Global Road to Ruin Through Education- Preview

you I'm Charlotte is her bait I'm the author of the deliberate dumbing down of America which you can get at the updated version and abridged and you can also get the free download which is fantastic on the internet at deliberate dumbing down calm and I could go on and on we don't work with William Bennett we don't work with the neoconservatives because they are the Trojan horse at the moment they are introducing this the charter schools the school choice and we have to understand that although many of them may not understand what they're doing they are the Trojan horse to change our form of government believe it or not through unelected councils the unelected council system very important that's the Soviet system we're gonna be nothing but animals to be trained and we will have no conscience no soul no thinking no nothing we will be a CS Lewis set he said once edge training beats education civilization dies he wrote the abolition of man he understood this we are dealing with something more important than anything we've ever dealt with before in this country Thomas sticked who was with William spade a very important man with skinner mastery learning etc and all the kids in the DC school district absolutely fell apart the schools fell apart after this program that's Padian sticks put in and the Washington Post in 1987 paraphrase sticks comment and it it follows it says many and think of this in terms of the corporation's they're running our whole life now and why all the charter schools they're putting in all their horrible charter schools he said many companies have moved operations to places with cheap relatively poorly educated labor what may be crucial they say is the dependability of a labor force and how well it can be managed and trained not its general educational level although a small cadre of highly educated creative people is essential to innovation and growth ending discrimination and changing values are probably more important than reading in moving low-income families into the middle class direct instruction talk about semantic deception it sounds so good I mean I still have friends who are good teachers who who can't get it they say well that means just teaching in front of the class directly they don't know that it's Skinner it's operant conditioning and it fits beautifully there's no system that fits in the computer for software for education other I think challenge me if I'm wrong it goes in the computer software other than Skinner and he said it he said it's my box I have a a point of view that education is for the intrinsic enhancement of the individual because the individual can then continue the culture instead of having limited learning for lifelong labor which is where we're going now and that's that's what school to work is that's what school choice is that's what the linking of schools and business and industry is and when my team is going towards the wrong goal I'm not going there I'm gonna say hey guys we need to go this way and I lobbied against that proposition and with Christian schools in our state not to vote for or support out your legislation because the single dollar they took was going to control their school once you take a government dollar you have to meet government standards I ran across something called visions which was a newsletter put out by the Pacific tellus Education Foundation in California and in there there little publication called beyond the bubble they had a blurb that described you know what different terms were and that says educators are finding that new ways of teaching requires new forms of and they had in quotations assessment then on their definition of assessment it said the act or result of judging the worth or value of something or someone parents see charters is better for their children and in some cases a few are pretty good but the big picture is not as good charter schools regulations vary widely from state to state there's very little oversight or control once they are in place are they public or are they private is there any transparency do you have freedom of information access and how many are secular charters that's a question credo the Center for Research on education outcomes in Stanford they did a study of sixteen states and as I was printing these out I would take them out of the printer and I thought that I had the page upside down because most of the results were down below where they started the other results were not good there are powerful people behind the funding and driving this whole system forward they'll take the elementary and the middle and the high school and they'll turn the whole community into a charter school community and so the parents lose their neighborhood school that they've had forever I mean the other some of those Austin is DS East Side schools go back into the 20s to the teams probably I mean we don't when Austin first started you've got to figure that that that area just east of i-35 was a predominantly run area I mean it was a thriving part of the Austin community so it's been there forever and those schools have been there forever educating the kids adequately until they were told what the standards were going to be what Texas is doing in order to be able to offer vouchers to the public they have to change the taxing structure right now public school districts control the property tax end of that taxing authority if they can change that and get control of that the state does not control that now the local school district does they can't offer what they don't control so in the in the 2013 Texas legend in the house and the sitting I'm sure property taxes are gonna be talked about as an exchange for a new sales tax so you won't have a property tax on your home but you'll pay a higher sales tax then they will control all the taxes and then they can offer vouchers that's how its operating but when they put my eldest daughter into an experimental class without my knowledge or consent and some of these things that have been talked about today started coming home I got very