Geraldo: Why GOP want new witnesses in Trump impeachment probe

  1. I don't necessarily agree with Geraldo,I'm sure the Ukraine was looking HIGH and LOW for an EX JUNKIE, to pay some exorbitant, NO SHOW FEE TO.

  2. What is the other side? What evidence that there is some large left wing conspiracy? The central issue here is Trump tried to coerce a foreign government to get dirt on a political rival, using powers not available to a regular citizen.


  4. Typical text of oath of office:
    "defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,"
    An actual conspiracy to effect a coup d'etat, if proven, can not be construed as anything but an assault upon the COTUS by a "Domestic Enemy"! Rep. Adam Schiff and company are alleged to be "Domestic Enemies" of the COTUS!
    Democrats going down the tubes!

  5. This witch hunt has to ztop. Pelosi and Schiff have to hand to handle this by the normal rules of law and both side need to be heard. You can't just make up rules and do what you want behind close doors. If they don't, they should be carted off to jail or impeached from office. They are not accomplishing anything for our country while still getting paid. I wonder what all this is costing the American taxpayers.

  6. The president had every right to ask the Ukraine to investigate politicians sons who were worthless and getting huge sums of money

  7. Folks, here you have a real quid pro quo with Bidden and Hunter this whole thing is like, living in the twilight zone it is just so bizarre! The Bidens are in all this for the money it is starry us in our face.

  8. Fact: All witnesses are part of trump's government..All the people talking against trump work or worked in trump's white house….trump's who are you gonna call? ghost busters? LMAO

  9. Republicans want content overload to confuse people that don't pay close attention. All Republicans will feel the pain come election day. Trump won't play people's emotion much longer.

  10. Gee Geraldo – had to turn a new leaf ???? It is called TRUTH ! We the people are awake , no longer your slaves and very few sheep left !

  11. Geraldo – still sorry for evil ?? WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT SORRY AND WANT TO SEE THESE EVIL PEOPLE OFF THE FACE OF THIS EARTH ! Geraldo – do you feel any SORRY for the abused children?????? You defend illegals and the dems but never the innocent children that have been sacrificed ! You are just as sick as they are !

  12. Hi, we're the Republicans. We launched an intensive impeachment investigation because of a BJ between two consenting adults because it was "immoral". Then we impeached the President because he told a lie about it. Currently, we've put all of those ethics and morals on hold because it would be too inconvenient to hold our own President accountable for his many immoral and unethical activities. Thank you for voting for us, but hell let's face it, we know you have no alternative if you just don't like Democrats. Morals and ethics are just a sales pitch.

  13. Hunter Biden is at the centre of this corruption case and he is not allowed as witness… Are we only going to hear the Democrats’ ‘witnesses’? Sad bunch of partisan traitors. The Americans now know what Democrats are really like. Soviet- and Banana-republic-style…

  14. Wow, Republicans can't think straight at all. You got almost a dozen of witnesses and they still dig on the Whistleblower or who ever was responsible for leading this to impeachent. These witnesses backs the Whistleblower complaint, so WTF is wrong with the Republicans? By the way, Fox News is fakenews…or at my view it's Fox News=Republicans News.

  15. If they want Biden's son to come and talk about how he might have gained his position at Burisma because of being Biden's son, they should have Ivanka come in and talk about how she and her husband got their positions in the White House from her being Trump's daughter. Corruption knows corruption after all, though the second one is also nepotism.

  16. There is no whistle blower without a crime & there is no crime as far as POTUS protecting tax payers against corruption which went on for yrs by guilty ones within the people's house…This is a "set up frame job" which consist of only democrat operatives trying to invent a crime on POTUS. Observing details, seems there are criminals in the people's house guilty of $ et al crimes attempting to "frame" POTUS because even using magnifying glass they have been unable to provide proof of a high crime from POTUS. Past time to put Schiff and Pelosi under the microscope. Didn't they have their own special deals with Ukraine. How did they become so very rich working in the people's house all these years? Who says just because someone is running for president Biden et al can't be scrutinized over their own past corruption which has been revealed openly for many years before Trump became president. Trump has a duty not to release tax payer money to corrupt players no matter where they are …especially corruption in Ukraine a foreign country!!!!!

  17. Geraldo? You sold out? The Bidens aren't in question here. If the Bidens committed a crime then investigate them but that's a different issue. Don't create smoke screens. You know Republicans are like sheep going to the slaughter under the hand of a bad pastor.

  18. undo the votes of 63 million (62,984,828) Americans? what about the 66 million(65,853,514) Americans votes that were ignored?

  19. Instead of Republicans and Democrats turning on each other….the real battle is ALL of us Americans need to turn and face the Wall Street Class, The Billionaires. They are responsible.

  20. WOW. Public opinion is REALLY changing AGAINST Trump. Just a couple of weeks ago, these Fox Noise threads were full of just people who were supporting him. NOW there are mass dissenters.

  21. There are three branches, all depending on evidence. President can rebuke anything or anyone, even it's ok to say this is my second term if then I will be easy to you, But none can do that to our president, period.

