Grassy Park, South Africa on BBC News – 15 April 2009 [HQ]

(BBC News theme tune plays) (paper rustling) South Africa’s preparing for what’s being described as
the most important elections since the end of Apartheid, and the dominant issues for all parties are
soaring unemployment and crime levels. Those problems are at their most acute near Cape Town where
the murder rate and gang related crime have turned the city
into one of the world’s most violent places. Our Africa correspondant, Andrew Harding,
reports from an area called “Grassy Park” which is on the outskirts of Cape Town. We’re driving into one of South Africa’s
most dangerous neighbourhoods, This is gangsters paradise Our guide Shane has been a
gang leader here for years In prison, um, I’ve hurt quite a few people stabbed them in the face, or shot somebody you know, something like that but, yeah, that’s how I earn my respect – Hi
– How are you? Yeah alright Shane has brought us to territory controlled by The American gang, they specialise in drug dealing and robbery We steal cars, we rob, we do everything This is my knife How many people have you stabbed with that? With this?
I don’t know, I can’t count… …round about maybe, 30 I like to stab You like stabbing? Yeah Why? Huh? Why? Because I was stabbed Face to face with South Africa’s
seemingly unstoppable crime wave How are gangsters affected by the recession? They’re gonna more cases,
more murderers, more rapists Are you already seeing more people without jobs… – Yes
– …wanting to join your gangs?
– Yes – They are, every day there’s a person coming
– Young people like this Suddenly they start demanding money for drugs, we leave fast (speaking Afrikaans) On the streets nearby, idle crowds,
this country’s growing under class There’s about 50% unemployment in this area So the government hasn’t delivered
here, for the majority The government really, I don’t think that the government has delivered for the majority, the evidence is there (children singing) With half the adult population here
unemployed, and 80% of them in gangs, it’s inevitable that a lot of these children
are gonna end up in the same boat (Shane rapping) But Shane, our guide, has proved
it is possible to escape, quitting his gang for a new career
as a truck driver and rap singer Like, um, gangsters believe that there’s
no way out but it’s not like that, there’s a way out… Just to keep clean, stay positive, drug free
& just make the best of, and success of life I’m busy doing a… Andrew Harding, BBC News, Cape Town subtitling by Salem874

  1. yes its not grassy park at all but parkwood estate. i suppose while that is not everyones reality, it is life for too many people in cape town. still, you'll find something like that everywhere in the world. Not quite as gam, LOL, but something close enough. And dont fool yourself, LA is a nasty place to be.

  2. Wat ironic contrast: Drugs and kilings yet the children luk so happy, gang members are becoming singers. N y go to the sickest places of Cape twn? Cape town is huge and amazingly beautiful. Its as if other countries dnt hav gangs and places like this. I hate thes media reports/reporters coz they make our country seem as if Its a constant massacre. Dey NEVER report anything gud abt our country yet der are more gud stories than there are bad stories to report. The international world is misled

  3. Hey Bro,

    Sorry to inform you, but there not many good stories to come out of South Africa.

    I left SA because of crime and have been mugged 3 times! So don't post crap dude.

    South Africa is riddled with crime … so until such time as you get that under control South Africa will never prosper!

  4. Its amazing how many of you people who claim to have left SA all have been mugged 3, 4, 5 times, others even claim they had to remove dead bodies on their lawn each morning. Yet Iv lived in SA for 19 years and mugged only once 7 years ago and iv never spoken face to face with some 1 that claims all these stories that people claim on youtube. Its as if theres an imaginary South Africa that people are making up and Dont say theres not many good stories to come out of SA. You know thats a lie.

  5. I lived in SA for 33 years, and after 3 muggings, my sister's house being burgled and other numerous atrocities committed against good friends I decided to leave.

    I refuse to live in a country where the government refuses to admit that there is a crime problem.

    What, exactly is there to report on that is good? That will ease the World's mind that SA is on the road to recovery.

    To be honest, nothing.

