GOP Gerrymandering: Democratic Votes Not Matched By Seats Gained | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. It looks like GOP has learned from playbook of India Gandhi and her party; Indian National Congress which used to get only 33% of total vote cast BUT would win the elections with overwhelming majority, some time even 2/3 rd majority. This way she even scrapped the judgement of high court against her by changing constitution using 2/3 rd majority of her party

  2. AND, Trump and McConnell have stacked the courts with conservatives across the country so fixing this will be next to impossible.

  3. Excellent! I can point this out/share with my friends who don't realize how damaging these "protective measures" truly are. Keep it up!!!

  4. Electoral college need to go is the best example of voter suppression. This is the slavery of our time people need to revolt right now we don’t get to elect our president.

    Cause I'm looking at this "Gerry" guy. He's the problem 😂.
    …though he's probably a republican…

  6. And yet Nancy Pelosi wants to – quote "Work in a garden variety bipartisanship with the GOP."
    There is a french saying: Tell me who your friends are, then I'll know who you really are.

  7. KY has been flipped by gerrymandering. We used to be a reliable democrat state and now that the lines look like a kindergartner drew them, we now are completely republican, with the exception of Louisville. Lexington’s district can’t even get a democrat, even though that county votes for one consistently, they have included counties that rarely have more than 1000 votes and 90% are Republican voters. With the county Lexington is in counting toward 40% and eastern KY counties going to the other 60%, it’s impossible for a democrat to win.

  8. Isn’t NOW the very best time for Democrats to begin undoing the years of gerrymandering the Republicans have worked so long to secure? How and WHO has to do this? I’m a lowly citizen, but I’m willing to do whatever I can, just tell me what must be done! Let’s get this done!!!

  9. Leaked Emails Show Republicans BRAGGING About Gerrymandering Helping Them Win, Oct 20, 2018,

    Can Republicans Win An Election Without Stealing It?, Thom Hartmann,

    Gerrymandering: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO), Apr 9, 2017,

    The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. — Plato

    The greatest menace to freedom is an inert people. — Justice Louis Brandeis, U.S. Supreme Court, 1927

  10. Its not rocket science. You take away the power of the incumbent party to set the boundaries of the electorates, and hand it to an independent electoral commission overseen by a multi party Board, completely removed from the State administration. Its done this way in most advanced countries. Only in America……….!

  11. The Wisconsin paper is pronounced "Is-mus". The "th" is hidden xD. It's cute though Rachel. Much love from someone born and raised in Wisconsin!

  12. Or we the people can actually unite and take our country back from the politically corrupt and politically rich career politicians.

  13. Why pretend like only republicans use gerrymandering? They teach this in high school and it's just something everyone does. Very biased. Yes what you said in the video is truth but it's not the complete truth which makes the average viewer jump to incorrect conclusions.

  14. Trump LIES about Democrats trying to ‘steal’ the vote and fictitious ‘voter fraud’ yet the Republicans steal the votes routinelybin this brazen election cheating!!! How can they get away with it. The system is totally RIGGED!

  15. And you can thank Hillary Clinton for siphoning millions and millions of dollars earmarked for local races to her presidential campaign which cost the Democrats perhaps hundreds of local seats in 2016. Where were the Democrats when they had a super majority under Obama when they could have fixed all this and fixed the stupid Electoral College. They didn't fix it because their rich corporate masters don't want it fixed.

  16. this is reporting! Thank you, yes the Structure is messed up…
    for some us, its been this way from the beginning…
    nothing is new here with the gop….

  17. That's cuz an elephant and a donkey decided to have their own party. Sorry, idk anyone named Jerry Mandering. Don't forget those Everlasting GOPstoppers this holiday season. Peace!

  18. So when Obummer won and there was 150% voter turn put in many counties. Did the dumbocratts actually div up the dead people that voted 3 times or did they cast their votes for them. In this past election was that jerrymandoring when pictures of black Panthers with guns outside polling places were all over the internet? When illegals vote for the dumbocratts because they don't allow voter ID is that the Republicans fault? When voteing machines automatically change your vote to dumbocatt but never republican in Texas is that jerrymandoring? When Florida can't count is that the Republicans fault? Why doesn't Madcow and the Hollywierd elites talk about that?

