GTA 5 Online Save Millions  (Rockstar Newswire Update)

hello everybody my name is drew Reaper thanks for tuning into my channel and in today's video I'm going to be going over a important announcement from the Rockstar news wire first off my apologies for not having a link in the description of this because my PC is a potato with Intel Inside written on it so with that being said let me just jump straight into it this is how to save millions of dollars in GTA online but it's for a short time only from September 9th through the 15th roxtor announced on their news wire earlier today that there will be GTA online bonuses this week 50% off of all yachts properties offices and double GTA money and RP on a particular playlist so that's pretty good I mean if you don't already have like an office space or something like that well first off the double GTR GTA money and RP this is how to you know get some easy money and some easy RP rank up pretty quick excuse me it's some adversary modes to kind of mimic like football or whatever so there's running back to cross the line for and inch-by-inch 3 those are all in a playlist and it says to just jump right into the action just hit that versary mode prompt on the GTA v launch screen or enter bus selecting adversary modes 9 from the rockstar playlist and the pause menu so there's that then they have half off all yachts plus discounts on customizations so you can save pretty big money that way dock T's is offering 50% off all galaxy super yachts guess whichever one you want to get you'll have half off of it and then 25% off the things like chrome fittings color combinations lighting and and such as that then there's also off that bit I can't talk and then there's also half off all offices and properties plus discounts on their interior designs so if you don't already have a CEO office now might be the time to grab one because like I said you can save millions of dollars between the yachts and the properties and then there's also half off of cargo bobs and the valkyries war stock cash-and-carry and then there's also a 25% off the Banshee 900 our upgrade now I'm not sure if this includes the 25% upgrade on when you first purchase the car or not but I know it's on the 900 or upgrade so that's the significant savings and then you're going to need that car to participate in this week's premium race the downtown Loop is locked to the 900 or so this week's premium race is stunt race features the popular downtown loop and is set to the Banshee 900 are true to its name with a series of loops corkscrews and jumps set in downtown Los Santos this premium stunt race features payouts for the top three finishers and triple RP for all participants to hop right into this high-stakes action enter via a quick job app or visit the yellow premium race blip at Legion square so there you go I might try this premium race I've been trying to get into a few of the premium races but for whatever reason I seem to not be able to get into not enough people join or whatever so I get tired of just sitting there waiting so there you go if you haven't looked at rockstars newswire head on over there to see the full article like this video if there was something about it that you liked subscribe if you're new to my channel because each new subscriber I give a free diving lesson to you I'm changing it up from cartwheel lessons we're gonna offer diving lessons from their own so you get free diving lessons if you subscribe if for each new subscriber drop a comment in the comments down below that makes you let me know what you think about these bonus week and the playlists the adversary modes I guess so there you go with all that being said like comment subscribe if you new thank you all for watching and please stay tuned I hope I included everything in there there's anybody still listening at this point waste the Italian Randy

  1. Bought a office for the wifes character and a new apartment. Just wish the garages were on sale. Do they ever go on sale? Great Video thanks

  2. hey bro one nice video and two i will be more than happy to make your thumbnails for you. if you have skype that would be the easiest way to give you the thumbnail.

  3. Ahh for fuck sake of course rockstar would do a discount over yachts now when I don't have Xbox live dammit

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