  6. Xenophobic attacks … people being followed home from their daily routines to be killed in their driveways, whilst others are preyed upon in their homes, not being able to defend themselves as the law protects the criminal, not the one being violated.

    Come on … give me a break. Once your eyes are opened and all the propoganda the ruling government is washed away, you will see through all the lies.

  7. I therefore challenge you to post the GOOD stories right here for all of us to see then … or at least post links.

    You know they are far and few between.

    SA is fast becoming a second Zimbabwe.

    The sooner the ruling party pull their fingers out their asses and realize they are no god and that they are there to serve the people, stop the crime and corruption and start SERVING the people, things will improve.

  8. But that will never happen, because BEE and BBBEE and Affirmative Action first need to rape the country of all its assets and resources in the name of "rectifying the wrongs of apartheid". What a load of crap. It's reverse apartheid and SA is suffering because of it.

    BTW, I never claimed that I had to remove dead bodies from my lawn each morning, so don't generalize. Thank-you

  9. Part1

    Sir, Speak for the white community coz thats all you care about but for the MAJORITY of the people that REALLY NEEDED CHANGE, people that were murdered by white policemen for fun, domestic workers and black women that were raped by their bosses and would never face charges, communities that were intentionally made dysfunctional and did not even have street names or roads, people living in extreme poverty and had no hope….

  10. Part2

    people that were TOTALLY deprived of certain privileges and opportunities coz of their color, terrible education systems that trained you to become an employee and never an employer and people that experienced dogs getting better treatment than them as a human being, those are the people that can proudly say there are good stories to be told about south africa. I am one of them. For you that is ''nothing'' right? Well good for you.

  11. Part3

    Please tell me what youd have done if you were the president. what would you substitute BEE and AA with, keeping in mind that you were working on a goal to bridge the gap between rich and poor.

  12. probably not.

    two wrongs don't make a right

    so by instituting BEE and AA the government has instituted reverse racism and have justified it by blaming apartheid.

    Stop BLAMING white people and get over everything.

    The ANC has done more damage to the country since being in power than any other government. The Xenophobic attacks earlier this year … was that the white man's fault?

    Why is there no electricity, water, education, medication? Ask the government … not me.

  13. i worked for government and saw how the politicians lied and cheated and stole.

    Is that right? Or are you going to say they did that because of apartheid.

    GET OVER IT. That's in the PAST!!!!
    Stop living in the past … stop teaching your children about past things … MOVE FORWARD.

    Unless you stop this useless nonsense of blaming apartheid for everytime something goes wrong, South Africa will become another Zimbabwe! Simple as that.

    There are more murders, more crime, more rapes now!!!

  14. i don't speak for the white majority … oh, and we are the MINORITY.

    Don't forget that it was your ANC Youth League President who stood up in front of thousands of black youths and told them it's OK to kill, to murder, to steal … but they just mustn't let the police catch them. What was done … NOTHING!

    Is it any wonder then that South Africa has the highest crime rate?

    Jail is a 5-star hotel … meals, education, gym …
    Criminals don't deserve that … they deserve NOTHING.

  15. But thanks to the ANC … CRIME PAYS!!!

    No-one ever gets put in jail … and if they do, they have a holiday.

    Crime should be punishable by death … simple as that. Then there won't be any crime in South Africa!

    But the government won't do that … they won't have anybody to believe their lies!

    Get a grip on reality … ok?

  16. Part1?
    lol its easy for a white person to come and say 'forget the past' coz you are not the one that is affected by it. Many black kids are not in schools(colleges&univ) TODAY coz their parents never got education & the4 dont aford fees, their parents(our grandparents) couldnt afford their fees either coz they were domestic servants and were kept like dat forever. Who should be blamed for that? If results are, without any other choice, still experienced today, how do you forget the past then?

  17. Part2
    Its true that the white government did good things for the country and all that but who was enduring those? Only white people, which made things much easy. It never cared about the rest. Crime today is more open than what it was during those days but i can tell u one thing, crime is nothing compared to what it was in those days. The government made sure that its only in the black township and showed false stats, hiding reality of what was up in black societies.

