GOP Senator Parrots Putin Talking Points | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. How does the left know what Russia/Putin is saying? I've not heard Russian talking points…it seems funny that every truth is "Russian"…how's that work? I'll say this….this strategy of the left is absolutely a soviet tactic.

  2. GOP…Now stands for Grifters of Putin or "Government of Putin" PS. I am an old school Progressive Conservative…..

  3. How many different ways can this Ed Luce guy say Kennedy is lying – "fanciful contention", "plucked these newspaper names out of thin air", "not something that is supported", "from farm to fork coming out of Sen. Kennedy's mouth", "parroting a moon-barking conspiracy". Oh, my God, just say he's a liar!

  4. GOD HELP US!!! We need to replace the Whole REPUBLICAN PARTY!!! And whether it be sins of omission or comission they all are partakers and should be sentenced.


  6. Tattoo: What is your fantasy? John NOT F Kennedy: Ukraine! Ukraine! Although I barely remember the real John F Kennedy was president, I long for it. You Tube helps me remember.

  7. Trump is Russia's greatest success, the magnitude of which is previously unimaginable.

    What was it that Trump himself said about how traitors were punished in the past? Could anyone even imagine what would've happened if the Republicans had parroted the exact words of the KGB back then?

    Now it's considered 'alternate reality' and it's OK. Champagne bottles must be popping in the Kremlin right now.

  8. Sen. Kennedy (R-LA) went to OxFord,,,,,,,,,,,,,""""""""????????????? Oh, OK, that answers what ??? That you can go to any school but NOT LEARN ANYTHING ?????????? Now , Honorable Rep. Schiff can carry a intelligent interview, don't you think???

  9. Kennedy is another disgraceful GOP leader who has succumbed to the sweeping Trump-phobia that has desiccated all integrity and honor out of these long-serving Conservative Leaders in Congress. The guy was struggling to string up a sentence that would sound intelligent and reasonable. But he eventually fell flat on his face with that claim about Ukraine.

    Would he and the other lying GOP Congress folks take on the US Intelligence Agencies that insist that Russia was the only Nation that attacked the USA digitally in the 2016 Elections? That is a big shame! If these GOP leaders believe Putin more than they do American Institutions, then, they would be better off defecting to Russia with Trump. All these corrupt Republican leaders are doing is preparing the false premise upon which they could feel justified to exonerate Trump when the Impeachment process reach the Senate.

    After their initial concocted claim, fed them by Putin, that it was Ukraine, but not Russia, that meddled in the American Elections in 2016 to help Hillary win, was forcefully rebuffed by the general consensus, Kennedy and his host of miserable, corrupted GOP leaders are now promoting the idea that even if Russia did it, Ukraine might have also done similarly to help Hillary. That is a shameful, pitiful and disgraceful lie that has no basis whatsoever in the Analysis of the American Security and Intelligence Agencies!

    These GOP folks in Congress will go down in History as the most mendacious, crooked and wimpy bunch of Congress folks who collectively kowtowed to Trump to embolden him to perpetuate his nefarious personal political and financial interests at the expense of the Nation. The World is taking note of all that. And, woe be unto any of these Republicans who, after condoning these Trumpian buffoonery and machinations to undermine American Democracy, would dare pontificate to other countries to be more democratic. He or she would met with the scorn they deserve.

  10. does he know his geography, of course during the soviet union the ukraine was the bread basket of the soviet union but by now kennedy should realize that t he two countries are seperate countries and the ukraine is an american alley but he is apparently living in some type of time warp …….

  11. perhaps he suffers from the same contagious disease as trump…… the way, Ukraine was in no position to interfere with the election, it was barely getting along, so come on, Americans are famous for not knowing geography no matter saying he is an educated person…..where did he come up with that……..what is going on, are they all suffering from mass hypnosis and by the way, what is he getting out of supporting Putin…….it is unbelievable but not unbelievable as corruption is revealed especially at this level of government.

  12. Toothless Kennedy needs to retire. He's as senile as they come. On your way out Kennedy take your alcoholic and pedophilia friends with you.

  13. It’s no longer just necessary to be a competent journalist but a hair dyed face enhanced person too, it’s no longer just necessary to be a forthright honest politician but glamorized young and phoney looking in addition.

  14. I am surprised that senator John Kennedy believes the conspiracies that Ukraine is involved in the 2016 elections and he is siding with president Putin, senator Kennedy thinks like a little kid.
    This country is going in the wrong direction with all the republican party siding with a president that is going to get worst mentally, this president lies constantly and criticize everyone and he does not want to know people when he does not want to be involved with dirty linen such Ukraine. Look what he is doing with Rudy Giuliani throwing him under the bus. This president is very insecure and only care about himself.

  15. Sen. Kennedy is a pathetic moron. Why keep propping up an addled brained old man in front of the cameras. He must be profoundly disturbing for his family.

