Gocha, Who Escaped Communism in Russia, Calls In To Offer Support For Pastor Kent Hovind (2015)

okay we are recording a gotcha nichia cha cha cha cha needs a coach at Kennington thank you sir and I appreciate you calling it on skype and you would like to record some words about mr. pastor Hogan so thank you sir definite thank you hi everybody you know the god bless the United States of America this was the country that I desired to immigrate when i was born in soviet union that time was a Soviet Union Republic of Georgia from Tbilisi I grew up there i was born in now and i was the ethics basically like everybody else there we never heard about Jesus even I was baptized as a Christian Orthodox you know but this was a false religion i co-host religion it's why i immigrated from that country that's why i was looking for the promised land which appeared a stronger than canada and i'm getting closer to the United States but during this process in a way I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior you know my first friend Prince to pak-rat said he gave me his first Bible and shared the gospel with me I love Jesus so much fun same time we learned about me you know that the weather on Maggie you know the Jordan micarta and all other good preachers you happy who was teaching us about the Jesus you know aw tozer it out BJ I pakka you know Billy gray everybody but same time the game came really video messages he was somebody you know preaching about the creations and this was new for me you know because we was coming from the country which grew up on the child star is there only now that evolution was everything it up the marks implemented if they gave us a only limited material about this in fluid inflated email refuel you just start starting from the universities from the schools he making I'm third generation they are only okay the communist society now my grandfather fought for the revolution my father was raised after the World War ho and me i was born in 65 so basically around me it was every rep it was a like a religion and when they can homie explains this fone arena from the evolution you know it I've done introduces to Henry Morris and all the other poetics a lot many tix for many autumns and particularly fasting I was fascinated with the number 5 section when he was talking about the totalitarian drive how do you influence the styling heat light now and this was like a angle I you know to see the history of humankind and that really greatly helped me after this I was introduced to be such as always Francis Schaeffer is library another shelter and then seriously I read the books and this was a kind of big gateway for me enough to go to the apologetics in Arlen to learn about manatees because he approaches from science point of him as it had learned that evolution is like a religion yes science so first I learn from demon I greatly fairly low with his human pain but I was greatly also disappointed when I heard the news that he was in jail I said what's going on sorry Junior is kebabs you know the burrowing world world with a mulish in 1990 and such a lego city prison you know this also has a shame shame to the institution who put him there in oven I hope the justice will prevail you know and he won't be free and I will do everything is possible to see him physically to hugging you not to encourage if he loses this tasting things you thank you very much again for your efforts and for your energy you see you reach the ordinary human beings Okocha cha-cha needs a in Australia the time I was in Australia are living there and you touched my heart you know because I saw their passion and allow Jesus Christ you know where he breaks the Parthians you know the way when you kiss constitutions all countries they will go down we know that right we waiting for New Jerusalem new heaven and can homie gives that faith by preaching the about Jesus where he doesn't through the creation is now a go-to blessing and God bless all day good Christians around the world without this is like this is the my series that we ordered specifically you to be not and keep spreading is my as much as I can't rule my friends and lots of people in Georgia community be listening we were fascinated by this story so I like him to be in a blue should go go to join his family and one day I will go and visit him in miami florida or wherever he will be dead that's my my dream anyway so this is great human being great human being and there is a purpose what's happened to him this God allowed him Jesus allowed Hindus to level and I believe he never will stop the continual continue and we will be here to continue his work as well in many ways i'm in the marketplace like I said I'm an ordinary bus driver here in Toronto but I love my job and I love also the Canadians who also is it been ugly lots of passion about the Jesus Christ as well and Christianity thank you very much again early for contacting me and allowing me giving this chance to you know to tell the world who can hold this and basically know we love him you know okay even though Thank You mr. gotcha i just got to say I have some good Christian friends from Russia and they have the same passion that you do because I guess in Russia evolution is taught in the schools writing or not allowed to disagree with it so when they see the Kin joven tapes they seem to really see a lot of truth and so I see the same passion in you that I see in my other Russian for instance so praise god for you praise God for your courage and your boldness to say the truth and I just wanted to say thank you very much good play see you thanks god bless Scott thank you i'm gonna hit a finish

  1. Praise the Lord! An American and a Russian having a pleasant Godly conversation together, that wouldn't have happened during the cold war years 🙂

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