  18. Part3
    I know that the goverment has under perfomed but saying it has done nothing is madness coz I wouldnt be chatting to u today. Many if the problems that black the government is dealing with were ignited by apartheid goverment. More Blacks than today had no electricity, water, education, medication and there were more attackes between black and back people which the white goverment enjoyed and never wanted it to stopped but made worse. So yes we blame the past there too.

  19. Part4
    Our opinions may coz you have a different experience and while i would allow you to say the black goverment has done nothing for you, i wont allow you to say it hasnt done anythng for the whole of south africa. We needed to see change for the better, we are seeing it, there are still problems but they are better than the problems that we had in those days certain people were living in heaven. Now its time to live in reality and if you left, cheerio bye bye, one less thing to worry abt.

  20. sure, one less thing to worry about … but until such time as black people change their attitude and stop playing the blame game, nothing will ever change in south africa.

    Everytime something goes wrong the black people look for someone or something to blame.

    So, get rid of all the white people, then, when SA becomes Zimbabwe, blame YOURSELVES!

  21. I don't deny SA needed a change.

    That never gave the black government the right to steal money, buy R2 million cars, R5 million houses (or more?) and just continue stealing from the people

    If the ANC is supposed to be FOR the people, then why is there still no water, electricity, schools, medicine, roads, jobs????

    Oh, it's the WHITE MAN's fault … right?

    WRONG! Get out of that backward mentality and start thinking about the future!

  22. The longer you vote for the ANC, the more corruption, crime, murder, rape and other problems will plague SA.

    The death penalty needs to be reinstated … but the ANC won't do that, because, as DaSlug32 already said, the ANC have allowed criminals to vote, so they will never lose an election.

    Well, GOOD LUCK to you mate … when SA explodes one day because of all the crime, murder and wars between the Zulus and Xhosas, call me and tell me it was the White Man's fault, ok?

  23. Without the so-called "white-man" you wouldn't have housing, you wouldn't have electricity, you wouldn't have cars, you wouldn't have cellphones, you wouldn't have computers or internet, you wouldn't have ANYTHING …

    You'd still be living in a rondavel in the veld somewhere … herding sheep or cattle.

    Nothing wrong with that, but the African nation would not be as developed as it is were it not for the Dutch, French, British, Chinese, Germans and other nations!!!

  24. Part1

    Who said the white government was not corrupt? Do research and see my good friend. What do you mean they still not there? when last did u check? oh i know what youve been reading, News papers. well they will never give u a full story so if you wana know more and balance ur one sided brain, youll have to research. They gave you all the stats on how many people die in a day, do they tell you how many black millionaires have emerged from the townships since 1994?….

  25. Part2

    do they tell you how many houses have been built since 1994? Do they tell you how many shopping malls you can find in the townships today? Did they tell you how many white families live in the townships today? Did they tell you how many new schools have been built since then? how many surbub style houses can be found in townships, how many black youth have their own companies? NO!!! So go to the township 1st and see coz you wont see it written any where.

  26. Part3

    Like i said, life was good 4 u in those days because you were living fake lives, now reality strikes where everyone needs to work hard, togather for their country. Everyone needs to be involved in combating the problems that we are facing but no, some people want to run away coz they not strong enough to fight the war. Who shld be blamed that certain people lived unreal lives and when its time to live reality and start again properly they run? would we be here had it started properly?

  27. Part4
    You mean wed be HAPPILY livinig in rondavels but now we not, and did we ask the white man to come and develop us? NO! So who should we blame again? hahaha. You still havent answered my q on what you would have done if you were president and wanted to brigde the huge gap between rich and poor i.e black and white. What would you have done to replace BEE and AA? Also, if you say the whites developed us with cars and internet etc, wat makes you think they didn't develop our kind of thinking?

  28. No black millionaires have emerged from the townships because Zuma, Ramaphosa and all the others have stolen the money! That's why.