  16. ..ha ha ha 😂.. Russia Russia Russia.. blame it on somebody… now.. it's Ukraine… Ukrainian.. Ukraine..
    Blame it on yourselves …🤗🤗🤗

  17. I hate donald trunp as much as i hate Al Sharpton. When Michael Jackson was 1st accused of molestation he stood alongside him advising him to accuse Sony records (which dropped there support of Michael Jackson after the accusations of molestation) to accuse them of racism. When u use that word as a defense toward anything it makes the word racism unimpactful n meaningless

  18. So he will have you believe that Russia AND Ukraine meddled in the 2016 elections….ok Ukraine is currently defending themselves against Russia…why would they help them get Trump elected?? Hahaha this is literally crazy talk

  19. We cannot prove the votes we cast are counted for the candidates we actually voted for! There is a reason Ivanka Trump is licensing voting machines in China and that is the machines are hardwired to change or delete LEGITIMATE votes! Recounts just repeat the cheats!

  20. It's really scary that the once conservative, religious party, Republicans, are backing this one person, who is the opposite of their belief and values,  as their leader is the sign of the beginning of the fall for America just as other past power nations, like Rome, Germany,  etc…   It is the fall of every great and powerful country when the rules of law or constitutions are taken for granted, just like what Dr. Hill had warned the Republicans during her hearing;  Where the law, truth and facts are contested and stretched for political gain, where the rule of the country is lesser importance than the rule of the party.  Makes me think twice before voting for a good Republican candidate in the future fearing and knowing how corrupted and hypocrisy this party had evolved.

  21. "Senator Kennedy, why do you and your republican colleagues keep pushing these outlandish conspiracy theories?"

    Sen. Kennedy "Because if we told the truth then we'd all be screwed,… and I have no desire to be impeached and indicted."

  22. I wonder how all of Trump's flunkies are doing in prison? Do he send them money periodically or, like Prince Andrew, doesn't he know them anymore? Just wondering.

  23. Now both Ukraine and Russia were involved, Kennedy is liar and believes his constituents are gullible enough to believe him. Turns out to be accurate.

  24. John Kennedy R needs some new wooden teeth to be fitted into his wooden head! Unbelievable ignorant treasonous A-hole behavior! Duped is being too kind. Oxford?!? Please! Brain dead better.

  25. Remember Mr Hainey from Green acres always trying to sell Mr. Douglas some sort of a flimflam deal? Kennedy IS Mr. Hainey complete with voice.

  26. I don't see any of those comments from those proud African Americans who left the Democratic party plantation and now is a Republican.

  27. REPUBLICANS want to believe Trump's original lie that he's a Billionaire. As such, the Billionaire knows best and can do no wrong. That's why Trump has blocked his tax information validating his Billionaire status.

  28. First ,we have Moscow Mitch, then we got Leningrad Lindsey & now we have Kremlin Kennedy. With the rate the GOP hangs on Trump like a liferaft, we're going to have to start skimming Russian history books & maps for more Russian nicknames. OTOH, another staunch Trump defender is Gym Jordan, he's a pedophile enabler, so many vile descriptors to choose from.

  29. Kennedy like Nunes, Giulian, Gaetzi and Graham are nothing but Trump's helpers let's see what happens to them as soon as Trump falls in his behind with all the charges he is facing. If the impeachment don't get him NY will…. 😄

  30. Apparently, test audiences' scores show that it can't be Russian propaganda is it's said in a folksy southern drawl…bless his heart.

  31. A dupe doesn't know that he's a dupe and this guy is a dupe of Putin's while he's in denial of that. He attended Oxford University which proves that you can be intelligent and well educated and still be a dupe primarily when one wants to believe what supports his view rather than taking the morally courageous stand and accept a fact that is uncomfortable. He is willfully ignorant because as a Republican he feels he must support Trump, a traitor to this country which also makes him and the Republican Party traitors to the United States. The Republican Party, Sen. Kennedy and Trump have all placed their interests above those of the United States and that is a fact with substantial evidentiary support.

  32. GOP investigated Hillery for years and came up with nothing. Mueller's investigation 35 people have been convicted. But Mueller's investigation was a waste.

  33. So we are asked to trust the unanimous consensus of 17 US Intellegence agencies or the conclusions of a couple of articles appearing in right wing print media? Do they think we are stupid?

  34. All this does, these people coming out making and continuing to make ridiculous comments does is distract the media and people in general from what is going on with the impeachment process. Why do the media give these liars and cheats airtime? Call them out for either being a liar or incompetent and move on.

  35. My fellow Americans, I can assure you of a very important fact that has not been lost on me. Over the course of these last three years, not a single utterance from our great President Donald Trump, could ever approach, the grotesque and condescending vileness spewing from the self serving mouths of these pundits. Together, they have became a wretched society. And shall henceforth and always be known as fake news.

  36. Like we used to say on the flight line , Phan Rang AB , Vietnam (66-67) …….'' when you're DUMB , you're DUMB ''……….

  37. One search on Google and you can easily find the FT reporting on Ukraine interferring in the US election…

  38. Two things here John Kennedy needs to grow up and stop telling the lies over and over. The 2nd thing is why don't you put your dentures in your mouth jeez.

  39. if trump loses in 2020, he will not leave the white house. if he wins, he will not leave the white house in 2024. if he is backed by the military, the usa will no longer be a democracy.

  40. Sadly, this guy comes off as Gomer Pyle's snarky brother. Not a very good representative of the people of our southern states.

  41. Stand up for our free DEMOCRACY fellow Americans. PLEASE. This person should never have been bestowed the powers of the executive branch.

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