Google Subverting Election for Hillary: Stump TRUMP

In 2014 Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook using his social media platform ran a number of experiments on its users emotions. The social media giant that allows narcissists the canvas they desire to paint their lives to others by sharing even the most mundane and trivial aspects of their lives has admitted that it manipulated the information posted in almost 700 000 of its users newsfeed and found that it could make people feel more positive or negative trough a process called emotional contagion more interestingly during the 2010 midterm elections in the U.S the company ran an experiment to see if facebook could encourage people to vote, they did this by offering test subjects an I voted button at the top of their newsfeeds while the control group got no prompt to vote. What they found was that peer preassure works and that people that got the prompt were 0.39% more likely to vote. While this may seem like a minuscule number researchers think that this experiment resulted in
340 000 votes that would not have otherwise been cast. And given the scandal this year of facebook being implicated for bias in terms of newsfeed and trending topics being more tilted towards the left as well as the company’s stated goals in helping politicians like Angela Merkel crack down on freedom of conscience and speech it’s not too much of a stretch to entertain the idea that Facebook could help swing close elections for their preferred candidate using electronic manipulation In fact social media and other internet giants are now on the forefront of how many people receive their information. The days of newspapers and TV dominating the distribution of information have long since passed. In fact most of the mainstream news networks do not even feign objectivity and to a greater or lesser degree they have become partisan channels playing to their base. MSNBC along with CNN in the US but also taxpayer-funded stations like the CBC and canada and the
BBC in the UK are hopelessly partisan and prattle on for the politics of the
centre-left to the extreme left. Whilst fox news in the US generally but not being
as consistent as its rivals punts for the centre-right politically, while
regional news channels like Al Jazeera and RT seem to provide somewhat fair
coverage so long as it has nothing to do with the Arab world or Islam in the case
of the former or Russia her leader and internal politics in the case of the
latter. However while cable news networks sink invariably into irrelevancy and
their partisan chills become ever so glaring and they lose whatever
credibility they once had again the Giants of the internet are stepping in
and are now shaping not only the ideas but also the narrative of the voting
public in much of the Western world and this is especially concerning in the
elections of the world’s remaining superpower, the United States. In
2014 google overtook goldman sachs in terms of campaign contributions to
American politicians with most analysts pointing to privacy concerns and
internet search monopoly issues as the reason, in fact in December 2015 concerns about
the Internet giant’s influence in Washington began to spill out into the
public domain. The uk’s Guardian newspaper ran a story on how Google
enlisted members of the US Congress that it had bankrolled during the last
election cycle to fight a six billion dollar antitrust case brought against it
by the EU, a case that could potentially dissect and decimate the US tech company business in Europe. The coordinated effort by senators and members of the
House of Representatives as well as by a congressional committee formed part of a
sophisticated multimillion-pound lobbying drive in Brussels which google
has significantly ramped up as it fends off challenges to its dominance in
Europe. Capitol Hill’s aggressive intervention in Brussels came as the European Parliament prepared to vote through a resolution in November 2014
that called on EU policymakers to consider breaking up
Google’s online business in to separate companies. Republican and Democratic
senators and congressmen many of whom have received significant campaign
donations from google totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars, leaned on
parliament in a series of similar and in some cases identical letter sent to
key MEPs. Moreover Julian Assange of WikiLeaks whilst speaking at a recent
symposium stated that Google was directly engaged with the presidential
campaign of Hillary Clinton through google itself and via a google funded
startup called groundwork he went on to say that once hillary clinton becomes
president key google personnel will be placed in positions around the Clinton
administration. He also pointed out the fact that Google
was in bed with the Obama administration and that it is the company that has
visited the White House more than any other, averaging once a week over the
last four years. While the US Congress Senate and the executive being owned by their corporate backers is not really a news flash for most, the real problem
then arises, when the corporation’s not only by the politicians they helped
elect but outright subvert the electoral process. Enter Robert Epstein an
american psychologist professor, author, and journalist writing in Time magazine
he has criticised google as a fundamentally deceptive business model
but more seriously he has alleged that Google could rig the 2016 presidential
election and that search engine manipulation was a serious threat to the
democratic system of government. He went on perhaps the most effective way to wield political influence in today’s high-tech world is to donate money to a
candidate and then use technology to make sure he or she wins. The technology guarantees the win and the donations guarantantees allegiance which google has certainly tapped into in recent years with the Obama administration in a 2014 peer-reviewed paper Epstein investigated and confirmed that search rankings
favorite one candidate can quickly convince undecided voters to vote for
that candidate as much as eighty percent of voters in some demographic groups in another article released in
September 2016 he focused on his latest research that shows that search engines
could also shift votes and change opinions with another powerful tool
autocomplete basically this is it when searching for information using google
with regards to mrs. Clinton the autocomplete will and would almost
invariably generate positive only suggestions this occurred even though bing and yahoo
search is provided both positive and negative suggestions using the same
terms while during the primary season suggestions for both Bernie Sanders and
Donald Trump Google’s auto complete yielded negative suggestions Epstein along with his associates at the
American behavior research and Technology a non-profit non-partisan
organization based in the San Diego area are still immersed in their ongoing
investigation however they have learned there is a clear bias in Google’s auto
complete for mrs. Clinton their findings were verified by using proxy service to
ensure that the information that Google has on a vast majority of Americans was
not tailored to them specifically it was very difficult to google unlike bing and
yahoo to suggest negative search terms about mrs. Clinton. Where it becomes most
glaring is to compare what people are actually searching for and what Google
suggests. Hillary Clinton is awesome versus Hillary the liar as you can see people are searching for Hillary the liar but not awesome Hillary, but google
will suggest to you the ladder, but most damning of all of googles tinkering comes when we search for crooked Trump’s nickname for the scandal-plagued
politician. Google transverses google suggestions and again for bing and yahoo, you get the picture this is not a coincidence. Google is even attempting to cover up
Hillary’s recent health problems or even or even something as simple as searching for when is the election do you notice anything? Google’s Eric
Schmidt has already publicly backed Hillary Clinton in the hopes of growing
the company’s influence in Washington and exploit that pay-for-play system of
government many have accused mrs. Clinton of running through her
Clinton Foundation whilst she was Secretary of State. Now returning to
Epstein’s 2014 paper on search engine manipulation and swinging elections he
believes that search engine suggestion tinkering only increases the effect. If
you can surreptitiously nudge people by generating positive search
results whilst at the same time masking negative search suggestions you can in
his words direct people’s searches one way or another just as surely as if they
were dogs on a leash and you can use this subtle form of influence not just
to alter people’s views about candidates, but on anything in fact autocomplete may
have become a tool not for directing people searches but in fact to influence
not only choices and beliefs but the very thoughts we think oh and in terms
of full disclosure the author of the study Robert Epstein identifies as a
political moderate and support Hillary Clinton for president he just believes
that large-scale manipulations by a private company renders democracy
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  1. Google (apparently, can't remember where I read it, some news thingy so maybe not 100% trustworthy) responded to the accusation that it was hiding Hillary's crimes saying it does it for all popular people e.g. celebrities. (If someone could debunk this or give evidence for it, that would be great.)