  19. So what is anybody doing about it? Maybe exactly the same as they did about it coming to pass in the first place…

    American claims to be the best country in the world and they proudly tout their elections as being free and fair but neither claim has legs to stand on.

  20. Republicans always bend the rules to their favor, if not just flat out cheat.
    Yes the system is broken and needs to be addressed.

  21. It's a war of attrition now. Rs are entrenched and under siege, doing whatever possible to slow our success, legal or not. We just made palpable progress and they're going to fight even harder in their panic. We, too, must continue to fight. Like @sarahkendzior says, we don't need a blue "wave" that merely crashes and disperses on the beach, but a mighty blue "river" that will push through and gradually reshape the land.

  22. That's only looking at the tilt done by Legal loophole. I'm betting that the bigger chunk is not so squeaky clean. Why are you people letting your freedom be undermined by the entitled? It's not a call to war but get a F'ing clue and start working toward something that's meaningful, like your country.

  23. And Republicans like Rick Scott and Ted Cruz and others have the audacity to suggest that Democrats cheat and rig elections…

  24. It's said that a sucker is born every minute but GOP is running low on fools. Voter suppression and gerrymandering are the natural and only real options for a party working to enshrine socialism for the wealthy at the expense of the nation.

  25. The only way I see to fix this is to keep on overwhelming them with our votes. As a Wisconsinite, this deeply disappoints me.

  26. Gerrymandering needs to be abolished, even the few blue states that also do it. The ratio of red to blue to neither states using gerrymandering is 32 : 4 : 14

  27. There is a way to break gerrymandering. Register as a republicon, but vote democrate. (Or at least, vote for whoever can get this farce erased.)

  28. Democratics are very concentrated in urban areas compared to other areas. But there is some truth to this but IDK how much.

  29. Yes. The party of the Republicans is the party of the Russians. Seriously, the Russians helped TRUMP WIN. America is no longer the  leader of the free world but the leader of cheaters. A laughing stock for all behold – thanks to this deplorable Republican party.

  30. So what is going to be done to even the playing field? Nothing! The GOP in the state's capital will do nothing to change the voting districts and DC will do nothing to force the states to fix this. This has always been and will always be. My states district in Texas is so skewed I have voters in my district on a different planet then I. The map looks like an octopus, with appendages reaching out into the conservative(republican) neighborhoods just to assure inequality at the polls.

  31. Contortionists all.

  32. The president is trying to pull the chief justice into a situation in which he will be required to recuse himself if a matter ever comes before the U.S. Supreme Court concerning president Trump in any court desition.

  33. Still call it a democracy? If this continues I wouldn't be surprised that politicians can't play their favorite baseball games anymore. Can't play people and control their anger as a result of that. Common sense is gone by playing dirty and because of that aggression is kicking in. Whatever happens, the public is reacting to their politicians and their bad decisions, it is not the other way around. Trump makes not only the USA but the whole world a far more dangerous place to live in.

  34. Just remember… everything that Hitler did was "legal". Credit Martin Luther King, Jr. Hitler appointed lying, prejudiced, white-supremacist "Christian" Terrorists to the positions of the Judiciary. The International Criminal Court was set up by Americans to have Jurisdiction over the American Court system in case a radicalized terrorist cult group came to power and yes, the Confederates, the K-K-K, and the Nazis are radicalized terrorist cult groups which use "Christianity" as a form of terrorism! In all radicalized terrorist cult groups there is no freedom of speech, no freedom of religion, and no equal human rights.

  35. Nothing wrong with cheating if you get away with it. The important question is, why are they getting away with it? Where is the push back?

