Giuliani: Democrats stepped into more than they realize

  1. Thanks for your work. It's great to slap Democrats. Please put all RATS to the bag and deliver to China. CHINESE LOVE RATS MEET

  2. why don't we make toilet paper with Shifty LIAR Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler's pictures so we can wipe our asses with their faces and enjoy the go?? !!!

  3. So let's see let's get this right so he admitted to doing what everyone said all 17 witnesses and now the horse so now what do you die hard trump fans have to say now what now that it's OK to have him break laws

  4. Obama did want Biden to run because he know by running all this come up Obama would get pulled into Biden scandal.


  6. What good is having a powerful guest if you are going to belittle their words and interrupt their content.
    Here's a thought. Run a Road Runner and Coyote cartoon so I can be entertained, otherwise; shut the hell up!

  7. All I know, is that Rudy Giuliani, was one of the most effective prosecutors in American history. He literally took out the mafia in New York City and discovered corruption by both Democrats and Republicans, And getting them all prosecuted. Just like a police dog he has a nose for crime and can smell it a mile away. I would go as far as to call him “the godfather of crime ““. I respect all the incredible work He did as mayor of New York City at a time when they had the lowest crime rate in the history of the city. I’m sure New York wishes they had a Merry like him now. I believe everything he says and appreciate the hard work he’s done for this country

  8. The Bidens got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. The American people want their cookies back. Pay us back, traitors. 😲

  9. Democrats have no idea what they are about to step into. Just like the 2016 election they have woefully underestimated our president. They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade…but this is Donald Trump we’re talking about. First he’s going to make the best lemonade you’ve ever tasted, then he’s going to build a massive lemonade stand that will have people waiting in line for hours to get a glass. Next he will get his kids involved, they will build a YUGE Trump tower hotel behind the lemonade stand, and sell out every night…and so on, and so on. These leftists never think their little bright ideas all the way through. They are like a bunch of middle school boys wearing a bed sheet as a cape, and ready to jump off the roof and fly like Superman. They never even conceptualize the hospital visit that will follow. Get ‘em Mr. president. Turn impeachment into a badge of honor. Best impeachment in history…

    A proudly impeached Deplorable clinging to my gun and my bible.

  10. Rudy u better watch u are on the Democrats socialized list like McConnell it is a pattern bring them all down better watch what you eat and drink because they are coming after you no the media is corrupt and we see it calling them out to they think their dirty money will protect them

  11. Oh I'm sorry, I said shut up. That was rude. I do like watching your vidoes. BUT, you have a tendency to interrupt you guest speakers. I got upset bc Giuliani was fascinating and I wanted to hear him rather than you in this instance, not to be rude. I got a message saying I was naughty in my post when over 10 other people said the same thing, therabout. I look forward to more of your videos, but please don't interfere with my freedom of speach.

  12. This not Rudy show, He wants to do all the talking Rudy letting you know if Trump throw him under bus. Rudy going to flip he's not going to let them out all this on him. He's not going to get fired by Trump Rudy knows to much.

  13. Thank you Rudy .We shall know the truth and the Truth shall set us Free. THIIS IMPEACHMENT OF PRESIDENT IS A COVER UP OF THE DOMOCTRATICS PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE JOE BIDEN WHO THROUGH YOU AND PRESIDENT TRUMP IS LEGALLY AND MORALLY BEING EXPOSED AND BROUGHT TO JUSTICE ON BEHALF OF the American people and the justice of the united states .Rudy I believe GOD is helping you to bring out the real truth. Rudy I encourage you . Thank you and may GOD BLESS YOUR WORK.

  14. When the people called by my name will humble themselves, pray and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and heal their land.

  15. When are these people going to wake up start taking these Democrats from the week straight post and getting rid of them Sully want to do to take away your guns and hand the country over to these pot-smoking communist Nazis

  16. Great lawyer guts and patriot. The patriots know what our country needs. They are fighting the socialists the communists hiding in the Democratic Party Trey goody , Rudy and Barr and trump. They are patriots why does she not shut up and listen to the great lawyer she keeps interrupting. Go after the real crooks

  17. Laura Ingram just got stupid!or she just turned coat!She is on the other side now, she is afraid of the other party!

  18. This is all club ca baal.
    look up the name baal and those who have always worshiped baal.
    baal seeks world domination always has always will.
    There is only one way to conquer the prince of darkness. This is good vs evil This is Biblical.

  19. Cannot stand this womans' style….or do i mean , LACK of style. She was so rude there that she has lost me as a daily viewer for ALL TIME , i amm so tired of her and her Hannity affliction of BUTTING in before they are finished the question, had enough!

  20. It is almost impossible to interview Giuliani and ask questions. He basically starts and just runs. Laura has to interrupt him to get her points of focus in.

  21. President Trump doesn't really have to expose the left. They are so filled with hate for him, that they don't even realize the level of their own corruption they exposed. And it's clear to everyone except the media in which party the criminal corruption resides!

  22. Rudy is too rude to ever be asked to return to Fox. Just another rude, in-your-face politician from
    New York. Those people have no manners, no shame. A perfect person to fight Democrats at their
    own game.

  23. Rudy you were put here for a reason just like Trump was, stay healthy and please be careful, we need you and appreciate everything you do. May God bless you my man.

  24. Wah Rudy G anda bicara Obama Corrupsi dan Jou Biden juga begitu nanti Party Dem bereaksi lagi Impeachment Hoax malah terjadi kepada Presiden Donald Trump karena demokrad tidak suka dan sementara itu kelihatan bahwa Ada kesan hukum tidak berdaya di mata Demokrad Party MASA 44 44

  25. We all know that the Chinese bought the whole democrat top rank. The Ingaham show, It's all about Laura.

  26. Laura, our lovely host, was MAD about something that came from Giuliani in first half of video. Look at her face now. Several cuts went back and forth. He said she was explaining the Ukraine story in a complicated way. It was a cut.

  27. Laura thanked RG for clearing up some comments. She said it is complicated. While wiping his forehead around 9:40 RG said Thank God you explain it in such a COMPLICATED way. How is that anything but an insult? Don’t normally watch this show. Is she always this combative with ranking guests like RG?

  28. Go Giuliani arrest them all more power to you nobody else is arrested then I pray to God that your rest all of them and put them all in prison are hanging on the White House lawn 4 treason . I'll thank God above for you if you have them all arrested. Praise the Lord Giuliani I hope to God you have them all arrested all of them crooked lying evil Democrats

  29. I know how crooked it is Giuliani and I'm an American what are you get this message or not I love everything you're doing and I'll stand behind you 100% and everything you say because I believe in you thank God for you Giuliani and I mean I think God are you we need more people like you in the White House and I don't care if that Foxx media person is unhappy because she couldn't run her mouth or not I'm glad to hear everything you had to say

  30. It doesn't matter if you have courage or not Giuliani as long as the Lord God is behind you you have all the protection you need and I will say a prayer for you tonight that he protects you from all this evil that Satan has put in our White House. And government

  31. Yes The Nose Knows Rudy! 👃🏼💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩Pew, Pew, Pew! This Smells Really BaD! Pew, Pew, Pew!

  32. If anyone deserves to be brought down its slimy Joe Biden. When I use to watch him foundering little girls who were so uncomfortable with him it made me sick. Most of the moms and dads didn't help them just because he's was the v.p. He wanted to take Trump behind the barn and teach him how to treat woman?? OMG somebody needed to teach him how to behave around little girls. He's a bloody pedophile.

  33. Rudy has been asked why him why not the government he has explained this so many times and nobody listens. Thank you Laura for letting him talk . Most keep interrupting him.

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