  2. I have been using "" for websearches since 2010. It doesn't remember ANYTHING you have previously searched, it does not use any "incorrect" nor "manipulative" auto-completion. AND, it is NOT google. It is a damn good websearch and it is nearly as complete as google, if not as complete as google.

    When you first browse there, it will tell you how to set it such that it is your default websearch.

    Just saying…

    PS: I am, in no way, associated with, I am just a regular guy who cares about freedom. You should give it a look.

  3. If people are manipulated by their search engine, instead of manipulating it, maybe they deserve to vote for their doom (Hillary)

  4. there are plenty of left leaning easter eggs in google even definitions change by the magic of google. its best to use good old Merriam-Webster if you want any help with words. sometimes google is consistent with Merriam-Webster but im guessing thats because they cant find a way to weaponize all of the words in the english language.

  5. Trump is a puppet of Sheldon Adelson. Hillary is a puppet of Haim Saban. Both are puppets of Israel. So, really, Americans are screwed either way.

    Anways, you just blew your cover by promoting a censorship tool targeted specificly against "right"-leaning freethinkers. Why should ANYONE still take ANYTHING You say seriously now?

  6. Trump is going to win the election in a landslide. Most people in this country see through the bullshit and do not believe the lies and false narratives the main stream media pushes.

  7. Also try to type in google "white couple" or "white man and white woman". Google became far-left, regressive, anti-white left. And to think that their motto used to be "don't be evil". Absolute moral corruption.

  8. Even the CBC (Canadian news) is relentlessly supporting Hilldog to the point they only show flattering pics of her. This is full on Orwellian. One of the worst things in the world is the internet being turned into a totalitarian surveillance and control system, no wonder Elon wants to leave the planet.

  9. Based on my own results, I don't fully agree with this in terms of google taking out every negative thing. I would type in clinton, and I'd get "clinton cash" which already points to a negative point of her. Then I tried hillary clinton and got "hillary clinton super predators". Google is widely used compared to the others, and actually ranks pages, while yahoo and the others have shit ranking. Bing is probably the worst of them all.

