GOP Rep.: Americans should be outraged at Dems’ impeachment report

  1. Anyone that pays attention to the facts know The truth. This is Fox News talking points. Don’t be fooled. This isn’t the way our nation should be run.and anyone that notices the obstruction of justice know why this will lead to new presidential powers never before seen. America will go down like Rome. Infighting and pushed aside by the grains of time.

  2. United States of America education seems so wanting and pathetic in its ability to correctly teach students how to think, investigate and analyze situations within the framework of Internet propaganda. How else can one explain the ignorant and dangerous support for a totally corrupt and domineering presidency?

  3. Call me old fashioned, but I think it’s a little unsavory the Republican Party is becoming the most important global asset of Russian intel. I get it, Russia’s bonkers “Ukraine did it, not Russia” story is all the GOP has to defend their guy, but really?

  4. The Democrats literally asked the White House if they wanted their lawyers to participate in the next phase and ask questions at the hearing – they refused. Plus, all the Republicans seem to keep pushing the same line, probably issued by memo, that the Dems are not even following the simple rules of trial law. This part IS NOT A TRIAL. The Senate does the trial portion, this is only investigative – is there enough evidence to go to trial. Not to mention, the Republicans, when they ruled both Houses under Obama, changed the rules of investigation when they did the 3 Bengazi investigations to go after Democrats. Ask John Boehner why he did that! Now they are saying 'unfair?' That's why they shouldn't change the rules that have been there for years and years, because at some point they will come back to bite you.

  5. my god these gop jerks are the worst evading denier's it reminds me of America as a whole and it's denials of the civil wrights atrocities of the 60s and enslavement of black people….you demon's always have been always will be absolutely disgusting and the object of God's wrath someday because you have definitely earned it

  6. Whats frustrating is pelosi, schiff, nadler are the stooges of Politics yet the Republican's can't seem to pull the carpet from under their feet. I am disappointed because failing to stop the dems now means they are going to try this BS again, and again for years to come.

  7. I have just read the impeachment report. This is America and our representatives in Congress have done their job. This is why we have a Constitution with Equal Powers of Government and not a Kingdom. I'm glad this is America and we are able to CHECK the abuse of power we are witnessing in the presidency. Thank you to ALL the witnesses, representatives – elected by the people of the USA, intelligence officers, and justices that have been pursuing the TRUTH. Thank you!

  8. No we are past being outraged we are done with all the democrats crap. Like I say they don't want to stop it so we will stop it in 2020 voting straight ticket republicans all the way.will retire everyone of this democrats. Really and the one's that can't think for themselves they know Schiff Nancy Nadler are wrong , and they don't have the balls to tell then not no but hell no.

  9. Trump used our taxpayer money to meddle in the 2020 election in his favor. He took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Instead he has undermined and obstructed justice. He abused his power. Napolitano is right—Trump did impeachable crimes.

  10. Basically they keep saying that this process is a hoax but they don't have a real case to prove this, they keep tweeting and meanwhile the train left the station weeks ago and won't stop until the traitors to the country are prosecuted.

  11. So Shitf claims they have overwhelming evidence, yet also says they need more investigation??? Mental gymnastics aplenty.

    Remember when said he had proof of Russian collusion, yet refused to share it…

  12. The Dems have shot every load possible, they've planted evidence, including bodies and just can't or won't accept the loss. Schiff is on his own,..the limit has been reached and exceeded with no results which are very frustrating to him driving him into a rage, commiting acts outside of policy or Rules and Regulations and plain corruption. Schiff is either gonna walk away or talked away but it's over…

  13. I think Schifty has the delusional Dem base aroused. They're here in force, making no sense at all but are all barking like seals.

  14. It’s time to put the country above any political party or person. The evidence is there… trump violated his oath of office. Trump loyalist cannot defend the indefensible, all they do is insult, attack, but fail to provide real arguments. Be smart, objective and a real patriot…

  15. I’m 2/5 through the report, so far, it is an excellent piece of work. Well structured, overwhelming evidence that is admissible in a court of law. Trump is up sh*t creek without a paddle! Can’t wait to finish reading the report.