    Why do you think there's no electricity? Because they can't get enough money! That's why. They keep selling electricity to Zimbabwe (Uncle Bob) and Mozambique.

    I worked for Government … so need you telling me these things … I SAW them!

    Wasting money on food, accommodation, cars, clothing … what about the poor? Why do they still starve?

  29. I have been to a number of townships, fed the poor, clothed the poor all part of charity and church work. What have YOU done? Firstly, the only reason why South Africa is failing is because the people running it are all liars, cheats, corrupt and deserve to be hanged in a gallows. Secondly, the PEOPLE don't have skills because they are lazy. They don't want to learn, work or do anything. BUT, they do want the houses, the cars, the money and status. Well, that doesn't come without hard work!

  30. Ok, how do you bridge the gaps?
    Firstly, treat everyone EQUALLY … if someone wants to work in a particular job, you TRAIN them, you don't just give them the job, the money, the house, the car and they can't do the work. What's the point?
    But this is exactly what the ANC has done … following Uncle Bob … ha ha ha
    Zimbabwe here we come!

  31. Finally, when South Africa explodes in civil war and the Zulu's and Xhosa's start killing each other off … please do me a favor:


    Oh, FYI … most of the black tribes in SA are foreigners who were not there before the Dutch colonized South Africa. They moved down to South Africa from further up north in Africa because of the promise of work, food, etc.

    So, the land actually belongs to the San, Khoi and smaller black tribes!!!!!!!!

  32. so u'v just proven that you wouldnt have done any better if you were president, the country would have been 500times worse. Youve also proven that you dont know much about south africa, all you know are the paper articles and S.A, just like any other country has more to it that news paper and tv stories. Research before you talk about something coz right now you just mumbling and u can see urself. If you wana know what ive done for my people, do research on me and theres still more im gona do.

  33. so, ye with so much knowledge and experience, how much better would you have done?
    Just because I would NOT have done what the current government does, makes me a failure. Get a life!
    Any wonder SA is in all the trouble it is in?
    Yeah, i know SA through the newspapers, tv reports and through speaking with people who still live there.
    Remember, I've lived there over 30 years, you're only been there 19 years … so who has more experience?

  34. there have been very few houses built since 1994 … all empty promises just to win votes.
    No black millionaires from the townships because the policitians have stolen all the money for themselves a-la-Robert Mugabe!
    Again, very few schools, hospitals and other necessary resources have been supplied because the politicians lied to get into power.

  35. what exactly do you do for the country?

    again, I worked for government, I ensured that people got the basic resources they required.

    your kind of thinking was always there … the victim mentality. You are victims of your own greed and unforgiveness

  36. so, when my friends were badly hurt in the St. James' Church attack in the 90's, which was done by BLACK people, what happened?
    Where were the black people to hunt them down and punish them? Oh, I forgot, it was ok to do that. It's ok for black people to kill, rape, steal and commit other crimes.
    You cripple SA by striking .. pathetic. You're too lazy to work. Your people just want to strike to get their own way.
    I doubt very much the 2010 World Cup will be succesful …

  37. I live in Grassy Park and the BBC should stop stereotyping my community. Philip Bam and others do alot of good, yet they quote and interview who is killing and selling us out. (Just saw that I typed incorrectly, sorry Mr Bam). From your footage it looks like this is Parkwood by the way, YOU STUPID VARKE …

  38. bloody hell!!! im from Grassy park and this is NOT grassy park in this video clip…. thats Parkwood……….Philip Bam should have told those reporters…Grassy park is a very calm friendly neighbourhood…ive lived there my whole life… have 2 sons 18 and 11 and they not gang members or do drugs…

  39. @missHiggins1 well now i understand that from watching this video, how is everything going over there right now?

  40. When white people were in power,l dont remember seeing things like this, now poverty is getting worse, corruption is worser ,almost everything is worse anyway,black people are sleeping too much, after they finish suffering they will wake up and change the goverment,l dont feel sorry for nobody only my family

  41. This clip really makes me question BBC whenever I watch it these days, they've got the area completely wrong. They're in Parkwood and Grassy Park isn't nearly as bad as this.

