Geography Now! DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (Flag Friday)

Hey geograpeeps! Hope you liked the Dominican Republic episode. I’m gonna be kinda honest. I actually really would like to see a Dominican versus a Chilean in speed talking. Maybe it should be like a Spanish tongue twister. In fact. Let’s make this a thing, okay. So if you guys know any good Spanish tongue twisters, write them in the comments or something like that and also if you are a Chilean or a Dominican send us a video of yourself doing the Spanish tongue twister at [email protected] And then we’ll time it and we’ll see who does it the fastest. How about that, lets make this a thing. Let’s call it Spanish speed battle 2016. Oh yeah, there is a flag i’m supposed to explain Uhm… okay. Without any further ado – (Flag Friday intro music) Dominican Republic! Okay, in this episode, we’re gonna kinda like kill 2 birds with 1 stone because the flag actually contains the coat of arms on it. I mean, there’s a simpler variant of the flag that doesn’t have the coat of arms, but we’re gonna use the official one. So – The flag features a centured white cross extending to the top, bottom and side edges of the flag dividing the flag into 4 rectangles. The top being blue and red and the bottom being alternated at red and blue. The white represents salvation, the blue stand for liberty. And the red stands for…. (rock music) Yeah, you guys were waiting for that animation, weren’t you? Yeah, well you got it. Believe it or not, actually Vincent animated that. But Potter did make the music and he directed Vincent on how to make it because he was…he just couldn’t… I don’t know, he was busy or something. Oh Potter! You so crazy! Anyway: In the center of the flag lies the coat of arms. This is where things get a little tiny bit incredibly detailed. The Dominican flag is one of those flags that you think you quite get a feel for until you squint your eyes and you’re like “Oh! Wow!” “Okay. Didn’t know that was there.” The coat of arms contains a shield with a flag design bordered by 2 branches – a bay laurel on the left and a palm frond on the right. Above the shield is a blue ribbon that displays the national motto “Dios, patria, libertad.” Which means “God, fatherland, and liberty.” Below the sheild lies the words “República Dominicana” on a red ribbon. Back to the shield, there are 6 spears flanking a Bible with 3 on each side. The front 4 holding the national flag. Once again, making the DR one of the few countries with a flag of it own flag on its own flag. On top of the Bible is a yellow cross and if you zoom in even further to the highest resolution possible, you’ll notice that on the Bible lies the passage of John 8:32. “Y conocereís la verdad, y la verdad os hará libres.” Which translates to: “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” Some other versions of the coat of arms have also verse 31, however, the constitution dictates that at least verse 32 has to be on it. It should also be noted that this flag dates back to 1849 after they were under the old Haitian flag which looked like this, when Haiti took over for 22 years. And prior to that for 5 years, they used the simpler variant that didn’t have the coat of arms in the center. Also, keep in mind that the DR had quite a few flag switches in their history as they were occupied by France for about 12 years, and both the US and Spain for less than 10 years each. So that’s about it! In a nutshell, the DR’s symbolism is laden with rich history and heritage and what more could you ask for? This has been Flag Friday. You’ve just been flagged. (tongue clicks) Stay cool. Stay tuned.

  1. Actually you missed something, (i'm dominican BTW) the dominican flag used to be like we took the haiti's flag and put a white cross over it. (I'm talking about the other one you show in the video)

  2. dilemma si una mujer le dice a un dominicano que le gusta el platano ummmm. pero y si dice que le gusta el mangu

    yo le contesto. toño rosario machucalo machucalo machucalo culikitakati si culikitakata

  3. La chapa de la chapiadora, ya no vibra, mas vibra, la chapa de la vecina, la chapiadoro que chape, al chapiador chapiadora reyna sera.

  4. I actually want a Chilean friend, they'll probably the only ones who could understand me if i get too excited and start to talk freaking fast without complaining (besides dominicans). I'll be so happy, i swear.

  5. Por aquí han dicho que yo he dicho un dicho mal dicho, pero el que ha dicho que yo he dicho un dicho mal dicho ha dicho un dicho más mal dicho que el dicho que yo he dicho

  6. Como quieres que te quiera si a quien quiero que me quiera no me quiere como quiero que me quiera. Yeah the whole sentence has sense.

  7. Heyy!! Im dominican 😀 a famous tongue twister in the DR:

    Pancha plancha con cuatro planchas, con cuantas planchas Pancha plancha?

  8. every time you say you wanna see a Chilean and a Dominican speaking together I have a laugh because I'm Chilean and one of my friends is Dominican and yeah, we might speak like we're on a hurry to make our point all the time lmao

  9. Pepe pecas pica papas con un pico pica papas Pepe pecas or cuando cuentes cuentos cuenta cuantos cuentos cuentas porque cuando cuentas cuentos nunca sabes cuantos cuentos cuentas.

  10. Oh, here's the Flag Friday for Dominican Republic. Love the channel and I'm learning so much, but please fix your playlists.

  11. ahah imma enjoy this but! it's funny how people from others countries dislike the video so much hate toward the Dominican Flag I am a historian and I have never found any flag with a message like this, which displays a beautiful meaning and it's motto is very awesome and valued with important meanings which is ( GOD .FATHERLAND.AND LIBERTY ) but honestly every country has a beautiful flag with understandable meanings but I have to admit .. that the dominican flag have impressed me !

  12. Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers if peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers than how many pickled peppers did peter piper pick

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  14. para de comerte el arros que nos quedmos sin el no sea tan tiguere hombe no actue como la jueva que me dejo

  15. Sorry,your show is awesome but this animation of blood those who fought for their freedom is boring and uninterested,I always skip them.Nhf.

  16. There was a time where the colors were switched. The blue being on the right actually signifies that the country is not a war anymore. Before, the red was on the right, stating war and bloodshed.

  17. Tonge twister:

    Parangaracutimicuaro desparancutimirizaré el que lo diga bien un buen desparangaracutimiricuarizador será

  18. I loved the Dominican Republic video, thank you so much. I´m Dominican and Chileans speak faster than us. They speak their own spanish XD

  19. Barby! This video is in the wrong playlist! I was looking for it in your Flag Fridays playlist, but instead found it here in North and Central America. Flag Fridays feel incomplete without la República Dominicana

  20. I'm Dominican and I know a tongue twister…well half of it I was born in Santo Domingo and I live in Venezuela now.

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