1. Good luck beating this map. I hope one day u can be better than riot and michi( ur alredy better) DIOS DE GEOMETRY DASH

  2. Hello Acharne.
    About a month ago I uploaded an extreme demon called Ghosted with an unnamed verifier. It turns out the level is actually impossible because of a bug in the first spider part. I decided to instead of return to the unnamed verifier (who very likely hacks) go to you.
    I doubt this will be accepted or even read, but I would like you to try and verify Ghosted, of course with the nerfs necessary to make the level possible. If you do read this, and are interested, you can message SummerSolsta7 on GD or SummerSolsta7#7290 on Discord and we can make an arrangement.
    Thanks for the consideration.
    (If you aren't interested just leave a comment saying so)

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