Globalisation - Evergreen Social Issues For UPSC CSE/IAS Exam 2018 2019 By Roman Saini

  1. @Educator :
    There is genuinely something v.crucial factor missing in this session / presentation. There are great presenters / educators who deliver the topic in an absolutely fantastic way & make it interesting for the audience.
    There is a lot need to improved by the educator (especially his presentation skills & the art of presenting) ; thereby insiting curiosity & the yearning for learning among students.
    For some reason I find as if the educator is simply presenting it, just for the sake of it, you might be giving 100℅, but proper self introspection & analysis needs to be done on making lessons interesting.

  2. Sir graduation se related question puche jate hai interview mei?? Sir iss topic par eak video bnao… Muje hi nahi mere jaise bhut student hai jinko yeh problem hai Beucouse sir ghar ka financial problems hai toh job krna padta h college private kar kei

  3. Sir iwant to know about terminology basically iam from telugu medium how can i write essays i have to use high level language or normal language wich it is easy to understand sir pls give me reply pls

  4. You guys don't even bother to reply on your learning app. Just popularity minded people . I have been asking rather say begging to help me out but all is vain No respond from anywhere . Don't be fake at least

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