1. Ay anyone remembers when people would rob gas stations while shouting in their mics? Ahh good old days😁😁

  2. I rather do the other repo missions in the amount of time it takes to finish a survival u can make more doing the other repo missions stay away from that

  3. The fence next to the brickade should destructible. Destroy it, and burn the wheels on the brickade until it rotates itself out. And boom, easy gtfo. Unless they made those indestructible for the mission

  4. I no longer get angry at Lester when he calls me an idiot for trying to get him to call the cops off of me, considering that i stole tens of millions off of him at the airport xD

  5. The 3 new missions working solo. The RV one and the Cargobob ones can be done solo and are pretty fun. The GTA Today II is impossible solo playing hard level. I'm going to try it normal once but I wouldn't recommend it solo.

  6. for the RV mission?,you forgot the Up n Atomizer? silly Ghillie lol,and yeah survivals having 3x is really insane since now you get 30k for finishing 10 waves so with the multiplier you get 90k plus you can lvl up a ton with new characters.they could make the survivals have difficulties and of course adjust the rewards and RP according to how easy or hard it is

  7. I really want that chernobog to go on discount honestly. So tired of just having the tank and thruster. I want more heavy artillery dammit

  8. Beware lots of players taking the piss in survivals this week, joining n keep dieing on purpose, ive got a special treat 4 these types of players!! Am luvvin the tripple money survivals give it a go 😉

  9. Anyone else hoping for a sea DLC? One with submarines that would work similar to the avenger or MOC?

  10. Did they nerf the heavy sniper cause now it takes 3 shot to kill some or there's just a lot of moded accounts with alot of health

  11. is the new Principe Deveste Night car any good im poor and dont want to waste money if its not worth it

  12. Terrorbyte mission + headhunter = $50,000

    Less than ten min. But sure, maybe the missions are fun?

  13. I actually enjoy doing Cargobob (check my channel), but yeah I’ll be spending my time in survival this week.

  14. I've noticed that Gta 5 is a wonderful game to watch, just not to play. I'm flat broke in the online since I started a new character. And many of you will probably say "Oh, just do your bunker resupplies and stuff. You can get up to 1M on those!" yeah, well I need to have money to buy the fuckin bunker. Back on what I said at the start, it's great to watch people play and enjoy with all of the money they have, but it's not fun when you're flat broke and watching all of the other players have fun with their ridiculous amounts of money.

  15. When you get into the brickade all you have to do is drive backwards over that junk car and you’ll go over that container and you’re free

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