German Social Democrats are without Leadership

servoz Menna it's Red Bull Germany again responsibility is women's kryptonite that was my takeaway lesson at least when I read the newspaper this morning reality is a little bit faster it unfolds faster than I can even react to it on social media but I will try to summarize it for you in my last video I told you that andrian Alice plans to have another vote for the leader of the faction of the Social Democratic Party of Germany in the Bundestag the idea behind that is that she lost authority right now because of the disastrous election results in the EU parliament elections and in Bremen and she tries to get back the trust of the party so this is an opportunity for critics of her to put their heads in the ring and to compete against her in the new election for the leader of the faction now I already told you that no people have come forth so far and that is probably not a good sign because nobody wants to do her job because she wrecked the party just within one year to such a degree that there is probably some more negative news ahead that people don't want to take the blame for now I heard this morning that she has already declared that she will resign not only in her leadership of the faction in Parliament but also as a member of parliament and also as a chairman of the SPD so it sounds like as if she wants to completely end her political career for good at the peak of her power now I don't know what happened behind closed doors or what evil old man said a mean thing to her but apparently she's in no mood of fixing the mess that she created in the first place now I haven't made a dedicated video for her yet because I didn't think she's important enough but now that this has happened I want to tell you a little bit about her at least then I want to tell you how it could go on in Germany for her party then I will follow up with my usual generalizations and rants and in the end there is a little bit of unintentional comedy at the end from Andrea knowledge so she was born in 1970 in a middle-class or working-class family if she finished her high school and later she studied I think you could call it German literature and politics now the thesis that she graduated with was about junk romance novels so that should already tell us a little something about her character or her intelligence then later she was supposed to get her PhD but she never finished that in 2005 she entered as a member of the German parliament into the rice toxic avoided now she claims to be Catholic but I don't really know she is a single mother and divorced so how Catholic can you be but I think they have so many atheists and Protestants in that party in order to get the Catholic vote somebody had to say yeah and Catholic I guess so officially she is Catholic yeah she pays church tax to the Catholic Church yes I wouldn't call her a Catholic though in her Wikipedia article you actually don't find anything about work so there is Studies and there is political work so to our big surprise I have to acknowledge that she never worked in the private sector never did honest work as so many others in German politics now of course she paid lip service to this and that cause over the course of her political career but there was really only one topic in one field of politics that she consecutively and continuously worked on and that was networking with other women and women questions that means how can we get more women into certain positions of power gender quotas for example are her biggest project so together with many other German female politicians she wanted to pass a law that would force the German Bundestag our federal parliament to be 50% male and female members of parliament that means our Constitution our democratic process would be completely invalidated and the voters the citizens would no longer be able to determine who is in Parliament for the district with their vote there are many questionable interviews and articles with her where she makes it known that she is convinced that women are just overall better so she says if something was easy then you could have a man to it but if something is hard to do then you need a woman to get the job done yeah we all see how that played out in reality so she said also that if you want the Humane Society then you must overcome male society of course men are not humane and we are vicious and evil creatures it is also interesting that she built her power it is said by building networks of course she doesn't have any special skills and no knowledge so she needs a lot of networking and especially from her days from the youth organizations of the young socialists of Germany she actually built a network with certain men and I don't know how she did that haha but apparently she had this network of young men that helped her to rise through the ranks later and then she was also criticized by other women for taking one of those men than with her as a close confidant which just goes to show again how actually yeah I don't want to say toxic but how unpractical feminism is when you actually build trust with a confidante and when you want to take that person with you to a new office a new position of power and then some women criticizes him now that actually shows an example of how feminism and gender preference can actually be quite bad for a woman who wants to rise up but I guess we all know that now there are a lot of candidates and a lot of people who can fill her position now of course the SPD is now full of strong powerful and well-qualified women of course there is for example Manuel Ashe phasic who thinks that women are just smarter than men then in order to prove that point almost there is the wonderful Mallard via the governor of Rhineland Falls who cannot even write a simple German letter in sentences she managed to make eight mistakes that are really really embarrassing it was a letter to Angela matter that was written in a way that you have to assume that she was jean-claude juncker or Nancy Pelosi levels of drunk and nobody seemed to double-check the letter before they send it to the German Chancellor if you think that this is just a little affair and that you cannot draw conclusions about her based on this little embarrassing letter then I have to tell you also that she practices a very selective form of feminism yeah so when German men for example are a little loud in Parliament or when they just don't want to listen to women then this is of course horrible but if let's say people with a very very colourful appearance that come from faraway countries and the mysterious undocumented circumstances when they just so happened to end the life of a German young lady then of course you cannot talk about it and the women who want to talk about these issues they are the real enemy of Germany that is her opinion so she's completely anti European anti German and she only is for women as long as they are for the replacement of the European people and as long as they don't