  10. Even though they dont pay me, i am a passionate proselytizer of duckdcukgo. a search engine without any censorship and manipulation

  11. unfortunatly social conditioning is a flawed discredited, psychological basis. skinner tried to prove you could manipulate society but failed as he had to interfer with his experiments. social engernering is a phalacy once the whole of a society is given a voice we see the 1 rise of trump, 2 brexit, 3 merkel very rapidly about to lose her position. 4 this is why its only a tiny part of society is given a real voice in the spotlights of society. social engernering requires the most authotarian ideals simply to oppresse the majority from having a voice to maintain the decided on narative. unfortunatly the left has taken it to far in trying to deamonise the majority tgat the narrative becomes more obsered. hence microagressions and the left now falling prey to each other.

  12. Youtube comments being rigged too. The system that chooses what to show as the top comment is somewhat rigged.

  13. I have noticed that Youtube does a lot of Ghost Censoring. Ghost Censoring or Banning is when you send a comment while you are signed-in to YouTube (and you can see the comment but only when you are signed-in) but if you sign-off and try to find your comment, it isn't there. There are two modes to check depending upon which one you used when you sent your comment and whether you were responding to someone or not. One mode is "Top Comments". The other is "Newest First". If, after you sign-off, you cannot see the comment you just sent, then you have been Ghost Censored. If you cannot see your comment while not signed-on to Youtube, then no one else can see your comment either. Many people have no idea that they have been Ghost Censored. You could spend hours making comments and no one else will be able to read them. So, what's the point of sending comments? I usually copy my comments before I send them and record the date and time and url of the Youtube site. It helps to show that I did send the comment. I believe that it isn't just Youtube that can Ghost Censor select comments but also the person who runs the Youtube Channel can do this as well.

  14. you know if google used their power to support a third party candidate i would almost need be mad and maybe for once they would get to 15%

  15. you know google filtering negative results almost reminds me of winston manipulating paper articles and such in 1984

  16. What a shitty video. It can be refuted, mostly, in an instant by simply googling Trump and seeing the results and auto-suggestions, as done here:

  17. Google "American inventors" and see Google in action doing social manipulation. It's as if there were no white inventors in America. Apparently, they were all black.

  18. Thank fuck we don't all live in America or subscribe to Suckorborg.
    From the outside out looks like you had some decent choices but they were pulled away from you. Now it's either womaniser or Hillocaust. The end is nigh!!!

  19. Stop using Google, people. It's 2016 after all. Besides they track your searches, then tie the info to your account and then sell it to the advertisers to make money. Use DuckDuckGo(dot)com.

  20. Yeah. In my personalizations I have Business Insider at zero. Yet everyday the leading headlines are from Business Insider. Unless there is a story demonizing Putin – the link is always disparages Trump.

  21. Thanks for making this video + Black Pigeon . You definitely do a lot of time and research on each subject. I applaud you for your in-depth research and analysis. I wish there were more people who have done research. Have you ever done a video on the Mena Connection? I have thought about taking a trip to the Mena Airport sometime soon before the election, since it is about 2 1/2 hours away from Northwest Arkansas, and see if there is anything else going on with the airport now.

  22. Remember a few years back when we were all joking about Google's market share was growing so much that it was just a matter of time before they turned evil? Well…

  23. GOOGLE owns YOUTUBE and has been fucking with pro Trump videos, their makers and their viewers sabotaging them and us. We should BOYCOTT FB, move to Gab, and put FB out of biz, then go after Google and turn them into the next Yahoo.

  24. DakuHonoo DakuHonoo They know their evil, their motto is mockin
    g the dumbasses who aren't onto them. Which apparently includes you.

  25. I can't post comments after I used the four letter word for G which leads me to believe they have an echelon like program to detect what you are saying. I got a message I never even got before: Error request timed out.

  26. The United States of Zion is a terrorist state. The world should boycott us, until we stop functioning as Israel's puppet.

  27. Cancel your cable and satellite TV and tell them it's because of corrupt CNN, MSNBC, etc. Keep your internet and get Hulu or Netflix for shows and watch YouTube for news. It's the only way we can fight back! It to mention, it would save $80 to &150 per month!

  28. Freedom of Speech! Are you kidding? Not in America, if CNN gets its way. We will loose many freedoms! CBS NBC & most newspapers have the same goal,. She must be giving them something better than positions(Ameriscoft, maybe that is what we become) Under Dictator Hillary! plus shes gonna be very vengeful!