angry they were messing with my kids now we replace the school committee with our people we implemented phonics first policy thanks to many of us a Commissioner that believed in us Sam Blumenfeld who came down several times to our town we lobbied at the State House and help passed the parents rights bill we had the superintendent out of Sundance in 24 hours we closed down the regional training center we killed the regional dump and we saved we saved Plymouth County for the time being well the cell phones have presented a monumental problem in every classroom and across all districts and it it creates a I call it Lord of the Flies it creates a whole child world without parents and it goes on 24 hours well they could text they put him in their purse when one mother came in I said the teacher says she suspects she's testing and the father checked out she got 4,000 texts in in one month during school hours we'd like to see the cell towers go down quite frankly because we can't and as parents I can tell you that it does separate a child from their family a intense more than anything else that could be done that has done it I had protested social promotion new grouping rate methods the whole word teaching instruction mocking on a curve intrusive surveys modern math faulty textbooks each proposed change seemed to be a singular excrescence I never dreamed that it was part of the plan to remove God from our lives to weaken families are to dumb down and stupefy American citizens and foreign students in our colleges and universities to have one Spartan system of education International Baccalaureate does not in public schools and while higher cost is a big problem it's what I be is does or fails to do that is of greater concern this became apparent during my research that was initiated in part because of my history during the 11th and 12th grade I lived outside the United States and attended a private k12 International School with students from many countries there was no International Baccalaureate program the high school standards supported admission into the top u.s. higher education institutions years after I graduated from the international school I be appeared as an option and I wondered why given my background I might have welcomed IB but as I learned more about the program it was obvious that IB intends to create a particular kind of global citizen the IB brand is troubling it supports UN at issues such as agenda 21 sustainable development disarmament under the guise of peace a collectivist view of social justice a consensus building type of civic engagement and more cloaked and utopian Phil good jargon the UN system is communitarian in nature or communists communitarian being communists strip away the high sounding rhetoric and what comes into view is central planning for all aspects of life from cradle to grave all of the human potential methods were being piloted and part of that was self and group criticism recorded in those little scraps of paper the undermining of her religious faith came from an exercise where students had to stand in front of the class to explain why they believed what they believed as the classmates challenged them so this mother tiger awakened and roared I still thought it was isolated situation but it soon became apparent that it was something much bigger we peeled away and discovered P PBS planning programming budgeting system management form of governance had soup then superimposed over our constitutional represent representative Republic without a shot being fired 1971 in the state California Assemblyman Robert Burke prepared a report about P PBS the report can redefined education and this is his report which was titled education from the acquisition of knowledge to programmed conditioned response direct instruction that about says it all doesn't it says in it he spelled out what we see coming to fruition today which I'm sure others will cover Assemblyman Burke wrote in a newsletter early in the 70s quote this insidious plan already has widespread support in many quarters left unchecked the consequences will be unimaginable and control over society in the hands of a few you should know that the planned deliberate dumbing down of America was started in 1898 see how far back it goes 1898 by socialists John Dewey it was started by John Dewey in 1898 with his attack on the primary schools emphasis on teaching children to read this emphasis sustained the capitalist individualistic system and it produced high literacy whereby the average American could read anything and think for himself what do we deliberately ignored was a tremendous language learning faculty that every child is born with and that teaching a child to read at that early age expands the child's mastery of language which is the key to academic success you know we all have that faculty it's in the left lobe of our brains it's been put there by the good lord Dewey and his socialist colleagues were determined to change individualistic America into a collectivist society did they know that they're teaching new teaching methods would create reading disability and dyslexia they found out pretty early at the extents at the expense of four of the richest boys in America believe it or not john d rockefeller jr. was a great admirer of John Dewey and he put his four sons Nelson David Lawrence and Winthrop in the Lincoln school one of the experimental schools called for by Dewey Rockefeller donated over three million dollars three million dollars in those days is about 300 million today you know he donated three million dollars to the school and what was the result all four boys became dyslexic but of course that didn't stop the progressives from implementing their plan incidentally when Nelson was governor of New York he wrote in the reading teacher of March 1972 quote I appreciate the opportunity to make some observations on the importance of reading for I am a prime example of one who has had to struggle with the handicap of being a poor reader while serving in public office on many occasions he writes upon confronting an audience I have