Funny Republican Ad

rhyme with the grayson desert he’s inside iran and he gets cable arts uh… city kilometers adam by the way he said he
said his goal this is an impressive list of issues
there but because it right out of this person
is then he will that strategy union work in this city
civil wars in this in missouri but anyway than that because i love that
selects was watching and san francisco nancy pelosi throwing
a party for him barnes helmets california fundraiser
celebrating bar in san francisco style values to same sex marriage yes portions yes amnesty for illegal immigrants ok barnes
is raising hundreds of thousands of dollars from the west coast liberals by
promoting their values not allison big-city mayors papon nancy pelosi
celebrating their san francisco values once there is a approve this message in kidnapping fifty peeps you tune dude to
wisconsin bally’s well they like and gave the that looks
like straight got a good to st woman it is looks like
it’s not a great time they about would be a team is there anything you know
what ac home and get me some of those values myself that’s up that was kind of
buttons the app and that what were their legal
immigrants had they had was so cheap before the
sole funny and put that the other thing that’s
going to get a lightweight by sensitive helpful and they did not make a lot dot god was
also how do you implies that had not one of boat for you know uh… cable or is this the
description anitha and grace comes on he’s like boy
scout and he said there of course with the kindergarten kids and so they always
do much he cares much while she’s out parties such as would be to keep the
pain u_p_ uh… he cares for the children were like your
mister might see another politician in
kindergarten for dad i am now i’m curious man im case it was
to have a music i can’t wait for but the arson has raised character lost set the cisco values census though is in the united states of america but illustrate the republicans on the
streets if this goes up like this on four-nation like their france alumni
we’re good friends values they’re america’s assassins or respect there correct and taxes juices messages all night
garvey’s the do addresses is to that also have the status of the united
states of america and because they don’t agree with you
doesn’t mean you get to it you know treat them as a bit out of its the hard

  1. I'm from Missouri and that ad pissed me off. People like Graves and Blunt are bastards, since when does San Fransisco have a monopoly on equality for gays and the right to choose? That commercial makes me sick to my ass.

  2. san fran is very hippy liberal place and is unpatriotic they banned the blue angels for christ skaes so stfu bitch they suck go conservatives

  3. San Fran isn't even that liberal anymore. Republican mayor. the only thing "liberal" is the gays and they're all uptight rich log cabin republican types.

  4. I wonder if those dancers know they were doing an ad for a republican. lol, I love those dancers and the music. I guess I'll keep my ass in San Francisco.

    …but it's funny when they say "She is raising hundreds of thousands of dollars by west coast liberals by promoting their values. Not ours." When they say "Not ours" (:52) they switch back to the dancers. lol. I guess gay or straight those dancer have missouri values. hehe

  5. The fact that all the politicians just say "children" and people vote for him because of it proves that children definitely make you dumber.

  6. Hilarious Ad, the Republican Party is nothing more than a cartoon now,and Missouri is the lamest place on earth!!!

  7. that was an absolutely pathetic and Middle school like response to the ad. I agree that it was a corny ad, but nowhere in your "rebuttal" did you address the issue. Need I say more than quoting you? "she was like…"

  8. If we stop treating San Francisco like the liberal haven that it is, will the democrats stop laughing at the Americans who "cling to guns and religion"?

  9. By your own standards, heterosexuals who are infertile should not be able to marry either. You are an ignorant idiot.

  10. I know sam graves brother.Im from this area. This isnt a real commerical. He had a lot of commercials but only the tail end where he said he approved the message was form the actual commericial. Seriously people TYT are full of shit.

  11. Both political party sides have pathetic commercials which is exactly why I don’t vote democrat or republican anymore

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