  22. If he didn’t commit a crime, there would be nothing to hide, DJT would allow his people to testify, to present his defense.  He wouldn’t be having his private lawyer Giuliani usurp the role of the State Department.  His adamance against Constitutional CHECKS AND BALANCES, by either the COURTS or the CONGRESS, signifies GUILT.  PERIOD.  CHOICE: the US Constitution OR a failed real estate mogul & realityTV celebrity game show host?  TRUMP OR TRUTH?

  23. The republicans first said the whistleblower was irrelevant because he had no fist hand knowledge of the alleged extortion against Ukraine and his/her testimony was invalid. Then other witnesses testified that they did have first hand knowledge and verified the extortion attempt, but now the republicans say the whistleblower IS relevant again and should testify after all. They simply want to publicly expose that person to retaliation.
    Schiff can testify to clear up any questions about the whistleblower contact with his committee.
    If there exists any credible evidence that the Bidens engaged in any corruption in Ukraine, the DOJ is free to begin an investigation, not the House Intelligence committee.

  24. Gertaldo thinks other think like he thinks…???…the "like me syndrome". NO most Americans did not believe Joe Biden when he said to ignore the deals his son got. NO smart Americans at no time allowed Biden's play for sympathy to cloud their judgement. Geraldo is easily fooled and played. Geraldo has for many years believed the hype and drank the kool-aid. Biden is a dirty swamp creature who has sold America to the highest bidder his entire career . As do all of the elite globalists. Biden never cared about the American People. Never cared even a little. For Biden, and his ilk, the money is all that mattered. Power to steal from the People is all he has ever wanted. Swamp trash.

  25. we pay Big Moneys geraldo is tell truths Mother Russia is MAGA Number 1!!!!! you beleive OK???? is true MAGA is no democracy partys!!!!! foxy news tell truths. RT tell truths. you no beleive other news is lie!!!!

  26. What a joke, how about this. Make Mulvaney testify, make the people from the Office of Management and Budget Testify, and make Pompeo testify as well as Bolton and then go ahead let them talk to the Bidens. If Trump is so innocent, why is he stone walling the investigation? If the Bidens are so corrupt then why isn't the FBI and the Trump DOJ investigating them now? If the Republicans and Trump have evidence that there was corruption in the Ukraine, where the hell is it? Only on FOX News is Geraldo an expert on anything… What a bunch of idiots and shame on you if you believe any of this crap…

  27. Biden and Hilary have been investigated and exonerated of all wrongdoing. Tell the truth. Subpoena Ivanka Trump for all her corrupt tax laws and trademark bribery. Geraldo is full of BS.

  28. The left HATES Pres Trump because he's not one of "them". They've been against Trump since day 1 when he announced he was running for president…they said he wouldn't "fit in"…. He's not an attorney, he's not a politician, he's not crooked & most of all…he cannot be BOUGHT!

  29. This is a charade. This is an impeachment sham. The Republicans should not participate if their demands are no met. Shifty shift is corrupt and should be in jail with the cabal

  30. We’re watching the Democrats violate the Civil Rights of a President! 🙌 You’re next if you don’t vote against them!

  31. Wutz da matter Micheal Cohen, Sam Nunberg and those generals who he thinks he's smarter than won't help him now…..LOL!!! KEIP MOVIN DA ENDZONE TRUMPIEEZ…….HEY CALL UP WAYNE SIMMONS HE NEEDS THE HELP. hope we dont go to war or trump will appoint his family to all be generals and admirals….LOL!!!

  32. didn't the exusurper blacky warn this crooked biden and family not to run? blacky knew the hidden secret dirty scandals will have grave consequences. soon to be jailbird biden and family just got too egotistic; couldn't be second string JV team. also why this blacky didn't support this old worn-out piece of shxx? blacky knew he's going to drag him and his satanic administration into this coming evil spotlight. now the shxx hits the fan and the real Sherlock Holme (Barr) is coming to town with his assistant doctor Watson (Durham). i can see now this pencil-neck will be kicking and shouting until his eyes popped out his sockets is being dragged to GITMO prison along with palefacelosi the witch.

  33. Trump is being impeached not Biden. If the Departments of Justice or State haven’t produced anything in an official investigation it’s not even newsworthy. Trump is up for extortion, bribery and obstruction. He also faces emollients violations, campaign violations, conspiracy, lying to a Federal Investigation. These “witnesses” have nothing to do with Trump’s misdeeds. Get real Fox, you did not present any facts here at all. Not News just BS for the fools who live in a dreamworld. Trump will resign without finishing his term.

  34. There is no such thing as "unintended consequences"; they either planned it or were too stupid to see it coming; either way, throw out the rascals.

  35. I should have known better than clicking on this video.
    Watching any video with Geraldo is a bad idea, even when Trish is there to help make it palatable.

  36. mr. rivera felt sorry too, but you're a journalist…..u need new sources other than yourself! …still too much ABC blood in u.

  37. The US will soon become the first democracy to be overthrown by its own elected government. 
    If Americans don't do it with a vote, then the rest of the world's militaries will come and do for you.

  38. I believe in all of this Russia collusion,impeachment,Ukraine,Spygate … involve former muslim President Hussein Obama and Directors of FBI,CIA…..why they are not present for impeachment ?

  39. The democrats need a witness that has first hand information about the call. Like……..Trump. Trump should testify and deny everything. The American people need the President to come forth and give his testimony under oath.

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