Greta Thunberg to politicians: ‘We’re fighting for everyone’s future’

We know that most politicians
don’t want to talk to us. Good. We don’t want to talk
to them either. [Laughter] We want them to talk
to the scientists, instead. Listen to them
because we are just repeating what they are saying
and have been saying for decades. Just unite behind the science:
that is our demand. When many politicians talk
about the school strike for the climate, they talk about
almost anything except for the climate crisis. Many people are trying to make
the school strikes a question of whether we are
promoting truancy or whether we should go back
to school or not. They don’t want to talk
about it because they know
they cannot win this fight because they know they haven’t
done their homework but we have. Some people say that we are
fighting for our future. But that is not true. We are not fighting for our future. We are fighting for
everyone’s future. And if you think that we should
be in school instead, then we suggest that you take
our place in the streets, striking from your work
or, better yet, join us so we can speed up
the process. And I am sorry, but saying
everything will be alright while continuing doing nothing
at all is just not hopeful to us. In fact, it’s the opposite of hope. And yet, this is exactly what
you keep doing. You can’t just sit around,
waiting for hope to come. Then you are acting like
spoiled, irresponsible children. You don’t seem to understand
that hope is something you have to earn. And if you still
say that we are wasting valuable lesson time, then let me
remind you that our political leaders have wasted decades through
denial and inaction. And since our time is running out,
we have decided to take action. We have started to clean up
your mess and we will not stop until we are done. Thank you.

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  2. The child has already been born that will perish due to catastrophic climate change. Every person on Earth has a carbon footprint and places demands on the Earth's fast disappearing resources. We have a population problem. In order for the ecosystem and man himself to survive, we must begin now to reduce the world's population to a sustainable level by making education free and contraception free. If we fail to reduce the world's population ourselves then mother nature will do it for us in the most horrible way. We are running out of time to stop climate change and save the world as we know it. Please stop having kids. They have no future.

  3. Why not fight for your country which is being over run by mass immigration like many other European countries. Because that will be the end of your future and all Europeans!! Loss of culture and identity!!

  4. This is one of, if not the most important speech in the history of humankind. It's a pity it wasn't all included in the video. Greta Thunberg hit every base in a very incisive way. Why hasn't anyone else said this so clearly before? If only our leaders possessed a fraction of this insight, clarity, sincerity and wisdom.

  5. Try and tell the emerging world economies that are trying to pull themselves out of the third world to mind their carbon footprint. How does she and her schoolmates propose we stop global warming? I get her message but it's so naive.

  6. If only we had more conspiracies to improve people's lives and less negativity from people who have never done anything for anyone other than themselves. Go Greta, you are a bright light on a dark horizon.

  7. This generation and the past ones have, basically, lost their sense of humanity and our sensitivity, we are driven my pleasure, which is empowered by greed and selfishness. So how a selfish individual and society can care for their children's future, so if we don't care about our children's future why we should be concerned about nature? You used the word EVIL, which is a right to word to use to describe the condition that we are in, there is a saying "CORRUPTION HIGHEST GOOD IS THE GREATEST EVIL". Watch all these corrupt politicians and so called religious people around the world, you may say that we are not evil, but these highly educated people, who are producing and executing these policies are.

  8. The left is trying to take away gun rights in the USA using children. For me red flags go up when I see kids being used to push a political agenda. It is sad parents don't let their kids just be kids. I just don't understand who would take political advice from someone so inexperienced.

  9. Can someone please silence her??
    And before you start a war on me, read about her father´s occupation……..

    I am sick and tired of her and the hassle pople create about her.

  10. Thank you Greta for everything you do. That you listen to the scientists when the politicians don't. You see what is happening to the world and dare speak the truth. You inspire people to take action <3

  11. the useless politicians probably just say….she is a Naive child who doesn't understand the monetary system and why we can't do what she wants.

  12. Là ils vont kiffer les bobos parisiens, une gamine blindé qui donnent des leçons de morale à tout le monde et a ces salauds de pauvres qui polluent, moi perso je préfère qu'on s'occupe des gens qui crèvent la dalle et qui dorment dans la rue et dans les bagnoles, ou peut-être ces retraités qui fouillent dans les poubelles pour bouffer, j'ai pas les moyens d'être de gauche et se soucier du climat, alors que les plus gros pollueurs que son les USA, la Russie et la Chine en ont rien à foutre de la planète, c'est pas moi comme la majorité des gens qui ne prennent pas de jet privés qui polluent le plus.

