1. The headline is a lie. Chuck Todd is not the press, he is a Democrat progandaist posing as a journalist. Everyone knows Chuck Todd is a hack working for a so-called news network that is nothing more than than an establishment talking head. Why else would they hire current and former CIA operatives (James Clapper, John Brennan, Philip Mudd and list goes on and on) to give you the "news".

  2. Chuck Todd is a disgrace. He's not a journalist he's a talk show host posing as one..his bias against Trump has been exposed time and time again

  3. @5:14 Chuckie asks a question similar to When did you stop beating your wife? Really Chuckie these are the type of questions a "journalist would still be asking in 2019? How stupid do you think your audience must be to ask such a leading and bias question? Why would you think your audience is this dumb? and why are you not embarrassed by such antics?

  4. Typical example of attempting to engage in intelligent debate with a lib. Try to get your point across amid a series of interruptions. Sorry Chuck, it ain't "pretty clear" to me that you're only dealing with the facts.

  5. when did interviewing become debating? The role of the interviewer was always to ask questions, not to argue and debate. This has been going on for a few years now. Any pretense of impartiality has been lost. And the sad thing is that they are defiant. Credibility used to be everything to a journalist. I happen to believe these so-called conspiracy theories. So am I just written off? Doesn't Chuck have some ethical obligation to set the record straight? Of course not. This is all a farce. I used to watch Meet the Press religiously. This show is partly how I became informed about government and politics. This was a smart show for smart people. Or so I thought. Just bright lights and make up and propaganda. I hate to say that but after Chucks outburst and scorn toward people like me who have the audacity to be skeptical.. I dont know what to say.

  6. You poor dimwit Leftists. Well, some of you. Look no further than the ratio of 'Likes vs Dislikes' on YOUR Network? Trump is exposing corruption…'Draining The Swamp' they call it, and your Golden Boy Biden has been exposed and the Mocking Bird Media doesn't know how to react because…they've been had by a Brilliant POTUS and Trump is making them ALL look stupid at the same time. This is really fun to watch.

  7. Todd is a disgrace! Chuck should resign or at least never pretend to be a journalist again. He is nothing more than a political hack and disgrace.

  8. NBC has lost all credibility with the public that can still think for themselves they are banking on hood winking the dumber public at large mainly those living on the east and west coast who have been indoctrinaternated by the liberal run public schools and liberal Colleges

  9. Hey Mr. Todd, I'd love to come on your show and debate all of your fake Russian hoax, your lying cohort of bashing a Righteous president… I would bet just a common man like me could light you up on politics more actually than your big filibustering in a 6 min interview…. I challenge you to a live debate.

    Dont be SCARED

  10. Oh my goodness Todd are you getting a kickback from the Democrat party? Stick with facts, every time someone tries to tell you guys the truth you try and turn the tables. You are clearly not about the truth. You know you have a bias to the left. What happened to truth in the media. Strzok,Page ext……. I get my information from the congregational hearings, you see both sides without the bias media. And seeing what you guys did to cover up the truth is unbelievable.

  11. “Do you trust the CIA?” What an open-ended question! Chuck asks the question several times, repeatedly interrupting the Senator and preventing him from making a reasonable argument.

  12. Another witch hunt by dems and the liberal media. Dems better do the real work you have been elected to help America grow. stop this dirty and corrupt politics.

  13. Chuck Todd is so incredulous. There is no reason for the American people to trust the CIA or the FBI. Trump has caught on and touch a nerve throughout America. MSNBC is so crazy left that it cannot even do honest investigative reporting. Terrible to watch.

  14. Bring on Hunter Biden. If Chuck's company can afford him now. Get Candace Owens on at same time to do q & a. Not biased c.Todd.

  15. Smokin' in the boys' room
    Now, teacher, don't you fill me up with your rules
    But everybody knows that smokin' ain't allowed in school

  16. Chuck Todd is a pathetic weak minded little Democrat hack. Such a puss with absolutely no journalistic integrity at all, this is why no one trusts the Press, especially NBC and CNN. They wouldn’t know a fact if it slapped them upside the head. The facts UpChuck Todd revealed you and your organization perpetuated a lie for 3 years, just like the manufactured false narrative and hoax you are promoting now with the Ukraine call for your devious friends in the putrid Democratic Party. Your continued selective reporting, omissions, and outright ignoring of all the facts and failure to hold the Democrats equally accountable for their ongoing corruption, including pushing a litany of fake stories and racists hoaxes to divide our great nation, have ruined the minds of our youth and slowing destroying our Democracy.
    We see you for what you really are long before Trump came around so don’t think if he goes away things will change and go back to “your” sense of normal, clearly understand those days are over JA. We will vote and do what’s best for ALL Americans and NOT what biased white liberal socialist morons like you in the Press think is right. I’m certain Tim Russert has been rolling over in his grave ever since you got hired. #walkaway.