  29. I'm sharing nearly all of your videos with everyone I know. You bring up important points and open a lot of misguided and warped people's minds up. Thanks BP

  30. I've come onto YouTube and seen Hillary ads repeatedly but very rarely anything for Trump, even McCain gets more ads than Trump, but of course YouTube is owned by google…

  31. I held Gg in high regard for a long time.

    However, meanwhile Gg has been taken over by Greed, Powerlust & Complacency.

    They're here&now clearly completely out of touch with their own corporate motto: "Don't be evil"!

    My regard for Gg has vanished accordingly and been replaced by awe & (pragmatic) avoidance. :_[[ hYlkeW
    Why Google May Be More ‘Evil’ than the NSA | Abby Martin

    Gg is certainly tightening the noose of freedom of speech/communication by filter&censor&block-ing (my) yTube comments. :_[[ hYlkeW
    Behold the Death Knell of Mainstream Corporate News Media
    Lionel Nation
    ''And the subsequent rise of alternative and foreign media.''

    Nope; I tend to disagree (most) vigorously: the '<1%elite' won't allow that. Look how f.i. Gg, Fb & Tt are already surveill&filter&censor&block&obfuscat-ing at (their) free will&power.

    Speak Against Child @buse= HATE SPEECH says YouTube
    Black Pigeon Speaks
    Hilarious Newscaster Montage Shows How The Media Controls The Masses
    The Jimmy Dore Show
    ISP Censorship is Modern Day Book Burning
    Computing Forever

    'Alt' & 'foreign' will globally(!) be totally/completely 'embedded' in the (very) near future, just as here&now the 'Mainstream Corporate News Media' already are.

    'We', the '>99%' are f*ck/scr€w-ed, no matter what/how.

    Nicht erschrecken! Das Video deines Lebens Trau dich es zu sc
    Werner Altnickel

    Dystopia&Catastrophe will abound & rule/reign un-assailed/opposed.

    Steht ein 3. Weltkrieg vor der Tür?
    Werner Altnickel
    Is Europe Doomed?
    Rebel Media

    :_[[ hYlkeW

  32. for touching the untouchable we salute you bear in mind this is why we have the internet.. research learn expand your mind look into topics that interest you that spark outrage that warrant research and always keep a skeptical mind

  33. I can see the problem, but is it as dangerous to democracy as you say, when you take into account that Hillary DIDN'T win.

  34. GITMO FOR HER AND BARRY. treason capital punishment through legal channels shoudl be public sanctioned and done on pikes around the reflecting pool.

  35. They should have laws against social media outlets associating with any political party. They're too powerful and easily abused by politicians and vice versa.

  36. Wait, what the fuck? Google visited the White House ONCE PER WEEK, for the LAST 4 YEARS OF OBAMA'S PRESIDENCY? Jesus Christ.

  37. I have the video somewhere but i was watching the election and watched google fumble when trump won and they did not declared him the winner until a couple of hours passed and there numbers were off by a huge margin.

  38. Thats why I no longer use Facebook except to make people aware of what is going on in Europe and the migrant problem. If everyone sticks together, we can make a change.

  39. Not just Google; since a lot of similar companies are alt left, they ban anyone that is alt right. I removed myself from Quora, because of this.

  40. Using personal blocklist will allow anyone to take back the control of their own searches from Google by blocking leftist sites.

  41. So let me get this correct.. Google government subsidies uses tax payers debt to fund Democrat election funds… Very illegal… Civil asset forfeiture a must. Take the company assets jail those who facilitated this fraud.

  42. The left has lost so many of their voter in the past couple years it may take a decade for them to recover. Hopefully the independent takes their spot in al aspects in government. So at least America will have a chance of recovering from their many attempts to destroy America and our constitution and many others.

  43. Try searching "CNN lies" on either YouTube or Google search… what a joke!
    But what really is funny is how even with all the media and Silicone Valley manipulation Clinton still lost to Trump! I have to admit as much as I didn't want Clinton to win I really thought she would.
    Shows just how repugnant Clinton is lol

  44. All the google nudging in the world cannot make that Sh*tty Hillary cake taste good…..
    I agree it makes a difference to someone that doesnt look at history… eg.) all the kids that are in University that cant even name the VP of the US are just click bait… for people that look at the candidates and their past performance, their accomplishments, if they flip flop and go with the tide… you cant fool those people.

  45. Almost 3 years later and Project Veritas has uncovered that Google intends to sway votes to the left during the 2020 election.

  46. at this point i dont even think these people are just stupid feel good liberals. they are trying to destroy the fabric of our society, but why?

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