GOP Senators Explain Why They Aren’t Watching The Hearings | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. You Really wanna know why? It's because they can't Stand our voices and opinions and facts, just as much as their voices make our skin crawl. See. Common ground.

  2. Yeah,, the impeachment of Clintn was so fair, with Starr and his team not only leaking like a sieve, but using those "leaks" spread lies.

  3. Republicans should be careful what they demand. Screaming for transparency and then upset when they get it? What a bunch of spoiled brats.

  4. If will be years…if ever…before I ever consider voting for another Republican.

    This current rotten crop of Republicans have exposed the HYPOCRISY of conservatives and Christians.

  5. There is no GOP. There is only Trump. They have lost a generation of Americans.

    Everyone remember to donate to Amy McGrath.

  6. Mitt Romney doesn’t know who he wants to be. He needs to figure out whether he supports Trump or not. His back and forth is ridiculous. Now as far as Lindsay and Moscow Mitch, I expect that from them.

  7. The GOP wants to subpoena Schiff. Id say ok, and the dems will subpoena Nunes and Jordan to find out what they knew and when. Then do it.

  8. Why should they watch? Dont say it like this “Republicans turn a blind eye”.The causes are 2 massive ones. It is not in their self-interest. They would destroy theirselves( we are so lucky that we are not on their shoes-no Democrat would either).Lets say you want to not think about a thing like that.The other side is they are corrupt party

  9. An innocent POTUS would be BEGGING for all parties in his administration to go in front of any forum, and SWEAR under oath, what they knew. Instead, we have him DEMANDING that they should not cooperate, together with the entire GOP colluding to keep the truth from coming out. If ANY of them had any conviction to the BS coming out of both sides of their mouths, they would be embracing this process as an opportunity to demonstrate that there was no foul play. I wonder (sarcastically) what they are ALL so afraid of?????

  10. Republicans have spent decades grooming the nasty underbelly of their party. They indulged in class warfare and racism but attempted to sugar coat their thuggish ways. Now, they're just out in the open with it. Good job GOP! Own your rotted, festering souls!

  11. Jim Jordan is a BIG PERVERT! He allowed over 170 boys to be sexually molested! Jim Jordan Protects sexual Predators! Jim Jordan IS a sexual predator! CREEPY!

  12. You didn't watch the hearings did you? It explains why the media leads so many people astray….. DEMOCRATS HAVE NOTHING…. absolutely nothing…. and that's what the hearing shows. Please watch and find out for yourself. Stop listening to propaganda.

  13. Denial of Truth and no respect for our constitution being upheld what are we paying them to do if not making sure that our government is running the way it is supposed to run hello I want my tax money back if the Senators do not do their jobs

  14. Republicans are Russian assets:
    In 2016, the campaign of the Republican nominee for president was approached multiple times by representatives of the Russian government offering to help them win the election. These offers were welcomed with enthusiasm. The campaign was also led for a time by a political consultant with deep financial and personal ties to a Russian oligarch and a Kremlin puppet in Ukraine.
    Multiple members of the Trump team had contacts with the Russian government that they later lied to conceal.
    As part of its attack on the American electoral system, Russian intelligence hacked into Democratic Party systems. Some of the information it found there was released publicly and promoted gleefully by Republicans at all levels in order to help the Trump campaign; information relating to down-ballot campaigns was passed to Republicans, who used it in order to maintain their hold on the House of Representatives.
    Amid the insistence from the intelligence community that in 2018 Russia will likely attempt to once again penetrate the computer systems of state election agencies, Republicans this week killed an effort to provide funding to states to bolster the security of their election systems.
    As part of a lengthy effort to infiltrate the National Rifle Association, an important Republican interest group, an alleged Russian spy began a romance with a Republican activist, met multiple Republican leaders and fostered a relationship between American gun advocates and Russians. On the night of Trump’s victory, she messaged “I am ready for further orders” to her handler, a Russian banker named Alexander Torshin who is close to Putin.
    The NRA dramatically increased its spending on the 2016 presidential campaign from past years, pouring $30 million into their effort to elect Trump. The FBI is investigating whether that money may have illegally come from Russia, funneled to the organization by Torshin.
    The Trump administration has announced a change to IRS rules so that groups like the NRA will no longer have to identify their donors on their tax forms, making such money almost impossible to trace in the future.
    Over the last few years, the Christian right, another key part of the GOP coalition, has grown increasingly close to Putin, whom they see as an ally in a global clash of civilizations between Christianity and Islam.
    In Congress, Republicans have undertaken an aggressive campaign to discredit and, many of them plainly hope, shut down the probe into the Russian attack on America. Though they mounted seven separate investigations of Benghazi, they are nearly united in their position that no further investigation into a hostile foreign power’s attempt to manipulate the American electoral system is necessary.
    Fox News, which functions as the propaganda arm of the Republican Party, has aired relentless attacks on the Russia investigation and calls for it to be shut down.
    Despite the mountain of unambiguous evidence of the Russian attack in 2016, the overwhelming majority of Republican voters continue to say no such attack occurred.
    Hard-core Trump supporters are beginning to argue that even if Russia did attack the American electoral system, it was actually a good thing because it helped Donald Trump get elected.