elected to announce that I have thrown away my speech in favor of giving the audience the benefit of my spontaneous thoughts and usually I have added besides I went to a progressive school and don't read very well anyhow this of course is a trial to my very Able's speechwriter as well as a libel upon the doll of the devoted teachers and professors who saw me through the years of my formal education it is also usually a rather popular device to communicate with the audience on a much more intimate basis but the truth is that it serves primarily to cover the fact that I really wish I could do a better job of reading reading a speech or other public statement unquote and this man was going to become he was vice president of the United States and was a heartbeat away from the presidency I functional illiterate egg dyslexic you know who read his books for him Kissinger said he hired Henry Kissinger to do his reading for him or tell him what was in the books yeah so as you know Nelson Rockefeller was vice president under Ford in other words a functional illiterate was a heartbeat from becoming president David Rockefeller writes and his memoirs quote now this is the head of the Bilderbergers David Rockefeller this is what he says in his memoirs quote it was Lincoln's experimental curriculum and method of instruction that distinguished it from all other New York schools at the time father was an ardent and generous supporter of John Dewey's educational methods and school reform efforts Teachers College of Columbia University operated Lincoln with considerable financial assistance in the early years from the general education board as an experimental school designed to put Dewey's philosophy into practice Lincoln's stressed freedom for children to learn and to play an active role in their own education but there were some drawbacks in my case I had trouble with reading and spelling which my teachers drawing upon progressive education theory did not consider significant they believed I was simply a slow reader and that I would develop at my own pace in reality I have dyslexia which was never diagnosed and I never received remedial attention as a result my reading ability as well as my proficiency and spelling improved only marginally as I grew older all my siblings except Babs that as his sister and John had dyslexia to a degree I was asked to sign a statement and a lot of people call me a liar but I have witnesses that promised I would pledge to teach the mission of world government and even though the public education had always been tainted with a political bias I finally was able to connect this political agenda directly to the UN and now I knew why every other word in our retraining was global Global global I just felt like something I had read about in Cuba you know when you're watched and principle be peeking in your window like around Christmastime how much you want to bet and I was only half kidding I said how much you want to bet the principal is gonna call us down for a short meeting and he's gonna tell us we can't celebrate Christmas but we should worship the Winter Solstice so one day the intercom come down to the you know music room just for five minutes after the kids leave puts a chair in the middle of the room says you know we have to start thinking about not celebrating Christmas in school we'll have to it's ok if you celebrate the winter solstice but not Christmas and then those of us who were you know going to be rebels I still put up greenery it was nothing religious ever just you know wreaths or something to decorate the room because the kids would say where the Christmas decorations and I had to fill out a form explaining what everything was so I said two can play this game I wrote down these green trees and wreaths are not to be construed as Christmas decorations because they're not but the most important part of my speech is this statement a false friend is more dangerous than an open enemy and that's what we're fighting the false friends vouchers and education choice originally came from the left and was sold to the right now both the right and left support this shift in emphasis from academics to workforce training this is proven by the fact the elite from both parties including the globalist New World Order US Chamber of Commerce if you go on news with views and read Erica Karl's three-part article on the chamber you'll find out exactly what they are the International Aspen Institute of which UN Agenda Maurice he pronounces it Morris strong was director President Obama his Secretary of Education Arne Duncan the Heritage Foundation and all other neocon Trotskyite groups and the globalist Council on Foreign Relations thank you Sam for the prelude to that founded in 1921 by the global minded Rockefellers all of them support charter and vouchers that these are nations that are regulating restricting monitoring managing spying finding out everything about our water system our energy system our transportation system doing everything that can be done to restrict our access and ability to use our resources so what's the goal it is using the green mask why call the green house gas mask of environmental concern this is a hijacking of the environmental movement very clearly the two parts of agenda 21 are imposed on us and that is smart growth moving populations into concentrated city centers for surveillance purposes and monitoring and manipulation and the wildlands which is getting people out of the rural and suburban areas blocking access to wilderness roads and resources and shifting land ownership from private to public taking the land away from the people now the way this is done is right in your town the global road to ruin through education leads to consolidation choice and charter ization which is taxation without representation through government by councils of selection not election the global road to ruin leads through education education that should be for the intrinsic enhancement of the individual so that he or she can communicate and continue the culture not for limited learning for lifelong labor