  16. If Trump would be impeached, there can be civil war in US ‼️
    👺🧛🏿‍♀️👹👿🤑🤮👽☠️🐷 VS 😇😇😇😇😍😍😍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  17. Americans are outraged at the Democrats and frustrated because many of them should be behind bars by now. This is an American tragedy that is owned by some very wicked people…

  18. Supporting a criminal to try to save your paycheck. How much does a person's integrity cost on the open market. Did you get a good price?


  20. This Phoney Impeachment attempt by these CURRUPTABLES And Deplorables Are a outrage to the American People And The cost to the tax payer is outrageous , Adolf Shifty Schiff your a Disgrace to the American People, this is going nowhere and you know it, it’s just a cover up fore all your own party,s curruption

  21. There is no evidence, its a complete and total sham-scam!!
    Dim-witted democrats are such losers it’s really sad 😆

  22. What Trump did was really really bad. Many people are saying it’s worse than Watergate. It’s also really sad that we have come to this.

  23. How long are the GOP and Benedict Donald going to help Russia. Just the obstruction is enough to impeach. I don’t care if it’s President Obama, Cheetolini or Zombie George Washington. A congressional subpoena must be obeyed or the constitutional system falls apart.

  24. Look. The second you all get legal paper signed by a judge to arrest Nancy and Schiff for conspiracy to overthrow our government DO IT. Arrest them you have more authority then your exercising.

  25. Congressmen keep saying…”The American people should be…..listen up COngress folks….WE ARE NOT THERE, its your job to represent US the people…go fight…..we can only watch and hope our representatives do their job…so stop saying the American people should…..Never mind us…do your job

  26. I had to come here to learn the truth. r/politics are flooding the sub reddit with pure propaganda. They are so delusional they think trump will be impeached. What a joke of a subreddit full of nothing but left wing biggots about as factual as CNN….

  27. The aid was B I've within the time frame set by congress. If Congress wants to narrow that time frame then they need to take steps to do so.

  28. Very simple.
    Dumb sh*t repubs voters have not argued the EVIDENCE only seeking to abuse the Democrats and the process. This does not surprise me as most most repub. voters cant understand sentences of more than 4 words.
    Repub law makes are like turkeys voting for Christmas. Why do the RIGHT thing and IMPEACH Trump and lose their seat on the GRAVY TRAIN?…..I get it as CORRUPTION and SELF INTEREST are rife!

  29. 300page report helps to get the missing links what AG is looking for in the investigator's falsehood, crimes, spying against President Donald J Trump.

  30. I have started ignoring all this. It's a waste if taxpayers money that is all a cover up for not wanting to do their job. Vote them out.

  31. “The evidence hasn’t been contested”? What evidence? The Dems have no evidence, so how is one expected to contest that which doesn’t exist? Is one expected to contest the fantasies of the deranged?

  32. The American people are OUTRAGED! We are sick of this DO NOTHING House of Representatives. 2020 SEND THESE TAX PAYER MONEY WASTERS FROM THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES!

  33. Another GOP bootlicker endlessly parroting the same tired pack of lies. When the facts and the law are against you, then pound the table.

  34. What I am outraged about. Is that your took an oath to the constitution. And you have the guts to say . Trump did nothing wrong. Please…….

  35. I believe after the 2020 election when these DEMOCRATS realize that NO demonrat was voted in the House, Senate they will KNOW how outrage the ppl are.

  36. Americans voted these people in. Their agenda was clear. Why rage about anything the voters voted to happen. You certainly can't blame the ones that was voted in.

  37. When will we hear about Nancy personal Interests in Ukraine particularly Burisma and maybe some offspring involvement too?
    Just curious when that will be the headline. Sometime soon right?

  38. The Democrats have been destroying democracy. They have undermined the constitution to use it for political gain at the expense of the country. It's beyond corruption. It's a sickness the Dems have against the Legitimate President of the United States of America based on their own failures, their resentment, their complete lack of respect for the citizens and the office.

  39. Schiff should put his show on the stage:……” the last one out of town. ,!…Let’s get this show on the road….the circus comes to town”…all comes to mind !!

  40. Stupid, republican americans are outraged BUT the wise and intelligent americans who believe and have faith in the constitution,, we are patient and believe in the truth, why the rep…do not,…🤔

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