  15. lindsey says democrats are dirtying trump? hes done that all by himself..trumps a trader and so are anyone else who stands behind him!

  16. You know every single one of them are going to watch. They're just putting that headline out there in hopes that their lemming followers will follow suit and not be informed with the truth.

  17. When I listen to the impeachment hearing I wonder who are the real patriots. Are the Republicans thinking that the American people are so STUPID?! Trump is not on the side of America.

  18. Cowards! UR demonstrating a selfish act. Your personal feelings on how you feel is not why the public put you there and are paying you for. It's your selfish act that's hurting the country. You have an oath to the Constitution so it's your job to be involved.

  19. The truth is is that no prosecutor would say that what Donald Trump did wasn't a crime. And any prosecutor worth his salt I would say that the evidence against Donald Trump would be a slam dunk for them in a real court of law. But the prosecutor wouldn't even have to have a closing statement the evidence is so overwhelming it can Vicks Donald Trump on that Merit alone. No one who has a brain in their head would believe that Donald Trump is innocent and no one who actually knows the Constitution believes that what Donald Trump did does not rise to the level of impeachment. For the main fact that the framers wrote that into the Constitution for this very reason specifically for what Donald Trump is doing and has done.

  20. What a pile of dirty hypocrites. They have no defense for the indefensible and so they resort to what they 'know' best – insane conspiracy theories invented by the Russians they so love!!
    They need to reflect upon the sixties chants of – The Whole world is watching!!!!

  21. Long over due, the GOP lemmings need to Mutiny in numbers. The more one tries to defend him the more he makes them look stupid in public and when pressed throws them under the bus! They need to be insanely stupid to continue to defend him. Worse, if you are defending him that much then it can be perceived that you must be as guilty or that Trump is blackmailing you for illegal acts. #GOPTrupLemmings

  22. Can someone please tell me what a prusident is? Linda Graham is always talking about, the prusident this and the prusident that….

  23. Aren't they breaking the Law and the Constitution by refusing to listen to the hearing. The have a legal duty to listen don't they ?
    Have them explain the WHY ? They are doing a diservice to those who voted for them.

  24. Truth lives in the Senate House with the GOP. The trial is dead on arrival. Undermining the president is a dangerous precedent that the democrats are doing. Thank God for the GOP senators.

  25. The GOP and Democratic senators
    will try the Impeachment case against the Trump administration
    when the charges are brought forward….they will be the judge and jury, deciding the Impeachment and removal of a sitting President..hopefully the truth about corruption and honor
    will prevail..Eyes open America.

  26. Lindsey Graham is possibly the MOST hypocritical Senator in HISTORY when comparing his rhetoric concerning Clinton and comparing to his complete BS about Trump!

