GTA 5 Online Casino DLC Update - Rockstar Preparing To Reveal The Diamond Resort & MORE! (GTA 5 DLC)

  1. Regarding the casino, it would be mad if there was like a outdoor patio outside on the side showcased at 2:05 overlooking the racetrack and like people could have all sorts of races and bet on it.

  2. Dude you are pathetic this is not even the location for the casino you are full of shit how can you even live like that…

  3. his contentisactuallypureclickbaitdontwatchhimbecausehehasnoncarguydiseasedontwatchhimnowbecausehewillshityourassok?pleasestopnextteimoreleziwillflackyhosfudesconsemtsutffandtinhgsyouhavetwostraphiremrightnowanduhavetoundertandwhatmisay…

  4. Having twitch prime, you will be able to claim a penthouse, 1.25m, and some other stuff for free. Must be claimed by the end of the day July 19th

  5. How many videos can one person make? I swear I lose brain cells every time he releases a new video. Its the same shit over and over.

  6. Everybody talking about the amount of vids now 😂😂 wait till it actually comes out😂😂😂😂

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