  1. "The Senate voted 18-12 in favor of bill that would require an election if a local government entity wanted to increase some of its tax collections by 5 percent or more."

  2. This fearless and powerful woman is in my heart.
    Like the SUPERMARKET is the place where you think you buy healthy sustenance, only to find your are being poisoned with aspartame, MSG, glucose syrup and all sorts of other undesired additives, also the EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM has been turned into a weapon against us all. It has become a weapon of mass indoctrination, leading students as far away as possible from logic, common sense, intelligent and independent thinking.
    Over time, both the supermarket and the educational system have been frying the public like frogs in the proverbial pan…

  3. Agenda 21 and the Fabian Society Great related book by Australian Author .. Dr Amy Mc Grath Wolves in sheep's clothing. Try view her online video interview with Sydney's 2GB host Michael Mc Lauren. Google It!

  4. hello love you work  i have a human design of a manifester left cross of education.  i was directed to your site.  go to my site ,  i found a way to bring out the best in people.  i hope this helps you and all the great work that your doing.  

  5. Ms. Niwa at 13 minutes 17 seconds says "CENTRAL PLANNING" and equates Communitarianism with Communism.  Central Planning is precisely what the 1972 Quebec "separatist" manifesto is about!  It is centralized planning totally in the hands of government.  (I suspect that Rockefeller foundations may be somewhere in the background behind this "planning" plan of the Quebec "separatists", who are all communists; and have been put in place with the aid of the multinational corporations, according to my research.)  The 1972 manifesto also speaks in quite odd jargon about the "perfectibility" of "human nature" and suggests that once Quebec has become "independent", its citizens will be subjected to various "programs" to modify human nature on a gradual basis. It specifically refers in French to the "Homme-Loup" (Man-Wolf), a term used to represent normal, unfettered human nature IN THE CONTEXT OF what we know as CIVILIZATION.

    This unacceptable state of affairs (individual liberty) is described as follows by the communist drafters of the 1972 manifesto, who were and are supported by the multinationals such as Power Corporation of Canada (I'm going to give you the French from the top of page 37 of the 1972 manifesto, and then I'll translate it for you):

    "Il faut extirper autant et aussi vite que possible, cette fausse idée de la liberté individuelle, qui n'aboutit en pra­tique qu'à la liberté du renard dans le poulailler, du fort aux dépens du faible, du gros aux dépens du petit, et qu'on reconnaît dans la plupart des refrains qui chantent les attraits les plus douteux du statu quo."

    "It is necessary to extirpate as much and as rapidly as possible, this false idea of individual liberty, which in practice amounts to nothing but the liberty of the fox in the hen house, of the strong at the expense of the weak, of the big at the expense of the small, and which one recognizes in majority of refrains which sing the most dubious attractions of the status quo."

    If you don't believe my translation, you can run it through all kinds of translators online, and ask your French friends.  The whole of the 1972 Quebec "separatist" manifesto (communist) is here online, you can download it. If the link expires, send me a message, although I don't often check my mail in YouTube, I will eventually likely receive it and send you a new link.

  6. At the 10-minute, 17-second point, the lady talks about cell phones disrupting classrooms and education. I would suggest that each schoolroom, while class is in session, should require cell phones, ipads, and all similar "devices", to be temporarily stored under lock and key in a little metal box of the kind used in rare books libraries. 

    When I visit the rare books division of the national archives to study, I have to leavr my coat, jacket, briefcase, handbag, and other items behind that would be detrimental to the rare books environment, in a locker outside the rare books room. 

    The archives provide a special cloak-room for this. It's just like a row of metal school lockers, where you would leave your own coat and books while you are in class. But the key to the padlock on the locker is handed by you to the security guard for safekeeping as you enter the rare books division. 