  13. I hate it when I hear undeniable truths that I am responsible on behalf of my generation for ignoring. I have been aware of the climate crisis for decades and have done nothing much. Relying on political leaders to do something is like asking the Fox to fix the henhouse.

  14. She is right and very inspiring. The degradation and abuse of our natural environment is greatly imperiling to us. There is a fascinating book on this called "The Great Waves of Change" (dot org) available free online. It's a real wake up call.

  15. We are allowing ourselves and nature to be destroyed by selfishness. Globalism is materialism and consumerism. It’s a false progress. What must be globalized is our concern for each other and nature. The state of the planet is our responsibility. The laws of nature and the laws of economics are in conflict. Author unknown

  16. She is cleaning up a mess she did not make. She is sacrifying her education to fight something she is not responsible for. What is even the point with learning to shape her mind when what we will all need very soon if things remain the same are survival skills and an unbreakable hope. We know a civilization is on the verge of dying when even children are almost hopeless and see no future in it. When the lightest hearts do not see hope, this is when we know, we are doomed unless we change our way. I hear more and more stories of children( just kids) declaring: “how to live in a world that is dying?” Or “what does future mean when the present time is synonym of self-destruction”? The new generation has no hope for us, for all of us.

  17. The young tend to have more of a future to look forward to. I'm glad to see their not going to let the " adults" game of denial and avoidance prevent them from speaking out. Remember kids, it won't be long before it's your turn to make the decisions on how our cultures are organised. I'm sure the young lady speaking on this video gives the minority of adults, those whom genuinely want to make the necessary political changes, hope. Hope that the old established way of degrading our ecosystem and polluting the planet will eventually become as outdated as stone age axes.

  18. She's Absolutely correct, now the actions will begin at an individual level.

    an open solution for every human being on the planet : to reduce our carbon footprint and toxic footprint of any kind to zero, we should plan a living in 100% self sufficient, regenerative and sustainable Eco-village communities. This is completely possible if we have a will. It is practical.

  19. Greta Thunberg tells EU: your climate targets need doubling ►

  20. I feel we people (not the politicians) who belong to the era of Woodstock were not as greedy as the later generation that came afterward us. This later generation loves to show-off and loves to brag of their possessions that has turned the world into a use-and-throw society rather than one that is made-to-last. From a senior citizen.

  21. A very vague lecture. What is she even saying.? Nothing has been done? She doesn't count Germany's, and Spain's huge solar power investments or green tech all around the world?
    The only way to stop global warming would be to stop burning fossil fuels , which would crash the world's economy instantly. What a self righteous little brat.! People like her attitude? I don't get it.

  22. Reminder that over 90% of all pollution and emissions in the world comes from China, India, and Africa.

    Reminder that a majority of foreign aid goes directly to feeding people and occasional medical aid rather than building up any infrastructure, resulting in the explosion from a few hundred million in these areas to over a billion.

    Reminder that a lot of sources of emissions and pollution aren't even brought up or measured in statistics, such as ones that originate from the various militaries around the world and certain companies which are exempt.

    Reminder that the earth has both been warmer and had a higher amount of greenhouse gases in the past.

    Reminder that earth is not static, and has always had different climates and species in different eras.

    Reminder that a majority of the efforts surrounding greenhouse gases revolves around buying and selling emission rights, which are inaccessible to the average person, and thus effectively act as a currency within the existing system that is hidden from the average person with no way to track or monitor for corruption or illicit bargains.

    Reminder that whilst they're panicking over emissions they're almost completely ignoring the actual problems such as the recently documented 40% drop in sperm cell quantity and quality in men in the west since 1970 which was published by an Israeli university, and likely is caused by birth control pills polluting water sources, since estradiol and others are notoriously difficult to filter out of water systems.

    Reminder that the UN IPCC reports have been riddled with errors in the past, and also refused to remove the names of authors who have requested to be removed from their list of citations due to being cited erroneously or out of context.

  23. Clear as a bell! What does challenge mean? Forgetting to buy both sugar and honey when to have guests or forgetting to bring cash when bringing your charged phone to a store accepting swish? Or summers without rain, dying polar bears, air causing asthma and so on and so on?

