thank you all right let's hit it so here's our Widowmaker it is deadly takes out cars in no time boom and the widow man holy hell burger I should say this is more of your assault rifle style as you can tell it does not blow up the vehicle as quickly but again it's more of your assault rifle style and this is more of your mortar minigun style I guess you could say sets fires nicely and like I said before the up and atomizer is now available for three and eighty nine and that's a great tool for for unsticking your your cell vehicles what they get stuck you can just blast them off of whatever stuck and sticking them and away Go Go Go news van Gogh never alright everybody and hope you guys enjoyed the biker businesses at double money this week and more arena war so we're gonna have to get back into the arena wire stuff to been so distracted with the holidays and the festive events and other vehicles so we're gonna get back in that's nice that they're continuing the double money for all this period of time there's a lot of people don't get to enjoy these things at the holidays a lot of people take vacations at this time of year and things like that so it's good that they're keeping those double money going a little bit longer gotta go LSPD wasn't me oh no we won't that one we want business for number two where did he go he disappeared alright everybody well thanks for watching our latest news so that's the news for January 8th ya think everybody I'm the missing sock thanks for watching thanks for being here thanks for liking thanks for subscribing and thanks to all my patreon fans we'll see you guys again soon for you next time probably for some more arena war but I do have some other vehicles to catch up on like the the b11 Strikeforce take care of ready see you again next time oh you have to put my horn back on I had a Christmas horn on here apparently it's gone and now I'm back to a stock horn no more weasel news commanding truck horn to fix that yeah no more decorations anywhere in town Oh God it's easier than everybody and I do have laid back grinding coming out later on tonight too we laid back I did some Levi's grinding on the terabyte mission so he can get an oppressor discount and I also did some really bad grinding while they had the CEO creaked missions at double money yeah that just ended last night so I managed to sell our large warehouse so if you guys want to check catch that that should be coming out later on tonight as soon as I can anyway take everybody okay oh yeah we wanted a horn right fix that perfect

  1. Hello Again Awesome Sock Fans!! Happy 'Tuesday Newsday' Everyone!! Double Money Continues For The "Arena War' Matches, And Now 2x GTA Cash For Biker Business Product Sells Too! The Big News Of The Day Though? Rockstar Has Released Two New Plasma Weapons! The 'Unholy Hellbringer' & The 'WidowMaker' Available For Everyone At Ammu-Nation Today! 😀
    Thanks For Being Here Everyone!! Thanks For Liking & Subscribing Too!! Thanks & Love To All Our Patreon Supporters!! 😀
    See You All Back Soon For More Laid Back Grinding Episodes & More! 🙂

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  2. DOUBLE MONEY ON "OKAY, WE'RE ATTEMPTING SOME DISCRETION AND PRETENDING WE'RE THE POSTAL SERVICE!" SELL MISSIONS!!!? Remind me again how in the flying Sock are these missions NOT REMOVED YET!!! Hopefully we get nothing but single truck Pounder missions! Oh who am I kidding, I can already see back to back Trash master, Dodo Plane, and everyone's favorite Brown Cynder block with shopping cart wheels….. Ugh!….Just thinking about it disgusts me! Awesome News update as always Sock! Nothing like a truck horn in a Weazel News Van to let bystanders know the Weazel News is onsite! From vehicular manslaughter to police chases Weazel News will cover it!… Even if they are the ones who caused it!

  3. Cops sees news van go into built in garage on the side of a nightclub and doesn't bother to pursue sure why not

  4. FYI if you get a friend to commend you from the options menu you can get up to iirc a 5% discount on the weapons for those that like to save a bit of money here and there.

  5. Honest question: How do you find the ability to stand in front of your car on the street of Los Santos without being sniped or having a car fly into going 100 MPH?

    Side note, great video! I am new to your channel and really enjoyed your presentation style!

  6. Last double money event for biker sell missions I made close to 20 mil but now it's back and I wanna see how much I can make now

  7. Awesome discounts! Im going to be picking up the issi classic and make it a cool little retro rally car. And im going to be getting the zentorno and make it matte black to like like a awesome bat mobile or something. That car is still pretty fast against modern cars in game for when it was made and the price. The hydra is a nice jet as well but i just got the rogue so i don’t think I’ll get it. I also have my mc businesses and my nightclub running while i watch. Thanks for the news sock great video as always! 😀

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