1. I love how cause it's tv Pierce just accepts his guitar being broken, whereas all the players I know irl would be extremely livid

  2. I just love when Pierce says while Abed is taking his guitar: "Hey, hey, hey. What the hell…" 😂😂😂

  3. Watch the entire series… Then you will see this is not the funniest scene. Season 3 episode 3 nuff said

  4. Wait, Animal House is a National Lampoon movie, they acknowledge it exists. Chevy Chase for famous for doing National Lampoon. Chevy Chase is Pierce.

  5. Its hard to be Pierce
    Its hard to be Pierce
    Its hard to be Pierce in community Yo!

    Chevy Chase.

  6. Britta and Annie's realization that Abed was referring to neither when he said "Kissing the hottest girl in the campus" is too funny XD

  7. No I personally think the episode where they sneak back into greendale to free the Dean from Chang and Pierce goes into the party wearing the costume that scene had me dying

  8. The funniest? no, funny? ok.
    Community had some of the best comedic writing any sitcom has had in years(Those first 3 seasons at least). Then the flow between specific characters, running gags, inside jokes throughout the seasons, subtle side jokes in the middle of other jokes….if there was a comedy school for aspiring comedians and joke writers the study material would be this show.

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