  24. This 16 year old is a lioness. She doesn't pull any punches and @ the same time she's NOT grandstanding or exaggerating. She is just that rare adult in the room who is getting right to the point in a way that is inspiring and refreshing. SO done with the syrupy-speak from our politicians. To hear a real person – a young girl – speaking like more of a grown up then most of our politicians combined – a beautiful thing!

  25. Greta deserves a role in world leadership. We need to stop kissing these moron politicians asses, and clean up the F**king mess.

  26. Look up *The 1978 Coming Ice Age on you tube, narrated by Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek Fame. This was another scare campaign that told us all we were going to freeze to death and that the world had been cooling dangerously over the previous 40 years. This silly little girl has been indoctrinated by her parents and promoted by wildly by activists. She talks about all the money being made by Fossil Fuels…. but the really huge investments are being made by stinking rich companies investing heavily into renewables. Follow the new money and see who stands to gain as people's power prices skyrocket.
    Fossil Fuels currently maintain a reliable BASE LOAD of power as renewables can't get near handling this load at present. I'm not against progress but (unless we go to Nuclear Power which btw has ZERO emissions but doesn't fit the Greenies logic or agenda) we would be wise to wait until we have the trusted tech to be certain a base load of power can be maintained*

  27. No surprise Greta Thunberg has been suggested for a Nobel Price. No surprise at all, since she is a direct descendant of Svante Arrhenius, who received a Nobel Price in 1903, was a co-founder of the Nobel Price Institute along with Alfred Nobel, was the director of the Nobel Price Institute until his death and was the guy who scientifically investigated Climate Change. It is even less of a surprise that Greta is being used to advertise Climate Change, with her parents being financially involved into businesses with CO2 shares.

    Do you now only hear the bell or are you beginning to hear the gong?

  28. Yes, let's sit around and complain all day instead of working hard and educating ourselves, surely that will solve our problems.

  29. lol the climate scam. CO2 was higher when the dinosaurs lived. The temperatures go up and down as time goes.

  30. Thank you so much! I'm an old man. The future is in the hands of young people. We need such brilliant, articulate, hopeful leaders & activists such as you. Stay the course. Continue to shine your light. Yuwakhan (Lakota for "May you be blessed".)

  31. So, as the statistics show that the the earth is actually getting cooler, shouldn't we be running all the thinkable factories and plants on full power, spewing out as much pollution as possible out there, to make the planet warmer? This is just using the same logic as she does.

    Stop breathing → no CO₂. Very simple.

    All the companies advocating for "reducing or compensating carbon footprints", "global warming" and other abysmally feeble-minded bullsh*t:


  32. Why is it that she speaks English better than native anglophone children? (Unless someone else wrote her speeches and she regurgitated them word for word)

  33. She Greta Thunberg is just a puppet. There are Adults behind control her. Obviously, a 16 years old girl speak too much political language. She is just a tool.

  34. NO She is NOT not fighting for anyone's future she works with the UN and BIG OIL and their
    Carbon credit. "Why Big Oil Conquered the World."

  35. Future galaxy travelers on tour have started crossing off
    their itinerary a world not to visit, the planet that is third from the sun,
    because it’s on the verge of committing suicide, how, you may ask? by plastic…
    by the year 2020, if they continue as they are now there will be no stopping
    them then…or ever…it will be in their air and in their food and in their
    blood…and most of all in their pocket books…just ask Greta Thunberg and so many
    others of her age…if you think the current generations are making too much
    noise concerning climate change and such, just wait until the Gen Alfa’s take
    control of the bullhorn…you ain’t heard nothing yet…

  36. We need to stop giving these ignorant brats like Greta and those that invaded Nancy Pelosi's office a hearing.

    Greta talk to some industry people who understand what your climate hysteria cause in term of cost, pain and starvation.

  37. Just another political agitator. Lots of arrests and disruption. Over what? There is no warming. Send her to juvenile prison.

  38. Global warming.. global warming . Wait a minute it's cold outside.. Climate change climate change… climate change….

  39. She's amazing and funny .she should team up with matlala and cruise the world like the Valkerie s .hopefully they can stop the termites and plankton producing 50 times more co2 than the human race

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