Freshwater Diplomatic Simulation: The Challenges of Water Issues

there is no question, that this is going to be one of the most challenging issues that we have to deal with in the future
I mean if you believe what the experts are saying by 2025 you’ll have two
thirds of the world population living in water-stressed condition. including a
billion people who will face absolute water scarcity in other words they won’t
have enough water to meet their basic needs that’s a significant problem and
this is going to impact almost every country around the world and for the
United States we want countries to be productive, we want them to grow
economically, we want the people who live in those countries to be healthy and to
have an opportunity for a bright future if we’re not managing water soundly in
those countries, that future is at risk and so from our perspective these are
issues that fundamentally are important to how we how we work internationally

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