Gerrymandering: Controversial Political Redistricting Explained | History

  1. What the short video didn't touch on is the fact that gerrymandering is also done to group minorities together to allow them to elect the representative of their choice instead of having their votes cancelled out by the majority in a district. It is not always a bad thing to do like they have it presented here.

  2. Excellent video! I'm in Michigan & there's an anti-gerrymandering proposal that we have to vote on next week… high school was too long ago to remember details, but this simple 3 minute video presented enough to clearly understand what it is and how it works. I think I've just made up my mind on how to vote on the proposal…

  3. America is not a DEMOCRACY! ……America is a REPUBLIC!…… how ever the CORPORATION UNITED STATES ……. is a democracy……. because it's ruled by the few ….. over the protest of the many! …… That makes ALL POLITICIANS members of a CRIMINAL CORPORATION based in the FOREIGN CITY COUNTRY known as the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. And covers a mere 10 miles. Where the UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY is located. It is a FOR PROFIT CORPORATION. And was bankrupted soon after being established! ….. it was created in 1871. by the traitors in congress's ACT of 1871

  4. Gerrymandering is an unethical political tactic that's been highly abused by Republican conservatives, NOT Democrats, since at least the 80s. Cut poor Democrat-leaning neighborhoods in half via redistricting and, thus, limit the power of the Democrat vote to ensure a Republican winner. Republicans have always been corrupt.

  5. Hey, here's a thought. Why not put some laws in place that forbids Gerrymandering? Divide the congressional districts up in a way that both republicans and democrats can agree on (by compromising), and then they can't be changed again, unless by the same process (compromise). This seems like a silly problem to have that is easily fixed.

  6. In Great Britain they have a concept known as a rotten borough which is a parliamentary district drawn to give electoral power to a single family or even in some cases a single voter. This actually did happen there. A Black Adder III episode spoofs the idea and builds an episode around increasing the power of the pro-royalist faction in parliament by decreasing the parliamentary power of the at the time anti-royalist Tory PM William Pitt the younger by creating a voting district whose sole voter is a chicken named Colin. The chicken votes for the king of course.

  7. The GOP are masters of manipulation. Manipulate voters, the vote, the districts and the media. And it’s all coming to an end.

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