make such a fuss about being killed every now and then but this is not everything there is more there is the wonderful Catarina Valley for example who blames men for prex it so you see we don't really have to worry about the Social Democratic Party of Germany they have more than enough people that are more than capable to fill this enormous gap that under yanil is left so let me point my attention now to some more general points I think this should be a warning example for everyone not only in political parties also in the industry in private clubs look at this example and pay close attention now you have a group of women who distinguished themselves by nothing else than constant complains of how they're not taken serious and how they cannot really get ahead because all these evil men are blocking their way now when they actually at a very young age have a lot of power several offices in an important position in Germany they managed to sink the ship in record time and then just leave they're really good at building networks and delegating jobs and also avoiding responsibilities but when they're at the front then they just can't handle the pressure despite of what they say they actually don't want it they want for example to be in Parliament yes but they don't want to be at the head of their faction because then they would have to take the blame so they want to have the nice high income jobs but they don't want the responsibility they don't want the leadership this is why women prefer actually to vote men into leadership positions because then they're in the second row so to speak they also hold a lot of the power but the blame is taken then by the men who is at the top and maybe if they drink their own kool-aid and believe their own BS then they actually assume a position of leadership that is readily given to them by all the men because they want that right they don't want to stand in the way of a powerful capable woman but then when they notice oh I actually have to deliver then they actually just leave and all of a sudden they don't feel well and now it's time that I that I think about myself but in the end you can say it is really the fault of German men that they actually grew up to believe that women could actually do those jobs and some of the women do actually I am NOT generally talking about women I'm talking about those women who constantly bring up quotas and their existence as a woman as a valid point if they just do their job they will get ahead just like men do if they are productive and smart and hardworking enough and intelligent enough then there is no problem and we know many of these women a very unlikely example also very nice comparison because it's also the field of politics is Margaret Thatcher and also Angela Merkel you can say about Angela Merkel what you want she didn't get ahead using feminist networks she actually when asked about feminism she's always dancing around the question because of course Angela Merkel cannot really say I hate feminism feminism is stupid that would cost through all the votes of the feminists who still kind of are proud of the fact that Germany has a female Chancellor but Angela Merkel is actually not a very big feminist and she doesn't have any connections to these big feminist networks and she also didn't use this woman card in order to get ahead and to become Chancellor I actually made a series about her life and how she managed to get where she is and how she managed to stay in power so you can watch all those videos if you want to if you're interested in angular matically a little more but she is an example and Thatcher I think also of how you can actually get to the top how you can make it in a quote/unquote man's world without having to play the woman card constantly and surprise surprise those were the politicians who actually accomplished something good or bad I think you all know what I think about Angela Merkel's work that she did in Germany but at least they did what they plan to do and their plan was not only to get more women in positions of power but to actually do something so women can of course do that too but there are just so many that are so tempted to play the woman card constantly and to get ahead without having to prove themselves and then once they're at the top of course you can imagine it doesn't really work out that's why responsibility is really women's kryptonite they want to avoid it generally at all cost they generally prefer the position as second-in-command as a lieutenant so that they don't have to take all the vicious blame that of course especially in politics or in the business world you sometimes get it is of course not a nice job helm would call for example said once if you wanna be at the top of the church tower if you want to be the weathercock so to speak then you have to accept that the wind is blowing straight into your face that was a little metaphor that he used so if you want to be at the top you have to make your peace with the fact you have to accept that a hard wind is blowing into your face and you can not complain about that of course he also plowed through a crowd at a public appearance and he wanted to catch and beat up a guy who had just thrown and egged him that was also Helmut Kohl so everyone in all walks of life should be very very much afraid and careful about these network building professional women if they can do the job if they have what it takes then it's fine but if all they do is networking and bringing up women's questions and we need more women me me me all the time then that is a clear red flag that this person is not good for your organization and your organization or your group will end up like the SPD it will crash and burn and all the women are gone and they do not want to fix the problem they will not want to repair the damage but they will actually just drop it and leave and then you are left to pick up the pieces which is ironically exactly what they said about men they said that women can only get into power ever when men screw up so women are then allowed to pick up the pieces yeah well I think the opposite has happened they have made it worse and now they're leaving so I want to conclude this with a little bit of uncommented a live footage from Andrea Nala's public speaking skills and charisma and just making a good impression at public events is very important for politics but she must have had some other skills she must have had another way to further her career just look at this servos Kameraden a mansion personally my sleepover a saga it says surely sinuses try these five not yet Susan is showing hanging on Klaus on TNT Suzanne our liver Castle and Spanish yet cinnamon at gate I'd for fish it can it's me Simon even endorsement Lieber in Spanish ranked ahead comment on this matter here the scutes big-eared only saga wash women must put figures on a second [Laughter] [Applause] everybody now sits in that bar Doshi gansan bites legged a colleague phonetic iran's servos Kameraden [Applause]

