Going through a tech support scammer’s files

If you’ve seen my last video you’ll know
that I downloaded files off the scammer’s computer. Now what are those files, and what can they
show us? First I need to clear some big questions on
everyone’s mind. Sadly, the rat did not work. I think it’s because of his antivirus but
I’m not sure. But, what I did manage to do is download tons
of their files. Their files both deal with customer details
and one of the agent’s restaurants. I’m not sure if any of the information is
mixed up between the two, though. Additionally, I cannot show any personal information
due to YouTube’s privacy policies and I apologize for that. Let’s start with this salary sheet. Now I’m not sure if this is for his tech
support scam business or his restaurant, but for May 2018, there were 37 employees, and
a total of 101,838 was payed out. Nowhere on here does it say the currency,
though. If it’s Rupees then it’s about $1000 total,
which doesn’t make any sense. However, I only have data up till May 2018. If this is his restaurant, he might have gone
bankrupt and started working for the tech support scam business. There are some files dealing with his restaurant. Here’s a snippet of some of the menu. Now, on to the tech support scam. Through the entire computer there were 1,851
records of customers. I’ve emailed all of them, telling them that
they’ve all possibly been scammed. As of the recording of the video none have
replied yet. Finally, there’s one document that even
reveals the scammer’s address. It’s a bank statement, and here are some
of the details on screen now. Additionally, the closing balance as of March
2018 is only about 100 Indian rupees. Some customer details are in the description
below, along with a general map of all the victims. These scammers hit every single state in the
US. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next

  1. Good work! Good experience to add to your resume — though use careful wording! "Potentially saved nnn people from being victims of crime…" Maybe put it under "Hobbies".

  2. Nice work getting to his files. You should make a tutorial on how you did that so I can get to the scammers files in my videos.

  3. Even for a restaurant in this big city (Kolkata, West Bengal, India)), the wages are nearly 50% of the normal wages. The owner, Dinesh is robbing everyone. Shame on him..

  4. HEY! I re-watched the previous video where you attempted to put the rat in the startup directory for the rat to start automatically the next time he starts the computer, and now you are saying it didn't work in this video. I know why. It wasn't their anti-virus that disabled it. You put it in their START MENU directory. This means that the rat is not in the start up directory, it is instead in his start menu list. LOL if he goes through his programs in the start menu he would find it.

    This is what you did, you put the rat in: "C:UsersdineshAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart Menu"

    You are supposed to put it in:
    "C:UsersdineshAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup".

    You forgot to go an extra two folders through the directories.

    The next time you rat a scammer have this automatically copied: RoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup

    When you do the file transfer it automatically puts you in their "%userprofile%" folder, so all you need to do next time is paste what I said for you to copy above and put it after "C:Usersdinesh" (dinesh was the scammer in that video), then hit enter. Then it will take you to the correct folder quickly in TeamViewer where you can put the rat. Do the rat before you download any files off the desktop. Ratting is more important. You can just get the files later when ratted. Also most scammers get alerted when file transfers are done, then they unplug the computer; so if you get the files off the desktop first it may alert them and then you would only get a couple files and you wouldn't be able to rat them. If you do the rat in the startup directory first, then they may be alerted, but rats are small file sizes, the download would be over and then they would unplug the computer. Then when it reboots and they log in, that rat starts. If they don't unplug the the computer, then you can get the files if you think the rat may not work, but it should now…

    Okay, this was me alerting you that you put the rat in the wrong directory and some helpful tips. All I do with tech support scammers is play soundboards and stuff, at least I did something because what I did shut down their number; but I want to do the sort of stuff that you do one day… with VMs, ratting, start a scam baiting YT channel. I've been watching your videos for almost a month, but I haven't really been commenting. Keep up the good work. 👍

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