  36. The average voter has historically been too stupid to cast a vote over any issue other than racial and religious identity. This, combined with a winner-take-all ballot, forces every election to be decided by the lowest common denominators. The only way to fix this is to create sets of at-large seats in the U.S. House and in the state assemblies, and to use single-transferable voting ballots for any position that has less than five seats available. If people have trouble understanding the concept of a single-transferable ballot, then they truly are too stupid to be trusted with the vote.

  37. The s and th combination is tripping you up on isthmus. Just drop the s and pronounce it either Ith-muss or Ith-miss. It is a close enough approximation to the actual pronunciation. If you cannot pronounce the s, it is perfectly fine to resort to constanant dropping in that word.

  38. Oh brother. Rachels at it again.
    Pushing another fake contrived news story.

    Remember when she said she had Trump's tax returns? That was one of the funniest news fails ever.

    Hey Rachel, hows that Trump Russian Collusion thing working out for ya?

    Its been 2 years now.


    Nothing but crickets………………

  39. One of the first pieces of legislation Congress needs to work on in January is legislation to end gerrymandering, similar to Proposition 2 in Michigan. Even if it doesn't get through the senate, this can provide a guide for propositions at the state level and become a highly publicized thorn in the side of the Republican Party come 2020. Not sure why the Dems didn't do this back in 2010 when it could have passed easily. Shows Pelosi's and Schumer's complete inability to see the forest for the trees.

  40. I will write this again-it is already, and going to continue to hurt the GOP. They have to cow tow to this president because if they don't they will not get elected. It is the Trump party now, and Republicans who understand that we are in a dangerous place in this country. The Rep. party is all but finished after this debacle.

  41. Republicans in Congress and Senate are Traitors to our Country, They have sold their soul to Putin and Traitor Evil mentally sick old Trump. We will vote them out in 2020. Vote BLUE in 2020.

  42. I came across this video and I'm honestly a little confused. Not trying to start anything at all, but wouldn't this have a reasonable explanation? Like, for instance, the districts in rural areas would most likely go to the GOP (even though they don't have a big population, just the majority) and the urban districts most likely to the Democratic Party. Because there is more population in urban districts and there are more rural districts than urban ones, wouldn't this mean that more of the population ends up voting Dems even though more districts go to the GOP?

  43. Cheaters, all. In elections, in governing, in paying their fair share of taxes. It’s a feature, not a bug. To be Republican is to be dishonest.

  44. Hillary’s book “Rewriting History” published in 2005 tells how ‘the Democrates are just plain stupid, easily manipulated’. Her own words.

  45. The only cheating done in the elections is by the left. THAT IS A FACT. You can stop with your lies Maddow because FACTS don't support your lies.

    DENUCLEARIZE North Korea
    ( After over 70 years never done )
    Hostages and remains returned ISIS gone
    MS 13 on the run
    Fair Trade
    Save Billions of dollars withdrawal from Paris accord and Iran Deal
    Secure Border
    Move US Embassy to Jerusalem Trump / Pence 2020

  47. Don’t worry to much about this, it’ll all be over soon. If you haven’t gotten the message yet let me remind you here and now.

    The demographics are changing, we are no longer a white and black country as we were for so long. The youth are overwhelmingly liberal in their ideology and their values are different than their grandparents. Most are growing up in a single parent household making them more liberal than ever before. Most are coming of age in a time unlike any other that has passed us before where education is the only way forward as our families before us did quite well with the most basic education.

    With each exodus from solid blue states to majority red states, our policies are spreading and our ideology is being engaged in these new communities. Gone will be the days of low taxes and/or no state income taxes and in its place will be a new source of revenue to further our agenda.

    The middle class is a dying breed, gone will be the days when the middle class control this nation.

    A study conducted by a nonpartisan group indicated that poor and wealthy are overwhelmingly liberal, middle class whites, blacks, hispanics, asians are fairly conservative. Not overwhelmingly so progress is being made.

  48. USA's electoral system is an international joke, showing all how not to run a representative democracy.
    Yet USA lectures the rest of the world on freedom and democracy, while being deathly afraid of social democrats.

  49. No wonder we have a dumb man in the White House Russia and gerrymandering are responsible for this disaster.

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