  17. never seen a president be as sabotaged? Ummm… can you say BIRTHER-ISM??? Give me a effin break… Republicans are such idiots

  18. A whistle blower doesn’t exist. The definition of whistle blower has already debunked this guy. He is suppose to have first hand not second hand experience. And he can’t be a bias ex cia agent who is a democrat that hates trump.

    Also the transcripts have been released. There is no crime. That has already proven no aid was frozen to for anything. It’s already been proven. I hope you guys do the actual research instead of this false reporting.

  19. Volker’s opinion is designed to make people think that Giuliani wasn’t investigating Ukraine ever since he’s been announcing it for a few years now! He been reporting about Biden for years. Ever since the election when they tried to Rug The Election… Why do you think the democrats want Trump out?

  20. Chuck Todd is NOT a journalist. He is a right wing nut job. Ukraine was Clinton DNC GPS dossier FAKE. Chuckie do your job .

  21. Why didn’t this channel put the entire clip up? Meaning… what was it that fake news balding Chump Todd said leading up to this interview. Seems to be pretty important.

  22. Just can't wait to see the faces of the left when Trump takes office for another four. Lots of of dumpster fires….

  23. So let me get this straight. This whole Ukrainian thing happened because Trump wanted the Bidens investigated. And while this whole thing is going on Perry is trying to do the same thing Trump is trying to accuse the Bidens of? OK, your move Republicans, now you have to say how you want Perry investigated. I'll wait.

  24. Chuck Todd it is sad to see the media force their own narrative in an interview that might allow people to see both sides of the story and make decisions for themselves. The bias against the right is so obvious, do you not realize how bad you discredit yourselves. Yes, ask tough questions, but also ask the question of why impeachment inquiry is being held in secret. Truly sad the media has lost its way.

  25. NBC news? Really you're a news organization? More like a cabal of biased criminals. Chuck Todd, I remember Tim Russert. He makes you look like the complete joke you are. Loser!!!

  26. I watched this again after reading Johnson was mentioned in Ambassador Taylor's opening statement. He had a chance to stand up and stop corruption, did he? Nope. Takes a whistleblower.

  27. Hey Chucky Todd. You are IGNORING the FACTS. Quit your Anti-Trump Tirade. Tell your lies. Chucky has no facts. He's just another Socialist progressive trying to break our republic up. But we know it and they are DONE.

  28. Like how you only show the interview, but not also the setup piece in question… Can't find THAT anyplace on NBC. Funny sad, not funny funny. Lol

  29. Fake News. Chuck Todd is just another mouthpiece perpetuating the lies and BS narrative of all the anit Trumpers. Y'all sit back and watch the Silent Majority bring our president into his second term in 2020. The more you shout him down, the bigger the tide rises against you.

  30. Thanks YouRube for curating the HORRIBLY BIASED @NBC headline as first in my list! WAKE UP AMERICA! The Left runs the media and they are trying to steer your opinion. This interview is A PERFECT EXAMPLE of that. Thank God we still have HONEST Americans like Sen Ron Johnson who are desperately trying to get to the bottom of DC / Deep State / Swamp collusion and corruption. How dare Ron Johnson question the great Chuck Todd? How dare you bring your “Fox News Conspiracy Theories” on #FakeNEWS NBC?

  31. #FAKENews NBC and Leftist F Chuck Todd are the enemies of the American people! Period. If you can’t see that, you are a Lemming!

  32. “Do you think Paul Manafort was framed,” I’m asking you that question out of the blue because you’re starting to make way too much sense!

    Chuck Todd — YOU ARE A BIASED WIND BAG. NO ONE, except for the inside the beltway types, believe you.

    “Personally attack the Press.” “We’re only dealing with the facts we have.”

    What an asshat.

  33. This is why I dont watch NBC ,Mr. Johnson was not given a chance to talk, he was forced to get in what he had to say, and completely put down!!!!

  34. The whistle blower or blowers are almost irrelevant since the release of the transcript is sufficiant admission of guilt, counting on my fellow wisconsinites to do the right thing.

  35. Senator, senator, senator, please stop telling our viewers the truth Senator!! You’re exposing the truth senator — that isn’t ok Senator

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