    You receive a chit in exchange for the key.  When you are done your research, you return the chit and get the key back to access your property.  There is nothing fascist about it, it's all quite civilized, and there is a guard stationed at the desk to keep watch over the lockers.

    Rare books allows certain items to come in that are relevant to study.  A digital camera, for example, is acceptable, as you might want to photograph book pages for your research.  Your wallet (held in your hand on the way to your research table), a couple of pens, an eraser, and some notepaper, all are acceptable. But NO CELL PHONES are allowed in the Rare books division. 

    I suggest that schools adopt the same principle, and require the kids to "store" their cell phones & other disruptive devices in their lockers during classroom time.  Kind regards.

  7. Charlotte:  this is fantastic.  I am already aware of all these issues, but this TIES IT TOGETHER.


  8. See also: – history of public education from 1859 to the present.  Get your kids out of the public schools if you can; any government involvement makes you a slave to the government values, because you accept their money.  They want control of your children, have managed to get God out of schools, now Common Core – God help us.  Vouchers and charters sound great, but Cynthia is right: Govt $ in any form = Govt control.  Douglas County CO is starting to make reforms, but unfortunately even a conservative School Board is still one kowtowing to the State and Federal edicts because they accept the fed money.  The goal is to turn the kids over to the "state," and you lose all control; they brainwash using technology, and we have mindless robots ready to participate in the One World Order.

  9. Concerning the wireless society, mobile phone Tower, WIFI in schools, iPads to children as low as kindergarden, cell phones used in the classes as a tool, etc., it shows what the agenda truly is – to  dumb down all of us – Watch this video explaining the 2 levels of the wireless agenda and what it does:
    1.118 – The ABCD of the Wireless Technologies: The visible and invisible level explained!

    714 – What has your mobile phone got to do with Project Blue Beam, HAARP, Chemtrails, etc.?

  10. Exactly – the agenda is to remove GOD from our lives – to disconnect us from sound morality and true values. This is truly the plan of Satan which works through all channels. It seems like the World Government is going to be placed in Copenhagen in the new UN building with "real teeth", as Pope Benedict expressed in 2009:

    Watch 1.054 – Welcome to the City of the World Government – "wonderful" Copenhagen – NO democracy! 

    Watch 553 – The world needs a World Government with Real Teeth (1 of 2) 
    Watch 554 – The world needs a World Government with Real Teeth (2 of 2) 

  11. Charlotte, I only now saw your reply to mine. Thank you for the response. Coincidentally I got fired from a right wing Christian school after six months of subbing. I was called in to the principals office two weeks prior, advising what a wonderful job I was doing. A student stole my cell phone after two weeks of being alone in the class room. Teacher & aid, a violation of state reg's. The CEO of Operations did not like that I filed a police report as advised by prin. office. God Bless

  12. Can someone create a right they don't have to begin with and then delegate it to someone other individual?

  13. Ms Weatherly / Ms Iserbyt: About 5 years ago a College chemistry instructor told me that he was having to spend more & more time with his first year students coming out of high school…missing the basics. Just came across this- scientists in Canada are being suppressed.
    Stand Up for Science rallies
    by CBCTheNational

    Dr Mercola in the US has echoed the same warning. I call it the oil & gas caste system.

  14. This information has been out there since the nineteen eighties at least. Everything I have written (books and pamphlets) has been boycotted by leading Trotskyite conservative groups … I was fired from my position in the Reagan Administration for leaking a technlogy grant to the press. Tragic, but true.


  16. I'd heard many years ago that the Rockerfeller boys had dyslexia because they were of Jewish decent and carried some broken genes that cause dyslexia. Wow , what a big lie that is! There is no Jewish gene for dyslexia. After seeing this video I can now agree that we have all been fooled by the commies!

  17. Cynthia, Many thanks all you do. Please encourage "Blumenfeld's Alpha-Phonics" on YouTube – complements of "Samuel L. Bluemenfeld Literacy Foundation, Inc" in Windham, NH. God Bless America.

  18. Charlotte has been working tirelessly since show discovered what hose in power intended. We must spread this far and wide through every social media available, while we can!

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