Gardener Ignores the Laws of Nature!

My name’s Jeb And it’s time to make some salad I grow weary of all the gardening rules we have to follow Maybe that’s why I grow so many things without soil I’m going to try to grow a salad With five different plants in the same tote Of course that has it’s own set of challenges Different nutrient requirements Different maturation dates Picking up six rock wools with one hand Bamboo skewer doesn’t follow the rules either It just keeps picking up the seeds and setting them down On a side note This tap water has a PH of didn’t check And an EC of not worried about it Day 11 These plants look pretty happy so far though I usually try to wait until after adding nutrients To thin out plants But these radishes were impatient Day 15 nutrients 3 gallons tap water 6 grams masterblend tomato 6 grams calcium nitrate 3 grams epsom salt and a ton of love! Would you believe me if I told you I haven’t been mixing my dry ingredients thoroughly Day 18 I did another video on the pest issues I encountered I’ll try not to ruin the ending for you Ohhhh Day 7 Don’t be jealous danish cookie tin It’s just a disposable loaf pan Day 14 – I knew this radish would mature before anything else And I put the carrots in the middle because they like to grow tall We’ll just have to see how that works out Day 15 Have you heard the prophecy that was foretold? The gardener that grows the plants in the stone Shall be king! Day 18 Day 28 Something has taken root in my radish’s roots It seems harmless, maybe it’s beneficial Is it Jeborrhizah? (Jeb + Mycorrhiza) Day 31 Oh lettuce! You fell before your time Maybe a different fungus took you The other lettuce looks fine Day 35 Day 44 This other lettuce got a little reachie (tall) in the end But it wasn’t bitter Is it possible to have too much cilantro? Like I suspected, the carrots just didn’t have enough time to get to a decent size Will all the fungus floating around in the water Even I am not going to eat the roots out of that Your gardening safety tip for the day Don’t eat rock wool! Radishes this large tend to be spicy But most of the heat’s in the skin So what gardening rules do you like to break? Share with a friend!

  1. Amazing!! Is that a SPONGE? You said the word fast… didnt catch it.
    Love this idea although to go to that much time to get such a small amount i would be heartbroken to lose a lettuce. Gotta find a way that fungus stays out.

  2. This video has been in my recommend back and forth since the day it came out (yes, the last two years) until it never came back, even tho I'm interested in indoors planting (I love terrariums tutorials) I really don't know why I've never watched it before and I regret it, this video is fantastic, I'm sorry but congrats for growling bigger than The Radish withing those years, finally subscribing

  3. A dark day cometh… The day when man disregards the very earth that acted as his womb so many millenia ago, the day when man throws away the values of PH, the day when man defies the very laws of gravity, with a bamboo skewer. To think, mankind would be so fickle and weak to adhere to the feeble laws of, "what goes up, must come down". Evidently, man is not one kin. But nay…. Mayhaps, this is no man. I question the audience, if a man is to disregard soil, pH, and gravity… That man has disregarded God Himself… And a man with no care for God…

  4. I feel like I'm watching some sort of war documentary and I can't describe the weird feeling it's giving me

  5. THE GARDENERS THAT GROWS THE PLANT IN THE STONE SHALL BE KING!!!! so awesome i love that prophecy!!! So inspiring and energizing!!!, Thank u sir, thank u,

  6. Thanks a lot, you made my kids cry when you cut those radishes and said you didn't premix your dry ingredients, they'll be scarred for life!

  7. So happy to watch a video on cloning that does not involve pot. I'm sick of all the pot video's. Well done on the video. Very informative. Think I'll try to grow my salad soon. Looking for string lighting with low power and lots of light output. SOmeone was doing it in a storage container and getting a couple acres of grow out of one (forget where). I would like to try this one day if I live that long and get my stuff together. So many projects.

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