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  2. And if you need a utter bimbo whos biggest skill is her gender than you appoint twats like Nahles!

    She should have resigned about 20 years ago !

  3. incomprehensible performance….this women is elected ?….strange idea that people actually voted for this SPD clown….. fool.

  4. Is her voice as annoying as it sounds to Germans? She sounds like a fish wife and not unlike Jess Phillips in tone!

  5. Generally speaking, women live in a 'my truth', delusional world propped up by peer validation. They parrot the platitudes that receive approval. The truth, if it contradicts the accepted narrative (the fantasy), is problematic and therefore is usually ignored. They are the consummate nation wreckers.

  6. The Pipi Long stocking comment was a good satirical comment. Now if she would only make some ponytails in her hair that stick out sideways.

  7. Typical career-woman indeed, playing on the emotional strings with this aura of empathy and human touch, in the usual hypocrite manner, while beeing ready to kill for every little success in the rat-race. Seemed to be the answer of the ShariaParteiDeutschland to IM-Erika, but maybe she simply lacked the education of the stasi to have the same standing, as a woman she is the same level of disgust!

  8. Als die die dämliche Nahles zum Chef der Sozis gewählt hatten war mir klar dass es mit der SPD den Bach runter geht. Wird ja auch Zeit. Der Witz hat sich lang genug hingezogen.

  9. I strongly dislike the term "evil old man", as trees can be old too. This inclusion of "old" in this term may reflect badly on trees in some people's minds.

    Ultimately "evil man" is redundant.

    Just use "man", because as we know men control whether they control or not. And if this sounds contradictory, then you are a man and stop your evil.

  10. freedom of vote dont exist! is a illusion! all countries are own by zionist jews! media goverment sports anything you can vote what you wnat nothing will change the dumb sheep will never wake up. you fool life in the matrix! antyhing is staged in the media wars planned ahead etc.

  11. No woman is a good leader , only women who have enough men around them to do the job . Women only like to bitch, moan and complain about men and manipulate them thru emotions. They arent good at anything else

  12. Merkel , May, Pelosi , Clinton….. women do not make good leaders . They cant use logic and reason properly

  13. This so much reminds me of the US Boy Scouts… those now have female only groups.
    Best yet: The girl scouts still exist as girl scouts!

  14. A recent scientific finding was that the collective IQ level of Europeans is rapidly sinking. This shrieking 'banshi' confirms it.

  15. Not much to celebrate here – the leftist voters have moved to the Green party. The greens are even more toxic than the SPD and the Linke.

  16. I just can't imagine women being total selfish hypocrites , destroying everything around them, and then playing the victim card, never taking responsibility for their own actions. Nope… I just can't imagine it. 😉 (dripping with sarcasm here people)
    Damn that woman seems retarded, acting like some crazy pre teen girl. God help us all if more women get into power.

  17. Great video, I enjoy your political news, I'm American and my German is not quite up to par so, getting some political news in English from a German is really awesome! Thanks!

  18. The insider relationsships of the big parties is the biggest weaknes. There is no chance for decent and talented people to rise up. So many imbeciles are taken the top.

  19. 8:10 Ohh, did anybody see the hilarious "Jeb posters" of Barley in an EU-hoodie before the election? I'd wager just because of that SPD lost 3% to the Greens alone. Please clap!

  20. The footage of her is quite disturbing, and serves at least as an anecdotal proof that women should focus on kitchen duties.

  21. Maybe the SPD should hire some more miration-babes like Chebli – and fire the weirdos !
    Even the wrong hairdo can kill a government these days …

  22. I am Woman, BUT there is only ONE race I hate more than the Left and that is Women, especially feminists, so you may call me a "double raaaaaacist". Rosary-swinging old crones have made my childhood to a purgatory and they are now replaced, on steroids, by the "disapproving" bullies from the "feminist" scene. Furthermore, I do not want MORE WOMEN IN POLITICS, au contraire, when I look at these females: Nahles, Clinton, ALL American Democrats, Julia Gillard (OZ), Jacenta Ardern (NZ), Merkel (you were too kind to her) the Cologne Mayor (arm's distance), Theresa May and then some !
    And another thing: while I know that the "Victimhood Chic" is also adopted by Mohamedanians, I am still speechless at the "Appreciation" these Hyenas (the feminists) seem to bestow on them, including Jihadis – I suggest it plays right into some of their onanistic daydreams….being "ravished" by an oriental:

  23. Women are smarter than men? Uh no the genders have the same median intelligence, but there's much more variation among men, meaning there will almost never be a female Einstein. This is why wamen dominate useless majors while men dominate very difficult majors such as the natural sciences and engineering.

  24. In Tarot Cards the "Left Hand Path" (which is feminine and all about deception) has a card called "Death":

    When all the men become cucks the society dies.

  25. women are losing left and right…..they had a chance and blew it. curious what La Pen will be like. hahaha…..what a speech at the end. shes a goofball.

  26. Politics is a perfect catch-all for dim-witted people who can't make it in other fields. People with big egos, big mouths and weak intellects. Political correctness and feminism coupled with the diversity bandwagon guarantee rapid promotion way beyond their natural abilities. Socialism is the same. It's an ideology for losers which justifies why they are crap. "It's not me … it's the patriarchy .. it's not me, it's the oppressive bourgeoisie". Etc. Isn't it funny how many feminists use the identical rhetoric used by men used before emancipation … "Men are smarter than women" and now it's … "women are smarter than men".

  27. What a mess.
    Wonder how fast she starts crying if real journalism asks her about her female power comments.
    And how and who is going to clean up the chaos she created.
    I bet instant.

  28. Here is some more Nahles gold

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