    Strange that they mess it up when they went into the area themselves and even found it on Google Earth.

  42. To all those of you who have been defending SA in these comments, please tell me how SA is going to pay back the BILLIONS of DOLLARS it owes for the Soccer World Cup?
    Or will the current government hope that the people it owes money to will just forget about it … seeing as they've used most of that money to line their pockets again?!
    I had the misfortune of being in SA in Dec '10 and saw firsthand the crap the Gov is up to … a Youth Summit that cost R69 Million?! What for?

  43. ACMRICHARDS1 … sure, we're leaving, in our droves, but along with us goes the experience, knowledge, contacts and money! Very soon SA will be like the rest of the African countries being run by dictators and the general public are going to be worse off for it!
    Maybe it's time SA had those all important talks with Uncle Bob and Zimbabwe, that way you can be ruled by a true hero!

  44. @FunkyJazzMuso75 Actually Zuma does not run the Western Cape. The Western Cape and The City of Cape Town – under which Grassy Park falls is run by the Democratic Alliance – a White Party whom coloureds and white voted into power. Hellen Zille and her crew runs the show here. Please informed properly – dont blame the ANC for something thats is not even their responsibility. The people need to look at who runs the city and make the right decisions at the voting station.

  45. @tufkid07 this sort of shit was happening when the whites were in charge..Cape Town and the entire Western Cape is being run by the DA and stuff like this is still happening..The sad thing with these people is that they were excluded during apartheid and are still being excluded now

  46. @babetiger99 I was thinking the same! its not grassy park! I stayed in Capricorn and Steenberg and still go there. i went to grassy park a lot but this is not grassy park.

  47. @babetiger99 this area is a 2 minute drive from grassy park. being a foreign student u obviously wouldnt know that lol. im south african and lived in the area shown. so i would know.

  48. @ruandanj I live in Cape Town and don't want to even begin to imagine what things must be like in the other provinces…

  49. Its not as bad they make it out to be. I have many friends who are now qualified with Degrees and good jobs, and yet they grew up in Grassy Park

  50. firstly grassy park is not a township its an area in cape town and the stories are over exaggerated and yes crime and drugs are bad in cape town but as far as i can see every country in the world has its own set of problems and for those who believe that the way the country is now was brought about from apartheid you are wrong because it was wrong but todays gov. is not right either (2 wrongs don't make a right)

  51. Hey homeboy! I've been in NYC's Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island…. I've smoked with niggaz in LA's Compton, Inglewood, LBC…. I've been in Cape Town's Grassy Park district in da video and some crazy motherfuckers in Joburg's Westbury Projex which gives me the right to let you know that NYC niggaz wud be soft lucious kids on those streets dodging snipers! South Africa's murder rate is 8 TIMES THAN HIGHER THAN USA! 50 MURDERS A DAY! TOP 3 MOST VIOLENT COUNTRIES ON THE PLANET! Look it up!

  52. lol,what you talking about dude….even a ten year old girl with a gun will literaly scared a grown ass man with a gun too!

  53. Cape town chilled place, so long you don't go into lavender hill, delft, parkwood and woodstock. Those places you get killed, where gangster rule. That why I stay in cozy white southern suburb.

  54. why do allow these people to expose the crimes here. they do it for bad publicity and you do it for 3 seconds of fame. foolish to let them in. crimes everywhere coz our people are under curses in the lowest positions and no one gives 2woods!!! rather focus on getting the true history of who we are rather than exposing such Kak!!!

  55. I've watched this video years ago. Firstly, Your location name is incorrect. That suburb you filmed is NOT Grassy Park – it is called Park wood.

    Parkwood is surrounded by the following suburbs – Fairways, Lotus River, Southfield, Goolhurst Estate and Grassy Park.
    BBC has definitely misrepresented Grassy Park. News should be accurate. Get Google Maps if your journalists unsure.

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