Gov. Cuomo Blasts Federal Government As New York Becomes Epicenter Of Outbreak | TODAY

  1. Seriously I believe telling your people lies, or not telling your citizens information that has that is crucial to lives of the people should be a crime. Circle talk, and worrying about your pockets is not needed. Why is no one locking Trump up or doing something. Seriously my mom, dad, and youngest son believe his mental game. My family is at risk because the leader of this country is a joke. He is evil plain and simple.

  2. You could give him a trillion dollars a day and he would still complain. That's all to make Trump look bad because Cuomo is running for president.

  3. You should have purchased them 5 years ago when the opportunity was there. I had high hopes for you, but you're just garbage like the rest of the politicians.

  4. I like how they are complaining they dont have masks and supplies….but they use supplies as his back drop. Cuomo is just as useless as his younger brother Freddo

  5. Stay away from him,because when God shoves the enema nozzle in,there no accounting for bit and pieces. At least he will have a theme song….."I'm in pieces,bits and pieces!"

  6. Stay away from him,because when God shoves the enema nozzle in,there no accounting for bit and pieces. At least he will have a theme song….."I'm in pieces,bits and pieces!"

  7. I like to see the way Blayne Alexander is reporting the news … looks like she's going to dance soon ….

  8. People need to open their eyes up. Things are getting accomplished every moment. It is gonna take time just like its gonna take time for us to get rid of this virus. A person can only do so much and all that is done always seems to be never enough. We need to stop complaining and let people do their jobs. I do hope we find a way to get rid of this nasty virus and also find a way to help those financialy. I wish we never seen or heard of the coranavirus. It has changed and hurt so many people and even have taken lives. The focus should be helping find a cure. Which I know they are trying hard. I just hope all of us stay safe and take precautions. Slowly but surely we will see better.

  9. This just shows how far the DemoCRAPS will go to try and make President Trump look bad. Cuomo had the chance to order but said he didn't want to and now trying to blame the President for not having them.

  10. Why do americans always wait for a man in a suit to tell them how to live…… Your lives are on the line and your not acting…… Dont wait for someone else to save your life….. Stay at home ffs…….

  11. which country has the global manufacturing capacity to the volume requested globally?….China…now is the time we start requesting and get the ventilator manufactured / shipped / received / allocated / prepped …. NOW is the Time !!!…don't wait anymore…pls….these are people's lives we are talking about….our parents / our grand parents / our brother & sisters / our kids….do it now pls…

  12. There wont be near the amount of people effected by this cold virus that he claims.Hes working for the democrats and spreading fear over nothing

  13. This Bozo knew he needed to purchase more ventilators years ago (look it up), but he and his fellow New Yorkers were too busy spending money on all of their social engineering projects. Now he and his followers are crying about what others aren't doing. This would be laughable if it wasn't so serious.

  14. Maybe he should take responsibility for his own city. Cuomo had the authority to enact measures earlier and chose not to. Let's not shift blame.


  16. Cuomo is a self-absorbed example of exactly who you do not want in any position of power. He waited to shut NY down. The mayor of NYC showed more leadership. Cuomo waited to respond, and while he was selling NY State hand sanitizer manufactured by prisoners, during a press conference, a panicked population overwhelmed, and crowded grocery stores, stripping the shelves of toilet paper, and spread the virus.

    This is Cuomo's World Series. He usually makes the most of a crisis. No crisis too small for this guy. He gets off on exercising his power. He is in it for his legacy and possible future presidential run.

    He's also obsessed with his father. He named a bridge after him.

  17. New Order
    they announced it in the economist
    All this has been planned.
    They want to break the world economy.
    Evil hands behind this.

  18. why are tv shows being taped still where the hosts stand too close to each other? Come on people? Too many are dying.

  19. Pence is not used to having anything to do except standing there and looking like mayonnaise. Lord help America.

  20. Why Don’t you go ask your wall street buddy’s to pitch in after all they did get a hefty bail out package of money!! Un responsible! Hey the rest of America needs ventilators, Your not America your New York!!! No 2ed amendment rights . Do you really think we’re gonna send you every ventilator In America get real

  21. Hey that guys talking abt us….florida ppl…..duhhhhh……what he say………lol brought to u in part by a drunk florida man

  22. They're being made in a hurry by the auto industry and even smaller manufacturers. Don't forget the Hydroxychloroquine C18 H28 CL N3 O5 S either.

  23. Federal government should blast Cuomo, and deblasio for being dumb and last to shutdown. A city packed like sardines and u waited this long to act?

  24. NY is a large State. NY should be helping ALL OF the smaller States, not DEMANDING help. YOU are the Federal govt, dummy.

  25. DeBlasio waited to the last minute to order and then blame the Federal Government.

  26. Ventilators cost $25,000.00 to $50,000.00 each and Cuomo is demanding 40,000 be delivered yesterday, which would require rounding up thousands of units from around the country that may be needed in other parts of the country and they so far have a need for a few hundred. Once again unprepared liberals want somebody else to give up for them because they are unprepared.
    I am sorry that due to their sanctuary policies, high number of AIDS patients, drug addicts and of course mismanagement/corruption that New Yorkers find themselves in this position but don't blame the federal government for what Democrats in NY failed to do.

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