Government/County Contact Centers : Client Testimonial

I oversee over 30 call centers I manage
the technology for these centers and I research and found NovelVox to be the
one support with the condo with the different applications from ServiceNow
to Salesforce to Excel, so with the different applications with one product
there are so flexible we could have the different two agencies with the
different types of the business needs that they have. Working with the agents
instead of me trying to tell them what type of different browsers and tell them
to shut different browsers because they are in so many applications I was able
to say hey go into this one screen and click on the different tabs and there’s
all your information basically in one spot versus trying to go to different
browsers and tell them hey use Chrome for this application use IE for this one
they go in one spot and get all the applications using NovelVox. Not only
that with their support has been wonderful we need that with the
different urgencies that we have NovelVox support has been excellent it’s been
helping us tremendously it helps mine as me managing the technology to be able to
count on them to take some of that headache off myself knowing that they’re
gonna be very responsive and help and clear any issues that we have and they
know the urgency for the City and County of Denver with 3-1-1 and police records
and Public Works the different 30 agencies that we have there they’re a
phone call away. They’re very responsive the 27 years that I worked in
IT. Working with different vendors in response they’ve been there
they’re on top when I didn’t even expected them to come on-site they were there had
a engineer on-site to be able to help us through this versus trying to do
everything remotely their support it like again as me being a manager
that all the technology through all the different centers this helps eliminate
that piece that headache that we had With NovelVox, they are excellent


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