  27. Funny how no one is defending the president on substance of any kind. Let’s remember:

    Roger Stone, guilty.
    Gates, guilty.
    Flint, guilty.
    Manafort, guilty.
    Popadapolos, guilty.
    Gulliani, under criminal probe.
    Sonderland, very likely perjury charges.
    More to come.

  28. TRUMP OUT CORRUPTION, right?!?
    Trump is sooo interested in seeking and destroying corruption that he makes it up in his opponent (very corrupt thing to do), and got to the president seat corruptly!
    I would love for someone to now start turning the attention on all of those Republicans that continue to support him. There’s a reason why they’ve allowed him to get so far with indisputable behavior and continue to try to confuse the public distorting TRUE FACTS in defense of this tyrant. They all should be investigated cause they’re proving to have their hands in the pot with him from day 1!

  29. Why are these officials not getting in trouble for defying the subpoenas?!?!? Isnt Trump obstructing justice by blocking witnesses from testifying?!?! And why would he not let them testify?!? Because he is GUILTY!!!! an innocent person doesnt keep others from testifying on their behalf. If we let this continue, our American society changes direction. What you tolerate you encourage!!

  30. 1:35 This isn't about removing him. Everyone knows he will not be convicted by a biased and loaded senate, but they will have their votes written in the history books, so everyone in the future can see, how the "GoP" failed their country. This is all about getting as much evidence out to the public as possible, and writing history for the future to see.

  31. Well Lindsay wat do you say about trump tweet THREAT to witness while giving testament to impeachment hearings. Nothing to say jelly back.

  32. Stupid and lazy is no way to go thru life & not doing your job you are paid to do and admitting that fact exemplifies your stupidity! Makes the hearing a no brainer-the literate vs the illiterate-just don't whine when you lose.

  33. Will ms lindsey feel the same way about the minority party when the impeachment gets to the senate ? I'd love to see President Bush and President Obama sit behind Col. Vindman when he testifies. What would the circus republicans reactions be ?

  34. Deny,deflect,project, that is what the GOP does, nothing to see here, move along, what Trump did is real and needs to be dealt with. The hypocrisy is unreal, look at all the months and open trials they put Hillary Clinton through over Benghazi, now that was a media circus to hurt her in an election year, they can dish it out but not take it.

  35. Of course they won't watch, they know that what trump is doing is wrong. They know that they are a part of it and if they watch, they will see things they don't want to accept.

  36. They don't want to look because they are refusing to see, and afraid they will and be questioned about what they see. By not looking they are giving themselves the excuse to not have any thing to say about the illegalities they are allowing the president to get away with.

  37. Mr Clinton was impeached for much less (a private affair). Mr Nixon's Republican cohorts had the integrity to tell him to resign because they were putting the country ahead of politics. They let him know in no uncertain terms resign or get impeached.

  38. SO, 2 questions I have. One, why are people pushing for an impeachment that is doomed in the Senate???? Seems a waste of time knowing 20 Republicans will not vote for impeachment, so why not forget it?"??? And second, what is this redacted Mueller report I keep hearing about???? Democrats say they want the redacted report???? But I thought they were the ones who wrote it. Why would they be asking for something they wrote???? Just doesn't make sense to me honestly.

  39. Republicans do not get to decide how to impeach. They made the rules for questioning in the SCIF. The Dems abided by the GOP's rules.

    Clinton was "dirtied up" by the GOP.

    For the rest, the GOP are lying and whining.

  40. If the Republicans Repersentives cann't up hold the United States Constitution, the should be removed from office. Never permitted ever again to hold an any kind of office for a town, State or Federal government.

  41. We the people need to take back our country and the white house from The Trump mafia. Nevermind Democrat or Republican,. Do what it is right. Iisten to these people. Give the country back to we the people!!!!!!

  42. OH! They are watching, ….they are all EFN LIARS like thier wanna be dictator aka trump! You believe that then your just LOUSY as "they" are.

  43. Jake Sherman is projecting that the public will see through republicans cross for witnesses ? Truth be told, and low viewership concurs, public is 'Already' seeing through the debacle that is the lefts attempt at usurping the public's duly elected president.

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