Full Michael Bennet: Reopening Government Depends On ‘Rational’ Deal | MTP Daily | MSNBC

  1. If only every politician had Michael Bennets passion for their country instead of being busy lining their own pockets. Not just the US but every country in the world would be a better place.

  2. Frustration? Why? Really MSNBC? Trying covertly to discredit the democrats? Well, you let him speak. That is good. He is an empath. May he be a progressive politician.

  3. The Republicans are privatizing everything and you all believe their trickle down economics bs. Read up on KEYNES. This was never taught in American minds.

  4. Respect for this Senator. Great admiration and appreciation for his service and dedication. Run for President. I have a yard that needs a sign in it with your name on it. I am a Hoosier who is ashamed of my Senators and Congresspersons and Governor. Cowards everyone.

  5. He's going to run, he's being very vocal and honestly as a Republican I would vote for this guy. Seems genuine and has alot of common Sense compared to all the other potential candidates.

  6. Mr. Back-Bone, "SENATOR MICHAEL BENNET"!!! When you have truth on your side (Democrats), when you have what is right- on your side (Democrats), when you are truly concerned about the welfare of your constituencies (Democrats), you have the American People behind you, every step of the way!!!

  7. Great job, Senator Bennet. But I gotta ask:

    What other country shuts its own government down – because of disagreements of how to allocate funds? Imagine if your family were run like that. "Honey, I want $500 for a new fence for the house – let's say for security…..No? Well then, we're shutting down funding for the running of our home." Wait, what?

  8. Sen. Michael B is right this is the American People government .. not individual or Republic /Democrat! so WH need to realize it

  9. why is it that all the Dem I see interviewed sound reasonable and take ownership of their own mistakes, and the Rep's all point fingers and sound like spoiled little girls

  10. Rubbish, standard media ignorance when Chuck says here that “governments in Southeast Asia end up in fisticuffs “. Chuck you are exposed as ignorant and biased. Parliamentary fisticuffs happened in Mediterranean, Balkan and Eastern European Parliaments. Not in Southeast Asia. And in the entire history of Southeast Asia, pre-colonial, colonial and independent periods, no government has ever been shutdown like the US. You don’t have fisticuffs ; you are much more sophisticated in the US. You hurt people remotely, and all the time proclaiming that you are help them. Hypocrisy, ignorance and biases are the hallmarks of your public discourses. And you imagine you are leading the world. What an inexpressive and total disgrace. All the more so when you are self-congratulatory unaware of it.

  11. Trump is more the symptom of our problem than the creator of our problems. There is a lot of truth in that, but TRUMP IS MAKING IT MUCH WORSE. I will celebrate not only for a day when he leaves the W.H. but for a week.

  12. Whew! FINALLY, a (THE?) Voice of Reason. Passion, intelligence, truth, sensibility, and historical foundation. What a breath of fresh air emanating from that Chamber!
    Thank you, Sir.

  13. Thank you Sen. Bennet for pointing out the role the so called "Freedom Caucus" has had in destroying true border security using the "Hastert Rule" (named after disgraced Republican pedo, Denny Hastert). In a way, past Republican political shenanigans and rat-f*cking just torpedoed Trump's big b.s. promise: his magical, medieval wall that will save us all from our own drug abuse.

  14. What a riveting and enthralling speech. I have watched Sen. Michael Bennett's address twice. Its likely I will again. One can infer and perceive a lot about this individual and, for me, I am simply impressed. In America, it has often happened that when we are most in need of original thinkers and leaders, they just seem to emerge from deep within to serve. I would love, love to see him run in 2020.

  15. Gerrymandering, the electoral college, the Hastert rule…. how do Republicans get away with always bending the rules in their favor A.K.A. cheating. They are disgusting embarrassments to our so called Democracy. Glad this man is telling it like it is and letting people know about this scumbaggery. Thank you Michael Bennet!

  16. Let's investigate Ivana and Melania Trump's immigration stories—also the illegals that Trump hires to clean his toilets

  17. Well, boy or boy, am I proud of MY Senator from Colorado! You go, Michael! I'm feeling "mama-proud". He's not my natural-born son, but he sure feels like "my boy" !! Straight talk, righteous anger, and I hope he leads the way for other quiet-types to speak their minds like Senator Michael Bennet has just done!

  18. I love that Senator Bennett knows how to run our country's government and he doesn't mince words about the GOP problems!

  19. Thank you Senator Bennet. THIS is the voice of the democratic party that needed to be heard. THIS is what a real Senator looks like.

  20. I am not against anyone or for any party i am for common sense, why have the borders open when anyone can come in just by walking right in.,this does not make sense ,no do we leave our front door open so anyone can come in, shutdown makes no sense . We are the people bless everyone , and take care in these times beyond the shutdown.

  21. Some of these people are beyond crazy,money has blinded some people in high places they need a realty check. Best to everyone.

  22. "The reason why I lost patience is because Senator Ted Cruz is on the floor and-"

    Say no more. We understand. 🤣

  23. Need more of it. Speak up you are the land of the free. Shout. Scream. Fight. Sanity needs to return not delusional tyrants.

  24. Th hastert rule is completely undemocratic. Acually the speaker should not even have the right to prevent a vote. Insteadany congresman or woman should have the rigth to – for one half-day in four years – set the agenda of the house and the senate and introduce legislation digitally and after that day every member should have the option to vote digitally on the legislation. No speaker involved. . .

  25. There's always that dark horse in every presidential campaign season, and I think this is the guy, and I hope he does run, Bennet 2020!!!

  26. "AND LIVE FROM WASHINGTON D.C., ANOTHER EPISODE AND A BRAND NEW DAY OF THE JERRY SPRINGER SHOW". This is what the U.S. Government and the TV is, and nothing more. The Special Olympians could run this government with more clarity than this bunch of "stardumb" desiring morons. Everyday is more gum-flapping, power-tripping, non-producing, stardummies flapping their lips and producing absolutely nothing that mankind needs or desires for self-improvement, nor self sustaining progress. The SPIRIT OF THE LORD resides not in NYC, Hollywood, or D.C.

  27. When this Senator is talking to idiots his statements sound true….
    The difference is, republicans have a grasp of the truth.

  28. Gang of 8 is long dead. The only Republicans left at this point are hatemongers, terrorists, traitors, and fascists. They should all be executed.

  29. Michael Bennett would make a great U.S. Secretary of State. His ability to understand the intricacies of local government and how that interconnects to foreign policy and U.S. geopolitics is valuable and rare.

  30. He voted for a wall before, what happen now. Liberals like this guy are hypocrites. No wonder Colorado is right behind California.

  31. Watch from 8:36 this democrat Michael bennet is clearly fkn paid to say all this. While he 100% believes trump is the first president to ever in American that caused problems and believes its downfall. Im pretty sure after the wall built , America will be in one piece in matter of 2-4 months after. So much dramatic nonsenses everybody here in America is a Marvel comic hero or something.

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